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Assessment of the effect of reactive materials on the content of selected elements in Indian mustard grown in Cu-contaminated soils

and hydrogen stimulated autotrophic sulphate reduction. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. Vol. 94 p. 305–314. C alderon B., F ullana A. 2015. Heavy metal release due to aging effect during zero valent iron nanoparticles remediation. Water Research. Vol. 83 p. 1–9. C avell A.J. 1955. The colorimetric determination of phosphorous in plant materials. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Vol. 6. Iss. 8 p. 479–481. C iećko Z., W yszkowski M., K rajewski W., Z abielska J. 2001. Effect of organic matter and liming on the reduction of

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A Short Review of The Latest Developments in The Science of Thermoelectric Materials

References [1] Zhi-Gang C., Guang H., Lei Y., Lina C., Jin Z: Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials: Current Research and Future Challenge . Progress in Natural Science: Materials International 22/6. (2012) 535-549. [2] Index Mundi: Motor Gasoline Consumption by Country . 2012. [3] Guang Han, Ruizhi Zhang, Srinivas R. Popuri, Greer H. F., Reece M. J., Bos J. W. G., Wuzong Zhou, Knox A. R., Gregory D. H.: Large-Scale Surfactant-Free Synthesis of p-Type SnTe Nanoparticles for Thermoelectric

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