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Magneto Convection in a Layer of Nanofluid With Soret Effect

, Journal of Nanofluids, 3, 247-253. 14. Chand R., Rana G. C. (2014c),Thermal instability in a Brinkman porous medium saturated by nanofluid with no nanoparticle flux on boundaries, Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media: An International Journal, 5(4), 277-286. 15. Chand R., Rana G. C. (2015), Magneto convection in a layer of nanofluid in porous medium-A more realistic approach, Journal of Nanofluids, 4, 196-202. 16. Chand R., Rana G. C., Hussein A. K. (2015b),On the onset of thermal instability in a low Prandtl number

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Comparative Study of Wear Resistance of the Composite with Microhybrid Structure and Nanocomposite

REFERENCES 1. Canche-Escamilla G., Duarte-Aranda S., Toledano M. (2014), Synthesis and characterization of hybrid silica/PMMA nanoparticles and their use as filler in dental composites, Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications , 42, 161-167. 2. Ferracane J.L., Palin W.M. (2013), Effects of particulate filler systems on the properties and performance of dental polymer composites, in Vallittu P. editor, Non-Metallic Biomaterials for Tooth Repair and Replacement , Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge. 3. Finlay N

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sintering, Acta Materialia, 55, 753-762. 8. Hosford W.F. (2006), Material Science, Cambridge University Press. 9. Huilong Z., Averback R.S. (1996), Sintering processes of two nanoparticles: a study by molecular-dynamics simulations, Phil. Mag. Let., 73(1), 27-33. 10. Johnson D.L. (1969), New Method of Obtaining Volume, Grain Boundary, and Surface Diffusion Coefficients from Sintering Data, Journal of Applied Physics, 40, 192-200. 11. Kadau K., Entel P., Lomdahl P.S. (2002), Molecular-dynamics study of

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Electroplastic Deformation by Twinningmetals

REFERENCES 1. Gorelik V. S., Zlobina A. I. (2008), Spectra of secondary radiation of opal matrices filled with silver nanoparticles obtained by fiber-optic excitation, Inorganic material , 44, 7, 6–9. 2. Gorelik V.S. (2008), Excitation by semiconductor LEDs secondary radiation in opals with pores filled with silver nanoparticles, Inorganic material , 44, 1, 1–4. 3. Gorelik, V. S., Zlobina A. I., Chanieva R. I. (2008), Spectra of secondary radiation of opal matrices filled with silver nanoparticles obtained by fiber-optic excitation

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B. (2011), Modeling of Magnetorheological Mounts in Various Operation Modes, Acta Mechanica and Automatica, Vol. 5, No. 4, 29-39. 5. Gorodkin S., James R., Kordonski W. (2009), Magnetic properties of carbonyl iron particles in magnetorheological fluids, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 149(1), 1-4. 6. Jonsdottir F., Gudmundsson K. H., Dijkman T. B., Thorsteinsson F., Gutfleisch O. (2010), Rheology of perfluorinated polyether-based MR fluids with nanoparticles, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 21, 11

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Test Method for Rheological Behavior of Mortar for Building Work

of polymer mortars with nanoparticles, Materials science and engineering A-Structural materials properties microstructure and processing, 528(18), 6083–6085.

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Synthesis of Barium Titanate Piezoelectric Ceramics for Multilayer Actuators (MLAs)

method on the preparation of barium titanate nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification , 103, 12-20. 17. Stojanovic B.D. (1999), Advanced in Sintered Electronic Materials, Advanced Science and Technology of Sintering , Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York. 18. Vijatović M.M., Bobić J.D., Stojanović B.D. (2008), History and challenges of barium titanate: Part II, Science of Sintering , 40, 235-244. 19. Yoon D.-H., Lee B.I. (2004), Processing of barium titanate tapes with different binders for MLCC

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Mathematical Modeling of the Coupled Processes in Nanoporous Bodies

T., Samia A.C.S., Khandhar A., Krishnan K.M. (2016), Magnetic nanoparticles: material engineering and emerging applications in lithography and biomedicine, Journal of Materials Science , 51(1), 513–553. 5. Berezovski A., Engelbrecht J., Maugin G.A. (2007), Front dynamics in inhomogeneous solids. Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci. Phys. Math. , 56(2), 155–161. 6. Bhattacharya A., Calmidi V.V., Mahajan R.L. (2002), Thermo-physical properties of high porosity metal foams, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer , 45(5), 1017–1031. 7. Biot M

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Surface Layer Properties of Low-Alloy High-Speed Steel after Grinding

grinding on the sub-surface and surface of electrodeposited chromium and steel substrate, Surface and Coatings Technology , 272, 165-175. 36. Zhang D., Li C., Jia D., Zhang Y., Zhang X. (2015), Specific grinding energy and surface roughness of nanoparticle jet minimum quantity lubrication in grinding, Chinese Journal of Aeronautics , 28(2), 570-581. 37. Zhou N., Peng R.L., Pettersson R. (2016), Surface integrity of 2304 duplex stainless steel after different grinding operations, Journal of Materials Processing Technolog y, 229, 294-304.

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