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Effects of winter survival training on selected motor indices

Effects of winter survival training on selected motor indices

Study aim: To assess the effects of prolonged winter survival activities of moderate workouts on selected motor skills in male participants of survival instructor training course.

Material and methods: A group of 11 physical education students, participants of a survival course camp for instructors, aged 21 - 25 years, participated in the study. They were examined 3 times: before starting the course (Day 1), on the following morning - after a 12-h night training when the participants were deprived of sleep (Day 2) and 24 h later, after a 6-h sleep and survival activities lasting all day (Day 3). At the end of the course all the participants were assessed by a single 10-point scale. In the mornings of all 3 days the participants were subjected to the following tests: 15-m straight run, shuttle run 3×5 m, 15-slalom run, 15-m squat, computer-aided co-ordination test, maximum handgrip, 50%-handgrip and corrected 50% handgrip.

Results: Running velocity on Day 3 was significantly (p<0.05) decreased in relation to the previous days but a running performance index computed from the standardised values of all running tests did not decrease and on Day 2 was even significantly (p<0.05) higher than on Day 1. No significant between-day differences were found for the visual co-ordination test and for handgrip strength indices despite exhausting workloads applied.

Conclusions: Although the applied tests did no fully reflect the real performance of subjects under the winter survival conditions, it seems that engaging soldiers in consecutive military actions without an adequate recovery should be avoided whenever possible in order to improve the execution of strenuous tasks.

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Selected Coordination Motor Abilities in Elite Wrestlers and Taekwon-Do Competitors
Coordination in combat sports

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Anticipatory Postural Adjustments in Dart Throwing

-141 Bernstein N. The co-ordination and regulation of movements . Oxford; New York: Pergamon Press; 1967 Bertucco M, Cesari P. Does movement planning follow Fitts’ law? Scaling anticipatory postural adjustments with movement speed and accuracy. Neuroscience , 2010; 171: 205-213 Bertucco M, Cesari P, Latash ML. Fitts’ Law in early postural adjustments. Neuroscience , 2013; 231: 61-69 Boyd LA, Vidoni ED, Siengsukon CF, Wessel BD. Manipulating time-to-plan alters patterns of brain activation during the Fitts’ task. Exp Brain Res

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Comparison of Muscle Strength in Male Combat Sport Athletes

D.A. (1986). The role of learning and co-ordination in strength training. European Journal of Applied Physiology 55, 100-105.

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The Structure of Morpho-Functional Conditions Determining the Level of Sports Performance of Young Badminton Players

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Relationships Between Anaerobic Performance, Field Tests and Game Performance of Sitting Volleyball Players

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Relationship Between Motor Variability, Accuracy, and Ball Speed in the Tennis Serve

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The Difference in Visual Skills Between Expert Versus Novice Soccer Referees

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Analysis of Correlations Between Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Physical Fitness, and the Level of Functioning in Schoolchildren with Intellectual Disabilities

] 10. Wuang Y.-P., Su C.-Y. (2009). Reliability and responsiveness of the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency - Second Edition in children with intellectual disability. Research in Developmental Disabilities 30, 847-855. 11. van der Linde B.W., van Netten J.J., Otten E., Postema K., Geuze R.H., Schoemaker M.M. (2015). A systematic review of instruments for assessment of capacity in activities of daily living in children with developmental co-ordination disorder. Child: Care, Health and Development 41, 23-34. 12. Fotini V

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Movements that are both variable and optimal

References Bernstein NA. The Co-ordination and Regulation of Movements . Pergamon Press, Oxford; 1967 Bernstein NA. On dexterity and its development. In: In: Latash ML, Turvey MT (Eds.) Dexterity and Its Development , pp. 1-244, Erlbaum Publ.: Mahwah, NJ; 1996 Domkin D, Laczko J, Jaric S, Johansson H, Latash ML. Structure of joint variability in bimanual pointing tasks. Exp Brain Res , 2002; 143: 11-23 Freitas SM, Scholz JP. Does hand dominance affect the use of motor abundance when

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