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Anticipatory Postural Adjustments in Dart Throwing

-141 Bernstein N. The co-ordination and regulation of movements . Oxford; New York: Pergamon Press; 1967 Bertucco M, Cesari P. Does movement planning follow Fitts’ law? Scaling anticipatory postural adjustments with movement speed and accuracy. Neuroscience , 2010; 171: 205-213 Bertucco M, Cesari P, Latash ML. Fitts’ Law in early postural adjustments. Neuroscience , 2013; 231: 61-69 Boyd LA, Vidoni ED, Siengsukon CF, Wessel BD. Manipulating time-to-plan alters patterns of brain activation during the Fitts’ task. Exp Brain Res

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Relationship Between Motor Variability, Accuracy, and Ball Speed in the Tennis Serve

References Bartlett RM. Movement variability and its implications for sports scientists and practitioners: an overview. Int J Sports Sci Coach 2008; 1(3): 113-124. Bernstein N. The co-ordination and regulation of movements. Nueva York: Pergamon Press; 1967. Best RJ, Bartlett RM, Sawyer RA. Optimal javelin release. J Appl Biomech 1995; 11: 371-394. Darling WG, Cooke JD. Changes in the variability of movement trajectories with practice. J Motor Behav

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The Structure of Morpho-Functional Conditions Determining the Level of Sports Performance of Young Badminton Players

, Hofmann P, Schwaberger G, von Duvillard SP, Klein W. Validation of a field test for the noninvasive determination of badminton specific aerobic performance. Br J Sport Med , 2003; 37: 115-118 Yuan YWY, Fan X, Chin M, So RCH. Hand-eye co-ordination and visual reaction time in elite badminton players and gymnasts. New Zel J Sports Med, 1995; 23(3): 19-22 Zivdar Z, Asl NS, Farhoodi A, Asghari A. A study of the mental imagery ability of male and female badminton players. Annals of Biological Research , 2012; 3(1): 275-279

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Relationships Between Anaerobic Performance, Field Tests and Game Performance of Sitting Volleyball Players

Jadczak Ł, Kosmol A, Wieczorek A, Śliwkowski R. Motor Fitness And Coordination Abilities vs. Effectiveness of Play in Sitting Volleyball. Antropomotoryka, 2010; 49: 57-67 Jadczak Ł, Śliwkowski R, Wieczorek A, Wieczorek J. The Degree of Disability and the Level of Physical Fitness and Co-Ordination Abilities of Sitting Volleyball Players. Med Sport, 2009; 6(6) 25: 377-385 Lode. Operator manual Wingate software. Groningen, the Netherlands; 1998 Molik B, Kosmol A, Skucas K. Sport – specific and general sporting physical fitness of sitting volleyball

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The Difference in Visual Skills Between Expert Versus Novice Soccer Referees

., Ward, P. Knowles, J. M. & Smeeton N. J. Perceptual skill in a real-world task: Training, instruction and transfer in tennis. Journal of Experimental Psychology. 2002; 48: 151-166. Williams, A. M. & Davids, K. Visual search strategy, selective attention and expertise in soccer. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport , 1998. 69: 111-128. Yuan Y. W. Y, Fan X, Chin M & So R. C. H., Hand-eye co - ordination and visual reaction time in elite badminton players and gymnast. New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine

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Intra-Personal and Inter-Personal Kinetic Synergies During Jumping

References Bernstein N. The co-ordination and regulation of movements. Oxford; New York: Pergamon Press; 1967 Black DP, Riley MA, McCord CK. Synergies in intra- and interpersonal interlimb rhythmic coordination.Motor Control, 2007; 11(4): 348-373 Bobath B. Adult Hemiplegia: Evaluation and Treatment. London: William Heinemann; 1978 d’Avella A, Saltiel P, Bizzi E. Combinations of muscle synergies in the construction of a natural motor behavior. Nat. Neurosci., 2003; 6(3): 300-308 Dewald JP, Pope PS

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Movements that are both variable and optimal

References Bernstein NA. The Co-ordination and Regulation of Movements . Pergamon Press, Oxford; 1967 Bernstein NA. On dexterity and its development. In: In: Latash ML, Turvey MT (Eds.) Dexterity and Its Development , pp. 1-244, Erlbaum Publ.: Mahwah, NJ; 1996 Domkin D, Laczko J, Jaric S, Johansson H, Latash ML. Structure of joint variability in bimanual pointing tasks. Exp Brain Res , 2002; 143: 11-23 Freitas SM, Scholz JP. Does hand dominance affect the use of motor abundance when

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The Influence of an Additional Load on Time and Force Changes in the Ground Reaction Force During the Countermovement Vertical Jump

References Anderson FC, Pandy MG. Storage and utilization of elastic strain energy during jumping. J Biomech , 1993; 26: 1413-1427 Baker D, Nance S, Moore M. The load that maximizes the average mechanical power output during jump squats in power-trained athletes. J Strength Cond Res , 2001; 15: 92-97 Bobbert MF, van Ingen Schenau GJ. Co-ordination in vertical jumping. J Biomech , 1988; 21: 249-262 Bobbert MF, van Soest AJ. Effects of muscle strengthening on vertical jump height: a

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Motor Control: In Search of Physics of the Living Systems

localization. Archives of Biological Sciences 1935 38: 1-35 (in Russian). Bernstein NA The Co-ordination and Regulation of Movements. 1967 Pergamon Press, Oxford Bobath B Adult hemiplegia: evaluation and treatment. William Heinemann, London. Bursztyn LL, Ganesh G, Imamizu H, Kawato M, Flanagan JR. 2006 Neural correlates of internal-model loading. Current Biology 1978 16: 2440-2445. d'Avella A, Bizzi E. Shared and specific muscle synergies in natural motor behaviors

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Anthropometry and throwing velocity in elite water polo by specific playing positions

. Level and conditions of selected motor co-ordination and jumping abilities among advanced water-polo players. J Hum Kinet, 2002. 8: 17-21 Joris H. J., van Muyen A. J., van Ingen Schenau G. J., Kemper H. C. Force, velocity and energy flow during the overarm throw in female handball players. J Biomech, 1985. 18(6): 409-414 Lozovina V., Pavicic L. Anthropometric changes in elite male water polo players: survey in 1980 and 1995. Croat Med J, 2004. 45(2): 202-205 Martin A. D., Spenst L. F

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