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Nostalgic Sentiment And Cultural And Creative Industries In Regional Development: A Slovak Case Study

References Appignanesi R., Sardar Z., Curry P., 1995. Post-modernism for beginners . Icon Books, Cambridge. Batcho K., 2013. Nostalgia: Retreat or support in difficult times? The American Journal of Psychology 126(3): 355–367. Borseková K., Petríková K., Primož P., 2014. Creativity and intangibles in the public sector: Sources and socio-economic importance. Mednarodna revija za javno upravo . Fakulteta za upravo, Ljubljana: 103–120. Borseková K., Petríková K., Vaňová A., 2012. The methodology of use and building competitive advantage

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The lawn grew too quickly! Perception of rural idyll by Czech amenity migrants

, pp. 114–136. ČSÚ (2016) Vše o území VDB. Dolejš M, Glorius B, Hruška V (2016) Motives and barriers of migration to Saxony: the case of migrating health professionals from Czechia. GeoScape 10(2):62–77. Dopitová M (2016) Social Engagement and Rural Newcomers. Sociální studia/Social Studies 13(2): 73–91. Duruz J (1999) Food as nostalgia: Eating the fifties and sixties. Australian Historical Studies 29(113): 231–250. Gosnell H, Abrams J (2011) Amenity migration: diverse

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The communist world from dawn till dusk. a political geography perspective

, Ideologie afrykańskie 1945-1985 , Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, Wrocław. (In Polish) ‘Nie mija tęsknota za socjalizmem’ 2006, Gazeta Wyborcza , 8 March. Available from: <>. [12 March 2006] (In Polish) ‘Nostalgia za komunizmem’ 2006, Rzeczpospolita , 9 March, p. 2. Available from: <>. [12 March 2006] (In Polish) Nouschi, M 2006, Mały atlas XX wieku. Historia , Dom Wydawniczy Bellona, Warszawa. (In Polish) Polit, J 2004, Chiny, Wydawnictwo TRIO, Warszawa

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Multiculturalism and Ostalgie

References A.A.V-V. (2003), Nostalgia, Saggi sul rimpianto del comunismo, Torino, Mondadori. Appadurai A., (2007), Modernità in polvere. Dimensioni culturali della globalizzazione, trad. di Vereni P., Roma, Meltemi; Allan, S. (2006). Ostalgie, fantasy and the normalization of east-west relations in post-unification comedy (pp. 105-126). Continuum. Banchelli, E. (2006). Taste the East: linguaggi e forme dell’Ostalgie. Bergamo University Press; Sestante. Bayman, L. (2016). Retro Quality and Historical Consciousness in Contemporary

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Determinants of the spatial diffusion of Bollywood cinema

considerations are proof that the problem analysed in the reference to the broader cultural, social and political context. Such above paper was complex and worth developing. a conclusion was made by, among others, R. Bandyopadhyay (2008) , References Bandyopadhyay, R 2008, ‘Nostalgia, Identity and Tourism: Bollywood in the Indian Diaspora’, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 79‑100 Bandyopadhyay R 2008 ‘Nostalgia, Identity and Tourism: Bollywood in the Indian Diaspora’ Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change vol 6 no 2 79

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The journey of C.T. Ramage through the Cilento in the first half of the nineteenth century, between geography and history of an ‘unknown’ land

… cit. [The historic Cilento, in Campania. Geographic scenarios… mentioned], ed Gasparini ML 209 226 Quaini, M 2006, L’ombra del paesaggio. Orizzonti di un’utopia colloquiale [The shadow of the landscape. Horizons of a colloquial utopy], Diabasis, Reggio Emilia. Quaini M 2006 L’ombra del paesaggio. Orizzonti di un’utopia colloquiale [The shadow of the landscape. Horizons of a colloquial utopy] Diabasis, Reggio Emilia Raffestin, C 2005, Dalla nostalgia del territorio al desiderio di paesaggio. Elementi per una teoria del paesaggio [From the

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Post-communist city text in Košice, Slovakia as a liminal landscape

tomb of the unknown solider are excellent examples of city text elements that are being preserved—and renovated at considerable expense to the city—precisely in order to cause people to recall the old system ( Ogurčáková 2018 ). This is most likely due to the fact that Smer relies heavily on older voters who still retain some nostalgia for the communist system. It seems likely, however, that time will eventually cause virtually all elements of the liminal city text to lose their former political efficacy and bring about Turner’s third phase of ‘reaggregation

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Landscape Conservation: The Perspectives of Experts and Other Stakeholders

Applications. 17, 2377-2386. Raffestin, C., (2005). Dalla nostalgia di territorio al desiderio di paesaggio. Elementi per una teoria del paesaggio. Firenze: Alinea. Reed, M.S., (2007). Participatory technology development for agroforestry extension: an innovation-decision approach. African Journal of Agricultural Research. 2, 334-341. Reed, M.S., (2008). Stakeholder participation for environmental management: a literature review. Biological Conservation. 141, 2417-2431. Reed, M.S. & Dougill, A.J., (2002

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Characterising the flows of Slovenian tourists within the former Yugoslavia with respect to post-communist ‘nostalgic context’

References ARNOULD, E. J., PRICE, L. L. (1993): River Magic: Extraordinary Experience and the Extended Service Encounter. Journal of Consumer Research, 20(1): 24–45. ATKINSON, R., FLINT, J. (2001): Accessing hidden and hard-to-reach populations – Snowball research strategies: University of Surrey Social Research Update. [cit. 11.11.2017]. Available at: BACH, J. P. G. (2002): ‘The Taste Remains’: Consumption, (N)ostalgia, and the Production of East Germany. Public Culture, 14(3): 545–556. BAKIĆ

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Super-Gentrification und metropolitaner Habitus: eine Kritik jüngerer Entwicklungen in der britischen Gentrificationforschung

Beiträge, Bd. 2 Bourdieu, P (1993): Soziologische Fragen. Frankfurt am Main. Bourdieu P 1993 Soziologische Fragen Frankfurt am Main Bourdieu, P. (1997): Ortseffekte. In: Bourdieu, P. et al. (Hrsg.): Das Elend der Welt: Zeugnisse und Diagnosen alltäglichen Leidens. Konstanz, 159-167. Bourdieu P. 1997 Ortseffekte Bourdieu P. Das Elend der Welt: Zeugnisse und Diagnosen alltäglichen Leidens Konstanz 159 167 Boyd, M. (2000): Reconstructing Bronzeville: Racial nostalgia and neighbourhood redevelopment. In: Journal of Urban Affairs 22, 2, 107-122. 10

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