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Housing Needs of Older People in Poland as Exemplified by the Warsaw, Poznań and Szczeciń Urban Areas

-9515.2010.00745.x. H ouben P. P. J., 2001, Changing Housing for Elderly People and Co-ordination Issues in Europe , Housing Studies, Volume: 16 Issue: 5, pp. 651-67, doi: . N ettleton S., B use C., M artin D., 2018, Envisioning bodies and architectures of care: Reflections on competition designs for older people , Journal of Aging Studies, Volume 45, June 2018, Pages 54-62. K remer -P reiß U. I., M ehnert , T., 2014. Wohnatlas Rahmenbedingungen der Bundesländer beim Wohnen im Alter , Kuratorium Deutsche

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Institutions at the Interface of Urban Planning and Real Estate

practice, Cities, 28, 238-244. N eedham B., de K am G., 2004, Understanding How Land is Exchanged: Co-ordination Mechanisms and Transaction Costs , Urban Studies, 41(10), September, 2061-2076. P ayne S., 2013, Pioneers, pragmatists and sceptics: speculative housebuilders and brownfield development in the early twenty-first century , Town Planning Review, 84(1), 37-62. P eel D., L loyd M.G., 2007, Neo-traditional planning. Towards a new ethos for land use planning? Land Use Policy 24, 393-403. P ogodzinsky J.M., SASS T.R., 1990, The

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IT Applications In Logistics And Their Influence On The Competitiveness Of Companies/Supply Chains

), 387-410. Zhao, X., and Xie, J., 2002. The impact of information sharing and ordering co-ordination on supply chain performance. Supply Chain Management, 7 (1), 24.

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Cooperation Between The Republic Of Serbia And European Union In The Period Of Opening Negotiations On Accession

) „Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment“, Sigma Papers, No.31 OECD (2001) „The Management of EU Affairs in Candidate member States: Inventory of the Current State of Affairs“, Sigma Papers, No.23 OECD, (2007) „Enlargement of the European Union: an Analysis of the negotitations for Countries of the Wester Balkans“, Sigma Papers, No.37 Panke, D. (2010) „Good Instructions in No Time? Domestic Coordination of EU Policies in 19 Small States“, West European Politics , 33 (4): 770-790 Peters, B.G. Wright, V. (2001) The National Co-ordination

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Media Reform and Development in Bosnia: An Interorganizational Account of the Media Issues Group

References Aubrey, L., 1997, The politics of development cooperation: NGOs, gender and partnerships in Kenya . NY: Routledge. Black, J.K., 1999, Development in Theory and Practice . Oxford: Westview Press. Borton, John, 1995, ‘An account of co-ordination mechanisms for humanitarian assistance during the international response to the 1994 crisis in Rwanda’, Disasters , Overseas Development Institute, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 305-323. Brahimi, L., 2000, Report

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Nation Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration

References Belloni, Roberto (2001). Civil society and peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Journal of Peace Research 38(2): 163-180. Borton, John (1995) An account of co-ordination mechanisms for humanitarian assistance during the international response to the 1994 crisis in Rwanda. Disasters, Overseas Development Institute 20(4): 305-323. Boyce, J. K. (1995). External Assistance and the Peace Process in El Salvador. World Development 23(12): 2101

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Measuring Patients′ Satisfaction in For-Profit Orthopedic Hospital

-cultural evaluation of the relevance of the HCAHPS survey in five European countries. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 24(5), 470-475. Survey Co-ordination Centre. Picker Institute Europe (2015). Adult Inpatient Survey 2015. Retrieved September 18, 2016, from Unit of Patient-perceived Quality on behalf of the Danish Regions and the Danish Ministry of Interior and Health (2010). The National Danish Survey of Patient Experiences (LUP) - in brief. Questionnaire

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The Struggle of Benchmarking and Ranking Gender Equality: The Case of the European Institute for Gender Equality

-841. Bruno, I., 2009. The “indefinite discipline” of competitiveness benchmarking as a neoliberal technology of government. Minerva, 2006(47): 261-280. Bruno, I., Jacquot, S., and Mandin, L., 2006. Europeanization through its instrumentation: benchmarking, mainstreaming and the open method of co-ordination … toolbox or Pandora’s box?. Journal of European Public Policy, 13(4): 519-536. Caplan, N., Morrison, A., and Stambaugh, R. J., 1975. The use of social science knowledge in policy decisions at the national level: a report to respondents

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Conventional Direction to Unconventional Measures: Using Quantitative Easing to shape Eurozone Fiscal Capacity

? , CEPS Policy Brief No. 330, March. • Gros Daniel, 2014, Investment as the key to recovery in the euro area? , CEPS Policy Brief No. 326, November. • High level group on own resources (2014), First assessment report of 17.12.2014 • Issing Otmar, 2002, ‘On Macroeconomic Policy Co-ordination in EMU’, Journal of Common Market Studies , XL(2): 345-58. • Joyce Michael, Miles David, Scott Andrew and Vayanos Dimitri, 2012, ‘Quantitative Easing and Unconventional Monetary Policy–an Introduction’, The Economic Journal , Vol. CXXII, Issue 564: 271

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