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A Short Review of The Latest Developments in The Science of Thermoelectric Materials


This research work is still considered as a theoretical reference material for transmitting the important role that thermoelectric materials play in evolving reality of our world. In this update, a brief reminder of the basics behind thermoelectric materials is provided, followed by some of the most recent developments, whether successful or not, in the attempt to create new more efficient materials for heat recovery within the coming years. One of the approaches deals with an innovative way to produce an already existing base material for thermoelectric application, whilst the other approaches describe new possibilities that were attempts to reach a higher dimensional figure of merit zT.

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Five-Sided Mechanism, Determination of Acceleration


The aim of this paper is the presentation of the general form of the constraint equations necessary to calculate the accelerations occuring on a five sided spatial mechanism. Using these equations the computing of the accelerations for any part of any plain or spatial mechanism will be possible.

The constraint equations of the acceleration are obtained by computing the time derivatives of the velocity equations (which in general form are given by [1] and [2]) followed by the correspondent grouping of the unknowns.

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Parametric Analysis of Electrochemical Discharge Drilling on Soda-Lime Glass Material Using Taguchi L27 Orthogonal Array Method

of material removal in electrochemical discharge machining: a theoretical model and experimental verification”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 71 (3), pp. 350 – 359, 1997 . DOI: 10.1016/S0924-0136(97)00097-6 [12] Kulkarni, A. V. “Electrochemical spark micromachining process”, In: Micromachining Techniques for Fabrication of Micro and Nano Structures, InTechOpen Publishing, pp. 235 – 252, 2012 . DOI: 10.5772/31039 [13] Kulkarni A.V. “Electrochemical Discharge Machining Process”, Defence Science Journal 57 (5), pp. 765 – 770, 2007

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