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‘Consolidation’ and ‘Securitisation’ of the Russian State. Implications for Power Projection

. Neoliberalism, social modernity, biopolitics. Woodstock: Princeton University Press. Gel’man, Vladimir. 2012. ‘Subversive Institutions, Informal Governance, and Contemporary Russian Politics’. In Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Vol. 45, pp. 295-303. Gel’man V.Ya. i Starodubtsev A.V. 2014. Vozmozhnosti i ogranicheniya avtoritarnoy modernizatsii: rossiyskiye reformy 2000-kh godov: Preprint M-37/14. - SPb.: Izdatel'stvo Evropeyskogo universitetą v Sankt-Peterburge. Goncharov, Dmitry and Shirikov, Anton. 2013. ‘Public

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Dancing and Calculating: Culturally sustainable development and globalization in light of two paradigms of socio-cultural evolution

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From Inconsistencies to Contingencies -Understanding Policy Complexity of Novi Sad 2021 European Capital of Culture

& Society , 16(2): 163-174. Chouliaraki, L. and Fairclough, N., 1999. Discourse in Late Modernity: Rethinking Critical Discourse Analysis . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. CoE, 2008. White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue . Strasbourg: Council of Europe. Craik, J., McAllister, L., and Davis, G., 2003. Paradoxes and contradictions in government approaches to contemporary cultural policy: an Australian perspective. International Journal of Cultural Policy , 9(1): 17-33. Davies, W., 2016. The age of post-truth politics. The New York Times

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