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Newcomers in Politics? The Success of New Political Parties in the Slovak and Czech Republic after 2010?

Politics Vol. 1 (1995): 447–472. 13. Kitschelt, Herbert. “The Formation of Party Systems in East Central Europe.” Politics Society Vol. 20, No.1 (1992): 7–50. 14. Kopecky, Pavel. “Developing Party Organization in East-Central Europe. What type of Party is likely to Emerge?” Party Politics Vo. 1, No. 4 (1995): 515–534. 15. Kriesi, Hanspeter. “The Political Opportunity Structure of New Social Movements: Its Impact on Their Mobilization”: 167–198. In: Craig J. Jenkins and Bert Klandermans, eds. The Politics of Protest. Comparative Perspectives on

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Towards Presidential Rule in Ukraine: Hybrid Regime Dynamics Under Semi-Presidentialism

Politics Vol. 34, No. 3 (2002): 253-272. Samuels, David J., and Matthew S. Shugart. Presidents, Parties, and Prime Ministers: How Separation of Powers Affects Party Organization and Behavior. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Sedelius, Thomas. "Demokrati eller presidentdiktatur: Konstitutionella vägval i postkommunistiska länder." Nordisk Østforum Vol. 22, No. 8 (2008): 142-161. Sedelius, Thomas, and Olga Mashtaler. "A Troubled Tandem? Character and Issues of Intra

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The Left or the Right? The Political Logic Behind the Economic Policies of the Communist Successor Parties in Central Europe

Strategies in New EU Members: Microeconomic, Macroeconomic and Sectoral Aspects." Universidad Complutense Madrid working paper #9, 1999: 1-74 // Ishiyama, John T. "Party Organization and the Political Success of the Communist Successor Parties." Social Science Quarterly 82:4 (December 2001): 844 - 864 // (accessed December 27, 2009). Ishiyama, John T

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