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Vitality of Public Open Space (Case Study: Taman Nostalgia Kupang)


The purpose of the study is to determine the condition of Taman Nostalgia in terms of vitality (the quality of function, physic (environment), and meaning). The study implements descriptive approach, by which the study presents and describes the condition of Taman Nostalgia based on the phenomenon found in the field. The data are collected through documentation, observation, and interviews and are analyzed using descriptive approach and Project for Public Space. The results showed that the condition of Taman Nostalgia in terms of vitality has decreased due to several causes, such as the direct connection between relaxing area and garden area, the location and capacity of the plaza which is limited and not functional, direct connection between playground and plant area, the absence of space marker and the division of sub space in the parking area, the placement of jogging track separated and not connected to the centre of park activity, unattractive culinary area and its forming activities, limited space of sports centre, and unavailability of supporting facilities. Likewise, seen from the aspects of forming quality of the area, the park showed the absence of management concerning the aspect of needs (comfort, relaxation, passive/active engagement, and discovery), user rights (access and ease of achievement, freedom of action, claim, and change), and meaning (legibility, relevance between cultural norms and the user, individual connection, group connection, connection to larger society, biological connection, and connection to other world).

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Information Warfare on Social Media: A Brand Management Perspective

-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012. 43. Kozachenko, Ivan. “How Social Media Transformed Pro-Russian Nostalgia into Violence in Ukraine.” The Conversation (October 2014) // . 44. Kozinets, Robert V., Kristine de Valck, Andrea C. Wojnicki, and Sarah J. S. Wilner. “Networked Narratives: Understanding Word-of-mouth Marketing in Online Communities.” Journal of Marketing 74 (2010): 71–89. 45. Lange-Ionatamishvili, Elina, and Sanda Svetoka

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Non-Territorial Spaces of Belarusian Political Nomadism

-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia . Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, 2009. 7. Deleuze, Gilles, and Félix Guattari. A Thousand Plateus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia . London: University of Minnesota Press, 2005. 8. Florini, Ann, and P. J. Simmons. “What the World Needs Now?”: 1-15. In: Ann Florini, ed. The Third Force: The Rise of Transnational Civil Society . Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2000. 9. Georgiou, Myria. “Between Strategic Nostalgia and Banal Nomadism: Explorations of Transnational Subjectivity among Arab Audiences.” International

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Differences in the Quality of the Photoplethysmograph Signal in Subjects with and without Nail Polish

References [1] Varlamov V.A., Varlamov G.V. (2005), Counteraction to Polygraph and Ways of Their Neutralization , Per SE Press, 192. [2] Medvedev A.Y., Polygraph – Nostalgia for “Analog” Quality , . [3] Pavlov S.V. (2007), Photoplethmusmic Technologies for Controlling the Cardiovascular System , [in:] S.V. Pavlov, V.P. Kozhemyako, V.G. Petruk and others, Universum, Vinnytsya, 254.

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The Nordic model of taxation and its influence in North America: Image and Reality

School of Governance, Working Papers 41 2009 Anderson, Jenny, “Nordic Nostalgia and Nordic Light: The Swedish Model as Utopia, 1930-2007,” 34 Scandinavian Journal of History 34(3):229-245 (2009) Anderson Jenny “Nordic Nostalgia and Nordic Light: The Swedish Model as Utopia, 1930-2007,” 34 Scandinavian Journal of History 341 3 229 245 2009 Andersen, Torben M., Bengt Holmström, Seppo Honkaphja, Sisten Korkman, Hans Tson Söderström, and Juhana Vartiainen, The Nordic Model: Embracing

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Analysis of the Demand of Dark Tourism: A Case Study in Córdoba (Spain)

. Cheal, F. and Griffin, T. (2013) ‘Pilgrims and patriots: Australian tourist experiences at Gallipoli’, International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research 7(3): 227-241. Cousins, K. and Brunt, P. (2002) ‘Terrorism, tourism and the media’, Security Journal 15(1): 19-32. Dann, G. (1994) ‘Tourism: the nostalgia industry of the future’ In Theobald, W. (1994) Global Tourism: The Next Decade, Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Dann, G. M. S. (1998) ‘The Dark Side of Tourism

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