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Super-Gentrification und metropolitaner Habitus: eine Kritik jüngerer Entwicklungen in der britischen Gentrificationforschung

Beiträge, Bd. 2 Bourdieu, P (1993): Soziologische Fragen. Frankfurt am Main. Bourdieu P 1993 Soziologische Fragen Frankfurt am Main Bourdieu, P. (1997): Ortseffekte. In: Bourdieu, P. et al. (Hrsg.): Das Elend der Welt: Zeugnisse und Diagnosen alltäglichen Leidens. Konstanz, 159-167. Bourdieu P. 1997 Ortseffekte Bourdieu P. Das Elend der Welt: Zeugnisse und Diagnosen alltäglichen Leidens Konstanz 159 167 Boyd, M. (2000): Reconstructing Bronzeville: Racial nostalgia and neighbourhood redevelopment. In: Journal of Urban Affairs 22, 2, 107-122. 10

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Revitalisierung von brachgefallenen Hafen- und Uferzonen
Transformationsprozesse an der Waterfront

Economic Life. — London, Boston, Sydney 1983, sowie: Mandel, E.: Long Waves of Capitalist Development. A Marxist Interpretation. — London, New York 1995 Phillips, G.: Whiteside, N.: Casual Labour. The Unemployment Question in the Port Transport Industry 1988-1970. - Oxford 1985, S. 235 Marshall, R.: Waterfronts…, a.a.O. [siehe Anm. (2) in Post-industrial Cities. — London, New York 2001, S. 7], S. 5 Goss, J.: Disquiet on the Waterfront: Reflections on Nostalgia and Utopia Archetypes of Festival Markets. In: Urban Geography, Vol 17 (1966)

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Integrative Planning of Post-suburban Growth in the Glatt Valley (Switzerland)

there is, at least, a certain nostalgia present in the communities. Second, there was an ambivalence about who would be the users of this new infrastructure. One interviewee (Government Official March 2014) remarked that they followed the advice of the developers, although to them it seems surprising that anyone would want to live in the newly built condominiums located in denser, noisier areas. Yet, as long as they sold and brought improvements to the municipality, then this interviewee could see no reason to argue against it. Third, there is the question of stronger

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Dislocation: The Conflict of Photographic and Cinematographic Representations of War in Soviet Lithuania

darbai 1947-1952 m.” Menotyra 16 (2009): 150-169. Azoulay, Ariella. Civil Imagination: A Political Ontology of Photography, London: Verso, 2015. Bassnett, Sarah, and Noble, Andrea. “Introduction. Cold War Visual Alliances.” Cold War Visual Alliances, Visual Studies 30, No. 2, 2015: 119-122, Boym, Svetlana. The Future of Nostalgia. New York: Basic Books, 2001. Čepaitienė, Rasa. “ “Tarybinės sostinės” konstravimas J. Stalino epochoje: Minsko

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How to build a community. New Urbanism and its critics

the heritage of Romanticism, with its search for spontaneity and originality and its nostalgia for the past ( Hirt 2009 : 250–251). New Urbanism refers directly to the ideological and aesthetic principles of postmodernism, such as the importance of historical traditions, emphasis on the local and the particular, nostalgia for the past, but also the need for environmental care ( Hirt 2009 : 250). New Urbanism presents premodernity in an idyllic way; its proponents claim that present and future problems might be solved by drawing inspirations from the past. Social

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