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, Robert. 1991. Interpersonal coordination: Behaviour matching and interactional synchrony. In Feldman, Robert & Rimé, Bertrand (eds.), Fundamentals of non-verbal behaviour, 401-432. New York: Cambridge U niversity P ress. Boker, Steven M. & Xu, Minquan & Rotondo, J ennifer L . & K ing, K adija 2002. W indowed cross-correlation and peak picking for the analysis of variability in the association between behavioural time series, Psychological Methods 7. 338-355. Branigan, H olly P . & P ickering, Martin P . & Cleland, A lexandra A . 2000. Syntactic co-ordination in


The following paper strives to (1) present the reader with the results of my preceding book on the subject (Eder 2014) and to (2) review the trends that had been predicted therein. It provides a concise analysis of the Sino-Russian relationship’s history, an account of post-Soviet regional energy projects, and an analysis and interpretation of the mainland Chinese discourse on the impact of the Central Asian energy issue on this relationship. The issue has been broadly discussed as a possible source of friction since the global financial and economic crisis. Chinese authors predicted that a great deal of co-ordination and compromise would be needed because of Russian sensitivities but conveyed confidence that their country’s ‘inevitable’ expansion of crucial energy relations would be manageable. The book thus predicted a successful handling of competing interests in the short term but still foresaw a challenge to the ‘strategic partnership’ through the gradually shifting power balance. Over the last 18 months, China has advanced even faster and more comprehensively than anticipated and already overshadows Russia. Now undergirded by a more substantial political strategy, it quietly but resolutely pushes Moscow (and all its schemes of post-Soviet re-integration) aside. Managing ensuing frustrations and more blatant counter-measures will likely test the resolve and aptitude of Chinese policy-makers earlier than expected.


the thorny question of Saint Patrick’s life and career as it is reflected in his own writings, the Confessio and Epistola ad Coroticum, as well as in later hagiographical accounts. Herren argues the case that Patrick’s missionary programme in Ireland was inspired in part by his prior experience in Gaul, where he may have gone to seek episcopal consecration after he had been refused this ordination by his British seniores. The author also suggests that Patrick’s experience may have influenced Gildas’ attack on the dubious practices of British clergy in his De

Comissió de promoció de l’ensenyament del català a les universitats de fora de l’àmbit territorial de Catalunya was set up. The Institut Ramon Llull took over the co- ordination of this university network in 2002, after it was founded by the governments of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands (later joined by the city of Barcelona). Xarxa Llull forms part of the Government of Catalonia’s policies towards the international promotion of Catalan language and culture, which are implemented by the Institut Ramon Llull. Within this general framework, the main objective of