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Establishment of renal failure models by laparoscopy in bama pigs which underwent partial nephrectomy and radical contralateral nephrectomy

housed individually and fed a piglet diet (Shenzhen Jinxinnong Feed, China) and given tap water ad libitum . All pigs were preoperatively assessed as healthy after a physical examination and complete blood count. Surgical procedure. The pigs were divided into three equal groups: a ⅔ group, a ¾ group, and a ⅚ group. Animals in the ⅔ group were subjected to a ⅓ left nephrectomy and a right radical nephrectomy, animals in the ¾ group had a ½ left nephrectomy and a right radical nephrectomy performed, and animals in the ⅚ group underwent a ⅔ left nephrectomy and a

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Progress in clinical research complicated infection with diabetes mellitus

-negative bacteria, such as fluoroquinolone ketones. CT is the most effective method for the early diagnosis of emphysema pyelonephritis. According to CT findings, emphysema pyelonephritis is divided into types I and II: type I is considered as the dry type characterized by renal parenchymal necrosis with mottled gas without liquid, while type II is considered as the wet type characterized by the presence of gas in the kidney or perirenal fluid accompanied by a bubble gas or in a collection system. Treatment options have some controversy. In the past, emergency nephrectomy is a

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Haemodynamics imaging of swine segmental kidney artery using duplex Doppler technique

Doppler US measurement in a healthy population. Radiology 1996, 199, 165–169. 12. Kim S.H.: The usefulness of pulsatile flow detection in measuring resistive index in renal Doppler US. Korean J Radiol 2002, 3, 45–48. 13. Kujawa-Szewieczek A., Kolonko A., Chudek J., Więcek A.: No effect of pretransplantation bilateral nephrectomy on the resistive indices measured in the kidney allograft. Transplant Proc 2014, 46, 2602–2605. 14. Lin G.J., Cher T.W.: Renal vascular resistance in normal children - a color Doppler study. Pediatric Nephrol 1997, 11, 182

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Significance of cyclooxygenase-2 in oncogenesis

–2920. 11. Carvalho S., Stoll A.L., Priestnall S.L., Suarez-Bonnet A., Rassnick K., Lynch S., Schoepper I., Romanelli G., Buracco P., Atherton M., de Merlo E.M., Lara-Garcia A..: Retrospective evaluation of COX-2 expression, histological and clinical factors as prognostic indicators in dogs with renal cell carcinomas undergoing nephrectomy. Vet Comp Oncol 2017, 15, 1280–1294. 12. Cetin M., Buyukberber S., Demir M., Sari I., Sari I., Deniz K., Eser B., Altuntaz F., Camci C., Ozturk A., Turgut B., Vural O., Unal A.: Overexpression of cyclooxygenase-2 in multiple

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