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Religion and Science: What Can Anthropology Offer?

. (2002): Ernest Gellner and Modernity. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. LÉVY-BRUHL, L. (1966): The „Soul“ of the Primitive. London: Allen and Unwin.

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Back to Local Food in Urban Environment

existujúceho socializmu. In. Etnologické rozpravy. Bratislava: Ústav etnológie SAV, pp.81-91. GIDDENS, A. (2000): Sociologie. Praha: Argo. GIDDENS, A. (2010): Důsledky modernity. Praha: Slon. MARCUSE, H. (1991): Jednorozměrný člověk. Studie o ideologii rozvinuté industiální společnosti. Praha: Naše vojsko NESTLÉ, M. (2007): Food politics. University of California Press. RITZER, G. (1996): Mcdonalizace společnosti. Praha: Pine Forge Press and Sage publications. ROBERTSON, R. (1994): Globalization

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Understanding the Post-Socialist Experience Across Generations

). Liquid Modernity. Cambridge: Polity Press. BERGER, Peter, L. - LUCKMANN, Thomas (1966). The Social Construction of Reality. New York: Anchor Books. BIRTH, Kevin (2006). ‘The Immanent Past: Culture and Psyche at the Juncture of Memory and ‘History‘, Ethos 34 (2): 169-191. BOURDIEU, Pierre (2005). „Outline of the Theory of Practice: Structures and the Habitus“, In. Spiegel, Gabrielle M., ed.: Practicing History: New Directions in Historical Writing after the Linguistic Turn. New York: Routledge, pp. 179

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Practices and Changes in Public Nutrition in Slovakia During the Period of Construction of Socialism

Acceptation of the Economic Reform]. In. Sociológia, 25, No. 4-5, pp. 403-406. SLATER, D. (1997): Consumer Culture and Modernity. London. ŠEBO, J. (2010): Reálne 80. roky. [The Real 1980s]. Bratislava. ZAJONC, J.(2006): Pri stole pracujúcich alebo tekvica ako ananás. [At the Workers´ Table, or Pumpkin Just as Pineapple]. In. Etnologické rozpravy, No. 2, pp. 188-204.

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Negotiation of Legitimacy of Witch-Finders in Lusaka

Bibliography CHABAL, P. (2009): Africa. The Politics of Suffering and Smiling . South Africa: University of KwaZulu Natal Press. COMAROFF J. – COMAROFF J. (1993): Introduction. In: Comaroff, J. – Comaroff, J. (eds.) Modernity and Its Malcontents. Ritual and Power in the Postcolonial Africa . Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1 ̵ 25. DILLON-MALONE, C. (1988): “Mutumwa Nchimi Healers and Wizardry Beliefs in Zambia”. Social Science and Medicine 26, No 11, 1159 ̵ 1172. FERGUSON, J. (1999): Global Disconnect. Abjection and the

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African Independent Churches in Zambia (Lusaka)

References ANDERSON, A. (1993): Prophetic healing and the growth of the Zion Christian Church in South Africa. In. (retrieved April 20th, 2009) ANDERSON, A. (1995): Challenges and Prospects for Research into African Initiated Churches in Southern Africa. Missionalia 23 (3), pp. 283-294. AUSLANDER, M. (1993): ‘Open the Wombs!’ The Symbolic Politics of Modern Ngoni Witch-finding. In. J. Comaroff, J. Comaroff (eds): Modernity and

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