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Sport and Tourism Between Modernity and Postmodernity

References 1. Giulianotti R. (2005). Sport: A critical sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press. 2. Isidori E. (2010). Pedagogy of sport in postmodern culture: perspectives for social inclusion. In A. Cunti (ed.), Revenge of the State: physical activity and sports in the Education Act (pp. 122-135). Milan: Franco Angeli. [in Italian] 3. Giddens A. (2002). Modernity and self-identity: Self and society in the Late Modern Age. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. [in Polish] 4. Bauman Z. (2000a). Post-modernity

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An Analysis Of “The Gymnastics Battle At Stockholm Elementary Schools”

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Traditional games and fun of the Roma community inhabiting eastern Poland. An anthropologicalethnomethodological perspective

Studies 1-2, 43-62. [in Polish] 11.Kwadrans Ł. (2002). Nation - nationality - ethnic group? An attempt at creating a sociological portrait of the Polish Roma. MA thesis, Uniwersytet Opolski, Opole. [in Polish] 12.Zołędziowski C. (1995). National minorities in Poland. In M. Księżopolski (Ed.), Poland 1995. The Report on social devel­opment (pp. 18-29). Warszawa: Program Narodów Zjedno­czonych ds. Rozwoju. [in Polish] 13.Kowarska A.J. (2005). The Polish Roma. Tradition and moder­nity. Warszawa: DiG. [in Polish

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Population Policy Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Interplay of Global and Local Forces

: Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, National Planning Directorate. Greenhalgh, Susan. 2003. “Science, Modernity, and the Making of China’s One-Child Policy.” Population and Development Review 29(2):163-96. -. 2008. Just One Child. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Hafner-Burton, Emilie M., and Kiyoteru Tsutsui. 2005. “Human Rights in a Globalizing World: The Paradox of Empty Promises.” American Journal of Sociology 110(5):1373-411. Hartmann, Betsy. 1995. Reproductive Rights and

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Ageing and health in the Arab region: Challenges, opportunities and the way forward

. . Accessed 5 September 2017. Sibai, A.M. and Yamout, R. (2012). Family-based old-age care in Arab countries: Between tradition and modernity. In H. Groth and A. Sousa-Poza (Eds.) Population Dynamics in Muslim Countries: Assembling the Jigsaw, pp. 63-78. WDA Forum and Springer Press. Sibai, A.M., Tohme, R., Yount, K.M., Yamout, R., Kronfol, N. (2012). The older Arab – From veneration to vulnerability? In S. Jabbour, R. Giacaman

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