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Modernism and nihilism of the Constitution for the Earth

. (2016): Environmentální devastace a sociální destrukce [ Environmental devastation and social destruction ]. Prague: Filosofia. ŠÍP, R. (2014a): Jak oživit “zamrzlou” evoluční ontologii [How to revive “frozen” evolutionary ontology]. In: Filosofický časopis , 62(3), pp. 431–442. ŠÍP, R. (2014b): Proč raná moderna [Why early modernity]. In: Filosofický časopis, 62(6), pp. 939–945. ŠMAJS, J. (2008): Filosofie – obrat k Zemi. Evolučně ontologická reflexe přírody, kultury, techniky a lidského poznání [ Philosophy – turning to Earth: The

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Egalitarian sexism: Kant’s defense of monogamy and its implications for the future evolution of marriage II

References CASH, M. (2002): Distancing Kantian Ethics and Politics from Kant’s Views on Women. In: Minerva , 6, pp. 103–150. DENIS, L. (2001): From Friendship to Marriage: Revising Kant. In: Philosophy and Phenomenological Research , 63(1), pp. 1–28. ELAM, D. (2010): Women on the Edge of Modernity. In: Women: A Cultural Review , 11(1/2), pp. 118–130. GANGAVANE, D. (2004): Kant on Femininity. In: Indian Philosophical Quarterly , 31, pp. 359–376. KANT, I. (1997): Lectures on Ethics , trans. by Peter Heath. Cambridge: Cambridge

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Ethico-political engagement and the self-constituting subject in Foucault

. 157‒163. FRASER, N. (1989): Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory. Cambridge: Polity Press. HABERMAS, J. (1987): The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity. Cambridge: Polity. HABERMAS, J. (1996): Taking Aim at the Heart of the Present. In: D. C. Hoy (ed.): Foucault. A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 103‒108. HACKING, I. (1986): Self-Improvement. In: D. C. Hoy (ed.): Foucault. A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 235‒240. HACKING, I. (1986

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Patočka, Charter 77, the state and morality: “May it all be for the benefit of the community!”

and historicity]. In J. Patočka: Věčnost a dějinnost: Rádlův poměr k pojetím člověka v minulosti a současnosti [Eternity and History: Rádl’s Ratio to the Concepts of Man in the Past and Present]. Prague: Oikoymenh, pp. 19-123. PATOČKA, J. (2015/1977): On Masaryk’s Philosophy of Religion. In: L. Hagedorn & J. Dodd (eds.): The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy, vol. 14. Religion, War and the Crisis of Modernity. A Special Issue Dedicated to the Philosophy of Jan Patočka, pp. 95-135. PATOČKA, J. (2016a

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Towards critical aspects of Confucianism

(1), pp. 41–44. ROETZ, H. (2008b): Confucianism between Tradition and Modernity, Religion, and Secularization: Questions to Tu Weiming. In: Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy , 7(4), pp. 367–380. ROETZ, H. (2011): Die Chinawissenschaften und die chinesischen Dissidenten. Wer betreibt die „Komplizenschaft mit der Macht“? In: Bochumer Jahrbuch zur Ostasienforschung, 35, pp. 47–79. ROETZ, H. (2012): The Axial Age Theory: A Challenge to Historism or an Explanatory Device of Civilization Analysis? With a Look at the Normative Discourse in Axial Age

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