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Expert Technology for Risk Management in the Implementation of QRM in a High-Tech Industrial Enterprise

. “Two ways to support reflexivity: Teaching managers to fulfil an undefined role”. Teaching Public Administration , 2013, vol.31, no 1, pp. 108-123. [5] M. S. Archer. Making our way through the world: Human reflexivity and social mobility . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. [6] M. S. Archer. The reflexive imperative in late modernity . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2012. [7] J. K. Barge. “ Reflexivity and managerial practice ”. Communication Monographs, 2004, vol. 71, no 1, pp. 70-96. [8] R. J. Cotter. “Reflexive spaces

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Evaluation of the Level of Work Safety, Advancement and Efficiency of the Use of Machines and Devices on Labelling and Packaging Line and an Attempt to Compare the Results Using the Modified Mckinsey Matrix

Globalization and Its Socio-Economic Consequences, University of Zilina, Zilina, 425-432. Ingaldi, M., Dziuba, Sz. T., 2015. Modernity Evaluation of the Machines Used During Production Process of Metal Products , 24 th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Tanger, Ostrava, 1908-1914. Knop, K., 2018. The Impact of Performance Improvement Achieved by the Closing Machine up to the Level of World-Class OEE on the Results of the Production Process , Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 5, 117-122. Knop, K., Borkowski, S., 2009. Quality

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Improvement of the Ergonomic Quality of the Work Process


The improvement of production processes is currently one of the key elements of the company's competitiveness. In the pursuit of profit, the rationality of streamlined processes is not always taken into account, i.e. that both process needs and these of employees should be considered. Caring of the comfort of work, of adjusting the workplace to the employee is the main goal of ergonomic activity. On the level of implementation of ergonomic demands depends not only the quality and modernity of the products, but also the ergonomics of the workstation and the production process, forming the basis for better quality and more efficient work. The Improvement of the quality of the ergonomic workplace is possible on the basis of a properly conducted assessment, using a variety of tools. This article presents the evaluation and ergonomic analysis of the work process at four production workplaces, and then indicates the directions of changes. The analysis included elements of physical effort: energy expenditure, static load and traffic monotype. Traditional tools were used, such as OWAS, REBA, and also the use of quality assessment tools (Ishikawa diagram, Pareto-Lorenzo diagram) was proposed in order to suggest solutions to improve the ergonomic quality of the workstations under analysis.

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Innovation Management in Good Practice Context

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The Evaluation of Efficiency of the Use of Machine Working Time in the Industrial Company – Case Study

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One-page strategic plan: the case of Aarong company from Bangladesh

domination in marketing – basic concepts and consequences in management]. Marketing i Rynek , 11 , 11-16. Siemieniako, D. (2010). Lojalność klientów – historia czy współczesność marketingu [Customer loyalty – history or modernity of marketing]? Marketing i Rynek , 5 , 15-21. Siemieniako, D. (2011). Lojalność relacyjna a zobowiązanie w złożonych związkach usługowych [Relational loyalty and commitment in complex service relationships]. Marketing i Rynek , 8 , 10-15. Siemieniako, D., & Gębarowski, M. (2016). B2B Relationship marketing management in

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