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Opportunities and risks among the migrant workers in the hotel industry in Oslo

respectable Sage Thousand Oaks, CA Storm, S & Naastepad CWM 2007, Why labour market regulation may pay off: worker motivation, co-ordination and productivity growth , ILO, Geneva. Storm S Naastepad CWM 2007 Why labour market regulation may pay off: worker motivation, co-ordination and productivity growth ILO Geneva Sundt, CS 2012, Den svenske arbeidsinnvandringen: Fortrenges norsk ungdom i arbeidsmarkedet? En empirisk analyse av ungdomsarbeidsinnvandringen fra Sverige (Masters thesis), University of Oslo. Sundt CS 2012 Den svenske arbeidsinnvandringen: Fortrenges

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Theravada Buddhism in North-East India: a study of the Tai-Khamtis

, 1975, p.372. Suriyabongs, Luang., Buddhism in Modern Thailand , Bangkok, 1954, p.84., Sangha is collective noun which means community of Bhikkhus . In its widest sense the term ‘ Sangha ’ includes all bonafied bhikkhus of whatever sect, they belong to, whatever in the world they may be, i.e. the world wide community of bhikkhus . But in a narrow sense it refers to the number of bhikkhus necessary, according to Vinaya or discipline to carry out official action of the Sangha including ordination ( uposampoda ) or a formal meeting of the order. See

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The impact of transnational co-authorship on the scientific quality of academic researchers-Case Studies: Slovenia, Poland and Romania

and bibliometrics: The case of international scientific collaboration. 4th Proximity Congress: Proximity, Networks and Co-ordination, Marseille (France), 2004/06/,17–18, pp. 15

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Public banking for the cultural sector: financial instruments and the new financial intermediaries

-149. Powell, M. (2000). New Labour and the third way in the British welfare state: a new and distinctive approach?. Critical social policy, 20(1), pp. 39-60. Pratt, A. C. (2009). Policy Transfer and the Field of the Cultural and Creative Industries: What Can Be Learned from Europe?. In: Kong, L., & O’Connor, J. (Eds.). Creative economies, creative cities: Asian-European perspectives (Vol. 98). Netherlands: Springer Science & Business Media. pp. 9-23. Radaelli, C. M. (2003). The Open Method of Co-ordination. Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies Rapport

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One more inventory or spatial planning – which better serves the goals of the Carpathian Convention in historic towns?

communications; publicly important undertakings. The explanatory part includes three maps: the co-ordination map (scale 1:5000); the map of the planned conversion of agricultural land into non-agricultural uses (scale 1:5000) and the map presenting the wider spatial context of the town at a scale 1:25000. The legally binding part refers to the cultural heritage at the very beginning when the protection of urban and architectural as well as natural values and townscape are declared as the main aims of the plan of spatial development. Detailed rules on heritage protection

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The Scope of Protection and Financing of Social Risk in Poland on the Example of the Social Security Administration

; Nickles, J., Siedl, H., 2004. Co-ordination of Social Security in the Council of Europe. Short Guide , Council of Europe Publishing, Strasbourg.

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Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Transfer: Flood Risk Governance in Northern Sweden

. Patton, M. Q. (1987). How to use qualitative methods in evaluation.Newbury Park, CA: Sage.. Peters, B. G. (1998). Managing Horizontal Government: The Politics ofCo-Ordination. Public Administration, 76(2), 295-311. doi: 10.1111/1467-9299.00102 Peters, B. G. (2015). Advanced Introduction to Public Policy. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. Petersson, O. (2016). Rational Politics: Commissions of Inquiry and theReferral System in Sweden. In J. Pierre (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook ofSwedish Politics (pp. 650-662). Oxford: OUP

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