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Higher levels of total pepsin and bile acids in the saliva as a possible risk factor for early laryngeal cancer

. Quadeer MA, Lopez R, Wood BG. Does acid suppresive therapy reduce the risk of laryngeal cancer recurrence? Laryngoscope 2005; 115: 1877-81. 8. Copper MP, Smit CF, Stanojcic LD, Devriese PP, Schouwenburg PF Mathus- Vliegen LM. High incidence of laryngeal reflux in patients with head and neck cancer. Laryngoscope 2000; 110: 1007-11. 9. Belafsky PC, Postma GN, Koufman JA. Validity and reliability of the reflux Symptom Index (RSI). J Voice 2002; 16: 274-7. 10. Samuels TL, Johnston N. Pepsin as a marker of extraesophageal

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Salivary Theranostics in Pediatric and Special Care Dentistry

metallic dental materials. Comput Appl Electr Eng, 2015;13:143-152. 21. Hashizume N, Fukahori S, Asagiri K, Ishii S, Saikusa N, Higashidate N et al. The characteristics of salivary pepsin in patients with severe motor and intellectual disabilities. Brain Dev, 2017;39:703-709. 22. Reddihough D. Management of drooling in neurological disabilities: more evidence is needed. DMCN, 2017;59:460-461. 23. Siqueira, WL, Bermejo PR, Mustacchi Z. Buffer capacity, pH, and flow rate in saliva of children aged 2–60 months with Down syndrome. Clin Oral Invest, 2005

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Swallowing disorders after treatment for head and neck cancer

. 23 An interesting finding of the present study is a connection between dysphagia and the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. Reflux of gastric acid and pepsin is well-recognized etiologic factor in dysphagia even in subjects without cancer, simply by causing inflammation of the laryngeal and hypopharyngeal mucosa. 24 , 25 Such inflammation can additionally aggravate pre-existing radiomucositis in irradiated patients, leading to scarring and impaired sensitivity of involved mucosa. Reflux to the level above the upper esophageal sphincter was found to impair the

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Diabetes-mediated changes in rat type i collagen and spermatogenesis indices

Biochem 71:114-118, 1976 12. Rubin AL, Drake MP, Davison PF et al. Effect of pepsin on the interaction properties of tropocollagen macromolecules. Biochemistry 4: 181-190, 1965. 13. Maurer G. The Disk-electrophoresis, Mir, Moscow, p. 247, 1971 (in Russian). 14. Deveni T, Gherghey J. The amino-acids, peptides and proteins, Mir, Moscow, p. 364, 1976 (in Russian). 15. Boekelheide K, Chapin R. Male reproductive toxicology . In Current Protocols in Toxicology , Costa LG, Hodgson E, Lawrence DA, Ozolins

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