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Orange or Pink? Colours, Houses and Modernity in Rural Romania

Practice. Annals of tourism research , 35(2): 316-337. Castells, M. (2010 [1996]). The Rise of the Network Society . West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell. Cohen, E. (1984). The Sociology of Tourism: Approaches, Issues, and Findings. Annual review of sociology, 10: 373-392. Giddens, A. (2000 [1990]). Consecinţele modernităţii [The Consequences of Modernity]. Bucharest. Univers. Mihăilescu, V. (2011). Zoom urban. Dilema veche [Urban Zoom, in the weekly entitled ‘ The Old Dilemma ’], 368. Mihăilescu, V. (2005). Între stil şi brand. Turismul

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Ueno Park during Meiji Times – a Mirror of its Time: Discursive Space and Symbolic Representation of Modernity

Fukaya, Katsumi 深谷克己. “ Edojidai gohan no bunka ” 江戸時代後半の文化 [Culture during the second half of the Edo period], nd. Waseda University Web site. , accessed June 2006 Giddens, Anthony. The Consequences of Modernity . Cambridge: Polity Press, 1990 Hall, John Whitney. Das Japanische Kaiserreich . Frankfurt a. Main: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1994 Hashizume, Shin’ya 橋爪紳也. Nihon no hakurankai . Terashita Tsuyoshi korrekushon 日本の博 覧会。寺下勍 コッレクション[Japanese industrial fairs. The Terashita Tsuyoshi collection

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The Arabic Language: A Latin of Modernity?

modernity” (or of how the political, social, cultural, technological, or economic relations were organized in the west, ensuring its domination over the rest of the world [cf Malik 2017 : 56; Mommsen 1987 : 38]). It required quite a leap of faith to propose that Arabic could be French’s match. But such faith was not in short supply, as proposers of the idea also saw Arabic as the language of god, thus the world’s first-ever language conferred on humanity directly from the heavens. From this perspective, French had to be inferior to the holy language of the Quran

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Tradition and Modernity in the Romanian Rural Space. Case Study: the Arges Sub-Carpathian Foothills

-265. Cocean, P., 2002. Geografie regional. Cluj Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană. Conea, I.,1931. ‘Aşezările omeneşti in depresiunea subcarpatică din Oltenia’, BSRRG, Vol. L. Courville, S ., 1993. ‘Tradition et modernite: leurs significations spatiales’ (Tradition and modernity: their spatial significance’), Recherches sociographiques, Vol. 34, no.2,: 211-231 (2 p.). Cucu, V., 2009. Satul Romanesc. Tradiţie, contemporaneitate si speranţe de viitor. Bucuresti: Editura Transversal. Dejeant-Pons, M., 2007. Ghid

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Patterns of Modernity: Christianity, Occidentalism and Islam

: Columbia University Press, 2010. Sadiki, L. The Search for Arab Democracy: Discourses and Counter-discourses . London: C. Hurst & Co. Publishers, 2004. Lash, S., M. Featherstone, and R. Robertson, eds. Global Modernities . London: Sage, 1995. Millán-Puelles, A. El valor de la libertad . Madrid: Rialp, 1995.

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Multiple Modernities in Bulgaria: Social Strategies of Capitalist Entrepreneurs in the Agrarian Sector

. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Bourdieu, P. and Wacquant, L. 1992 Réponses pour une anthropologie reflexive. Paris: Editions du Seuil. Eberhardt, P. 1993 Depopulation Processes in Rural Areas of East-Central Europe. Eastern European Countryside. No 0: 31-40. Eisenstadt, S. A. (Ed.) 2002 Multiple Modernities. New Brunswick und London: Transaction Publishers. Giordano, Ch. and Kostova, D. 2002 Die soziale Produktion von Misstrauen. In Hann, Ch. (Ed.), Postsozialismus

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Picturing two modernities
Ecological modernisation and the media imagery of climate change

). Ideological cultures and media discourses of scientific knowledge: Re-reading news of climate change. Public Understanding of Science, 16(2): 223-243. Christoff, P. (1996). Ecological modernisation, ecological modernities. Environmental Politics, 5(3): 476-500. Cordney, T. (2013). Going global on our digital journey. The Guardian, 24 May 2013 [online]. Retrieved from <>. [accessed 2018, August 8]. Davidsen, C. & Graham, D. (2014). Newspaper

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An Essay on the Social Costs and Benefits of Technology Evolution

References Amar, Georges. Homo Mobilis. The new era of mobility. Buenos Aires: La Crujia, 2011. Bauman, Zygmunt. Liquid Fears contemporary society and its liquid fears . Buenos Aires: Paidos Editorial, 2008. Barney, Darin. One Nation Under Google , Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 2007. Beck, Ulrich. Risk Society, towards a new modernity. Buenos Aires: Paidos, 2006. Benko, Steven. “Ethics, Technology, and post human communities.” Essays in Philosophy 6.1 (2005): 1

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Wider die „Culturbrille“ – Versuch, Hartmut Böhmes „Perspektiven der Kulturwissenschaft“ auszuweiten

as a Paradigm for Anthropology. In: Ethos 18/1, S. 5-47. Dießelmann, Anna-Lena (2014): Menschen und Tiere – Vom Verschwimmen einer ehemals stabilen Opposition In: Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften [Themenheft] Vorstellungskraft. Hrsg. von Siegfried Mattl und Christian Schulte 2 (2014), S. 45-70. Eisenstadt, S. N. (2000): Multiple Modernities. In: Daedalus 129/1, S. 1-29. Fabian, Johannes (2001): Im Tropenfieber. Wissenschaft und Wahn in der Erforschung Zentralafrikas. München: Beck. Fabian, Johannes (1983): Time and the Other. How

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The Quest for the Spiritual Self: Anti-Capitalist and Neo-Liberal Forms of Spirituality in Contemporary Romania

(3):851-867. Giddens, A. (1991). The Consequences of Modernity . Stanford: Stanford University Press, pp. 1-53. Gilsenan, M. (2000). Signs of Truth: Enchantment, Modernity and the Dreams of Peasent Women. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute , 6(4):597-615. Gog, S. (2007). Raționalizarea sferelor de valori și problema dezvrăjirii lumii la Max Weber. [The Rationalization of Value Spheres and The Disenchantment of the World in Max Weber’s Work]. ORMA. Revistă de studii etnologice și istorice-religioase [ ORMA. Magazine for Ethnological, historical and

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