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Green Nanotechnology in Nigeria: The Research Landscape, Challenges and Prospects

, Enhanced performance of a dye sensitized solar cell using silver nanoparticles modified photoanode. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 10 : 1-8. Eli, D., Owolabi, J.A., Olowomofe, G.O., Onimisi, M.Y., Francis, A., 2016c, Enhancement in photovoltaic parameters of a dye sensitized solar cell by surface plasmon resonance of metallic silver nanoparticles. American Chemical Science Journal, 14 : 1-8. Eze, S.C., Umeh, S.I., Onyeke, C.C., Ameh, G.I., Ugwuoke, K.I., 2016a, Preliminary investigations on the control of yam ( Dioscorea rotundata Poir) tuber

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Genetic Diversity Among Strains of Pleurotus species (oyster mushroom) Using Morphometric Traits Under Varied Temperature and pH

., Barooah, M., and Bora T.C., 2013, Improving yield performance of Pleurotuspulmonarius through hyphal anastomosis fusion of dikaryons. World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol ., 29 , 1029-1037. Adebayo, E.A., Oloke, J.K., Achana, Y., and Bora, T.C., 2012. Improvement of Laccase Production in Pleurotuspulmonarius- LAU09 by Mutation. Journal of Microbiology Research , 2 (1), 11-17. Azeez, M.A., Aremu, C.O., and Olaniyan, O.O., 2013. Assessment of genetic variation in accessions of sesame ( Sesamum indicum L.) and its crosses by seed protein electrophoresis. J

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Qualitative Detection and Isolation of Bacteria from Surfaces of Canned Drinks Sold in Ugbor, Benin City

CSDA Perspectives Winter 1995/1996. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2017. Leptospirosis. Chitanand, M.P., Kadam, T.A., Gyananath, G., Totewad, N.D. and Balhal, D.K., 2010. Multiple antibiotic resistance indexing of coliforms to identify high risk contamination sites in aquatic environment. Ind. J. Microbiol., 50 ,216–220. Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI), 2016. Performance Standards for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing 26th ed.. CLSI supplement M100S. Wayne, Pennsylvania 251

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Carbonaceous Soot from Thermal Decomposition of Kerosene: A Pioneering Report for Paint Preservation

of the effect of dry-film biocides on paint film preservation using neural networks. Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering 27, 643-651. Da Silva, V., 2003, Microbial deterioration of paints. Microbiologist 4, 43. Del Amo, B., Romagnoli, R., Deyá, C., González, J., 2002, High performance water-based paints with non-toxic anticorrosive pigments. Progress in Organic Coatings 45, 389-397. Dey, B., Hashim, M., Hasan, S., Gupta, B.S., 2004, Microfiltration of water-based paint effluents. Advances in Environmental Research 8, 455-466. Dikio, E

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Attitudinal Reactance: Another Response to Influence Attempts in Websites

psychological traits on user performance in information systems delivering customer service: IS management perspective. Decision Support Systems 54, 270-281. Jaimes, L.G., Llofriu, M., Raij, A., 2014. A stress-free life: just-in-time interventions for stress via real-time forecasting and intervention adaptation. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Body Area Networks, pp. 197-203. Klein, C., 2016. The CASA Paradigm: Computers as Social Actors, and their Implications for Learning in the Twenty-First Century. Kwon, S.J., Chung, N., 2010, The

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Studies on Tursiops truncatus and Stenella coeruleoalba Dolphin Species: from Retinal Cell Morphological Comparisons Towards its Surrounding environment.

Delphinus delphis and their distribution. Aquatic Mammals , 10 , 57-68. Frantzis, A., and Herzing D.L. 2002. Mixed-species associations of striped dolphins ( Stenella coeruleoalba ), short- beaked common dolphins ( Delphinus delphis ), and Risso’s dolphins ( Grampus griseus ) in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece, Mediterranean Sea). Aquatic Mammals , 28 (2), 188-197. Herman, L. M. 1990. Cognitive performance of dolphins in visuallyguided tasks. In Sensory abilities of cetaceans (pp. 455-462). Springer, Boston, MA. Hughes, A. 1975. A quantitative

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Effects of Modifying Agents on the Dyeability of Cotton Fabric using Malachite Green Dye

-90. Shahin, M., 2015, The influence of cationization on the dyeing performance of cotton fabrics with direct dyes. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications 5, 62-70. Srikulkit, K., Pornsuriyasak, P., 1998, Method of chemical modification of cellulosic fibers to improve their dyeability with reactive dyes. J Sci Res Chula Univ 23, 143-153. Sundrarajan, M., Gandhi, R.R., Rukmani, A., Selvam, S., Suresh, J., Gowri, S., 2012, Chitosan and cyclodextrin modification on cellulosic fabric for enhanced natural dyeing. Chemical science transactions

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Epidemiological Surveillance of Influenza Virus Matrix Gene in Pigs, in Lagos, Nigeria, 2015-2016

-171. Torremorell, M., Allerson, M., Corzo, C., Diaz, A., Gramer, M., 2012. Transmission of Influenza A Virus in Pigs. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 59, 68-84. Ward, C.L., Dempsey, M.H., Ring, C.J., Kempson, R.E., Zhang, L., Gor, D., Snowden, B.W., Tisdale, M., 2004. Design and performance testing of quantitative real time PCR assays for influenza A and B viral load measurement. J Clin Virol 29, 179-188. Yu, H., Zhang, P.-C., Zhou, Y.-J., Li, G.-X., Pan, J., Yan, L.-P., Shi, X.-X., Liu, H.-L., Tong, G.-Z., 2009. Isolation and genetic characterization of avian

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Escherichia coli as Possible Agents of Spread of Multidrug Resistance in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

.PLAS-0006-2013. Keelara, S., and Thakur, S., 2014. Dissemination of plasmid-encoded AmpC β-lactamases in antimicrobial resistant Salmonella serotypes originating from humans, pigs and the swine environment. Vet Microb., 173(1-2), 76-83. Martínez-Martínez, L., Pascual, A., and Jacoby, G.A., 1998. Quinolone resistance from a transferable plasmid. Lancet., 351(9105), 797-799. National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards. Performance standards for antimicrobial susceptibility tests; Approved standard. Seventh edition (2000). M2-A7. National Committee

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