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Impact of sample size on principal component analysis ordination of an environmental data set: effects on eigenstructure

References Anderson, M.J. & Wilis T.J. (2003). Canonical analysis of principal coordinates: a useful method of constrained ordination for ecology. Ecology , 84, 511–525. DOI: 10.1890/0012-9658(2003)084[0511:CAOPCA]2.0.CO;2. APHA, (1992). Standard methods for the examination of water and waste water . American Washington: Public Health Association. Bandalos, D.L. & Boehm-Kaufman M.R. (2009). Four common misconceptions in exploratory factor analysis. In C.E. Lance & R.J. Vandenberg (Eds.), Statistical and methodological myths and urban legends

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Phylogenetic Diversity of Plant Metacommunity of the Dnieper River Arena Terrace Within the ‘Dnieper-Orilskiy ’ Nature Reserve

, C.J.F. & Champely S. (1996). Matching species traits to environmental variables: a new three-table ordination method. Environ. Ecol. Stat., 3, 143-166. DOI: 10.1007/BF02427859. Elton, Ch. (1946). Competition and the structure of ecological communities. J. Anim. Ecol., 15, 54-68. DOI: 10.2307/1625. Euro+Med (2006−2016). Euro+Med PlantBase - the information resource for Euro- Mediterranean plant diversity. Published on the Internet [accessed 1st January 2016]. Faith, D.P. (1992

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Metropolregionen, Wissensregion und Governance


Leitfrage der Abhandlung ist, ob und wie Metropolregionen das Spannungsverhältnis zwischen territorial orientierten und funktional orientierten Governance-Regimen lösen können, wenn sie verstärkt auf die Entwicklungsfigur der „Wissensregion“ setzen. Diskutiert wird, was Metropolregionen ausmacht, welche Anforderungen an sie durch die Funktion „Wissensregion“ gestellt werden, welche Konflikte zwischen territorialen und funktionalen Governance-Regimen auftreten können und wie sie in den deutschen Metropolregionen zurzeit offenbar gelöst werden.

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Regional Contracts in the Polish Development Policy

is still in force (Journal of Laws 2006 no. 227, item 1658) ( Fig. 2 ). As a result, the 2010–2020 National Strategy for Regional Development (2010) The most important strategic document in the new model of the Polish development policy determining the assumptions of the territorialisation of activities and their implementation methods. assumed that in order to break institutional limits and improve the efficiency of the Polish regional policy it is essential that new territorial contracts be prepared. They are to become an instrument for “…co-ordination of pro

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Franziscean Cadastre in Landscape Structure Research: A Systematic Review

, Yang et al. 2014 ) with other historical datasets (e.g. Fescenko et al. 2016 ). The number of applied time points and their chronological ordination implies questions of chronological sampling adequacy and comparability. Firstly, we have found that the majority of the records employed three time points of the Franziscean cadastre together with the current (1991–2018) and older orthophoto (1930–1950 and 1951–1970). Based on this division, there is significant inequality of the time range in the means of the length of the researched periods that often cannot be

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Tax Competition as a Challenge to the Governance of Global Economy

Taming of Leviathan’, [in:] SCHÖN, W. (ed.), Tax Competition in Europe , Amsterdam: International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation pp. 43-120. TIMMS, S. (2009), Working Together on Direct Tax: Lessons from Co-operation, Co-ordination and the Code of Conduct , Brussels Tax Forum, 31st March, VANN, R. J. (2000), ‘International Aspects of Income Tax’, [in:] THURONYI, V . (ed.), Tax Law Design and Drafting , The Hague: Kluwer Law

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Relationships between ecosystems and plant assemblages as responses to environmental conditions in the Lower Jurassic of Hungary and Romania

Jurassic palaeobotany and palynology. Part VII. Successions and floras. Progr. Natur. Sci., 16: 203-212. POPA M.E. & MELLER B. 2009. Review of Jurassic plants from the Anina (Steierdorf) coal mining area, South Carpathians, in the collections of the Geological Survey of Austria. Jb. Geol. Bundesanstalt, 149: 487-498. TER BRAAK C.J.F. & ŠMILAUER P. 2012. Canoco reference manual and user’s guide: software for ordination (version 5.0). Microcomputer Power, Ithaca, NY, USA. THEVENARD F. & BARBACKA M. 2000. Two leaf morphotypes

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Kohonen Artificial Neural Networks and the IndVal Index as Supplementary Tools for the Quantitative Analysis of Palaeoecological Data

Using Lake Sediments. Volume 5: Data Handling and Numerical Techniques. Dordrecht, Springer: 167-200. Legendre P and Birks HJB, 2012b. From classical to canonical ordination. In: Birks HJB, Lotter AF, Juggins S and Smol JP, eds., Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments. Volume 5: Data Handling and Numerical Techniques. Dordrecht, Springer: 201-248. Lek S and Guégan JF, 1999. Artificial neural networks as a tool in ecological modelling, an introduction. Ecological Modelling 120: 65-73, DOI 10.1016/S0304

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Early development of late Vistulian (Weichselian) lacustrine sediments in the Żabieniec swamp (central Poland)

of squares. Computers & Geosciences 13(1): 13–35, DOI 10.1016/0098-3004(87)90022-7. [21] Harmsworth RV, 1968. The developmental history of Belham Tarn (England) as shown by animal microfossils, with special reference to the Cladocera. Ecological Monographs 38(3): 223–241, DOI 10.2307/1942429. [22] Hill MO and Gauch HG, 1980. Detrended correspondence analysis, an improved ordination technique. Vegetatio 42(1–3): 47–58, DOI 10.1007/BF

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A dendrochronological analysis of Pinus pinea L. on the Italian mid-Tyrrhenian coast

-006-0289-6 [58] Tukey JW, 1977. Exploratory Data Analysis. Reading (Mass): Addison-Wesley. [59] Walter H, 1973. Die Vegetation der Erde in ökophysiologischer Betrachtung. Jena, Fischer 3 vol l. [60] Whittaker RH (Ed.), 1973. Handbook of Vegetation Science. V Ordination and classification of vegetation. Junk, The Hague. [61] Vieira J, Campelo F and Nabais C, 2009. Age-dependent responses of tree-ring growth and intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster to Mediterranean climate. Trees

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