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Public Administration Reforms in Slovakia: Limited Outcomes (Why ?)

Local Government.” Political Studies 30(2), 190 – 206. Nielsen, H. J. 1981. “Size and Evaluation of Government: Danish Attitudes towards Politics at Multiple Levels of Government.” European Journal of Political Research 9(1), 47 – 60. OECD. 2015. OECD Public Governance Reviews: Slovak Republic. Better Co-ordination for Better Policies, Services and Results . Paris: OECD. Orviska, M. and J. Hudson. 2003. “Tax Evasion, Civic Duty and the Law Abiding Citizen.” European Journal of Political Economy 19(1), 83 – 102. Osborne, S. 2010. The New

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Can Social Media be a Tool for Participatory Governance in Slovak Municipalities ?

, Identify Policy Opportunities and Guide Decision Makers.” OECD Working Papers on Public Governance 26. doi: OECD. 2013. “Survey on Government Use of Social Media.” Available at (last accessed 7 May 2018). OECD. 2015. Slovak Republic: Better Co-ordination for Better Policies, Services and Results. Paris: OECD Publishing. Patel, Neil. 2016. “How Frequently You Should Post on Social Media

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The European Union in the Estonian Public Discourse

-67. Braun, M. (2008), ‘Talking Europe the Dilemma of Sovereignty and Modernization,’ Cooperation and Conflict , vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 397-420. -- (2009), Modernisation Unchallenged: The Czech Discourse on European Unity , Prague: Institute of International Relations. Baetens, M. & Bursens, P. (2004), Mass Media Coverage and the reduction of the legitimacy deficit in the EU: The Belgian Case , Antwerpen: University of Antwerpen. Büchs, M . (2008), ‘How Legitimate is the Open Method of Co-ordination?’ JCMS: Journal of

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I Do It My Way: Analysis of the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union

: Středně velké státy a SZBP. Mezinárodní vztahy 48 (4): 5–26. Kassim, Hussein – Peters, Guy B. – Wright, Vincent (2000): National Co-ordination of EU Policy: The Domestic Level . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kassim, Hussein – Menon, Anand – Peters, Guy B. – Wright, Vincent (2001): The National Coordination of EU Policy. The European Level . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kassim, Hussein – Peters, Guy B. (2001): Conclusion: Coordinating National Action in Brussels – a Comparative Perspective, in Kassim, Hussein – Menon, Anand – Peters, Guy B

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Newcomer, Normal Player or Regional Leader? Perceptions of Poland in the EU

Conditionality and Candidate States’ Compliance with the Acquis Communautaire, 1998 – 2009. European Union Politics 14 (2): 250–272. Browing, C.S. – Christou, G. (2010): The Constitutive Power of Outsiders: The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Dimension. Political Geography 29 (2): 109–118. Bruter, M. (2004): On What Citizens Mean by Feeling ‘European’: Perceptions of News, Symbols and Borderlessness. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 30 (1): 21–39. Caddy, J. (1997): Harmonization and Asymmetry: Environmental Policy Co-ordination

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The Struggle of Benchmarking and Ranking Gender Equality: The Case of the European Institute for Gender Equality

-841. Bruno, I., 2009. The “indefinite discipline” of competitiveness benchmarking as a neoliberal technology of government. Minerva, 2006(47): 261-280. Bruno, I., Jacquot, S., and Mandin, L., 2006. Europeanization through its instrumentation: benchmarking, mainstreaming and the open method of co-ordination … toolbox or Pandora’s box?. Journal of European Public Policy, 13(4): 519-536. Caplan, N., Morrison, A., and Stambaugh, R. J., 1975. The use of social science knowledge in policy decisions at the national level: a report to respondents

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Conventional Direction to Unconventional Measures: Using Quantitative Easing to shape Eurozone Fiscal Capacity

? , CEPS Policy Brief No. 330, March. • Gros Daniel, 2014, Investment as the key to recovery in the euro area? , CEPS Policy Brief No. 326, November. • High level group on own resources (2014), First assessment report of 17.12.2014 • Issing Otmar, 2002, ‘On Macroeconomic Policy Co-ordination in EMU’, Journal of Common Market Studies , XL(2): 345-58. • Joyce Michael, Miles David, Scott Andrew and Vayanos Dimitri, 2012, ‘Quantitative Easing and Unconventional Monetary Policy–an Introduction’, The Economic Journal , Vol. CXXII, Issue 564: 271

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Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Transfer: Flood Risk Governance in Northern Sweden

. Patton, M. Q. (1987). How to use qualitative methods in evaluation.Newbury Park, CA: Sage.. Peters, B. G. (1998). Managing Horizontal Government: The Politics ofCo-Ordination. Public Administration, 76(2), 295-311. doi: 10.1111/1467-9299.00102 Peters, B. G. (2015). Advanced Introduction to Public Policy. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. Petersson, O. (2016). Rational Politics: Commissions of Inquiry and theReferral System in Sweden. In J. Pierre (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook ofSwedish Politics (pp. 650-662). Oxford: OUP

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