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hectare. The exact identification of nozzle wear stages allows us to have a knowledge of the maximum usage time when all application conditions are still met. Numerous scientific studies have contributed to the right choice of materials, the construction of nozzles, and the development of their operation principle. 106 T. Rittner, I. Țenu, O. Marian 2. Materials and methods The trial and experiment assembly consists of an ATOM-300 carried sprayer, manufactured by S.C. TEHNOFAVORIT S.A. Bonţida-Cluj, and a stand for testing the distribution uniformity of

piece material Geometry, composition and material of nozzle Nozzle tip distance (stand-off distance) Mixing ratio Impingement angle 1.3 Characteristics of different variables 1.4 Operating characteristics The main performance measuring parameters of AJM are as follows: The material removal rate in gm/mm 3 The accuracy and surface finish of the machined surface The nozzle wear rate Table 1 Different variable parameters [ 6 ] Medium Air, CO2, N2 Abrasive SiC, Al2O3 (of size 90–150 microns) Flow rate of abrasive 3 to 20 gram/min Velocity 150–300 m/min Pressure 2–8 kg