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Towards Entrepreneurship: Reflections Between Theory and Practice

. Drucker, P.F. (2004). Fungující společnost. Praha: Management Press Fayolle, A.& Gailly, B..& Lassas-Clerc,N. (2006). Effect and Counter-effect of Entrepreneurship Education and Social Contect on Student´s Intensions. E Studios de Econimia Aplicada 24, (2), 509-523. Giddens, A. (2003). Důsledky modernity. Praha: SLON. Gibb, A. A.(2002) In pursuit of a new ‘enterprise’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ paradigm for learning: creative destruction, new values, new ways of doing things and new combinations of knowledg., International Journal of

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On certain limitations of the globalization discourse in Poland: a cultural studies perspective

New World Disorder, New Left Review, no 193, pp. 3-13. Appadurai, A., 2003. Sovereignty without Territoriality: Notes for a Postnational Geography, [in:] Low, S.M. and Lawrence-Zuniga, D. (eds), The Anthropology of Space and Place, Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 337-350. Appadurai, A., 1996. Modernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Ardrey, R., 1966. The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations, New York: Atheneum

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Time to act: discourse on time in crowdfunding for social entrepreneurship project

References Adger, W.N. (2000). Social and ecological resilience: are they related? Progress in Human Geography , 24 (3), 347–364. Alderete, M.V. (2017). The age of prosumerism: some micro-economic analysis. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 12(3), 1-12. Barr, S., & Devine-Wright, P. (2012). Resilient communities: sustainabilities in transition. Local Environment , 17(5), 525-532. Beck, U. (1992). Risk society. Towards a new modernity . London, UK: Sage Publications. Burtch, G., Ghose, A., & Wattal

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Conceptual framework for rural business models

Management Systems ©SRAC ), 17(153), 108-110. Ray, C. (1999). Endogenous development in the era of reflexive modernity. Journal of Rural Studies , 15(3), 257-267. Răzvanță, F. (2017). Enacting entrepreneurship as social value creation. PhD Thesis , Department of Business Administration, Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Shaw, E., & Carter, S. (2007). Social entrepreneurship: Theoretical antecedents and empirical analysis of entrepreneurial processes and outcomes. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 14(3), 418

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Evaluation of the Level of Work Safety, Advancement and Efficiency of the Use of Machines and Devices on Labelling and Packaging Line and an Attempt to Compare the Results Using the Modified Mckinsey Matrix

Globalization and Its Socio-Economic Consequences, University of Zilina, Zilina, 425-432. Ingaldi, M., Dziuba, Sz. T., 2015. Modernity Evaluation of the Machines Used During Production Process of Metal Products , 24 th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Tanger, Ostrava, 1908-1914. Knop, K., 2018. The Impact of Performance Improvement Achieved by the Closing Machine up to the Level of World-Class OEE on the Results of the Production Process , Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 5, 117-122. Knop, K., Borkowski, S., 2009. Quality

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Do Balkan Countries Have a European Future? An Analysis of Real Economic Convergence, 1989-2005

, D. 1992. A sensitivity analysis of cross-country growth regressions, American Economic Review , 82, 942-963. Lucas, R. E. 1988. On the mechanics of economic development, Journal of Monetary Economics , 22(1): 3-42. Maddison, A. 2001. The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective, Paris: OECD. Maddison, A. 2005. Growth and Interaction in the World Economy: The Roots of Modernity, Washington, D.C: The AEI Press. Mankiw, G., Romer, D. and Weil, D. 1992. A

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The Cultural Entrepreneur: Constitution, Organization and Ways of Operating

Review. London: Creative, Culture and Education. O’Brien, D. (2014). Cultural Policy. Management, Value and Modernity in the Creative Industries. New York: Routledge. Rubio Elosúa, E. (2000). De promotores, instituciones y políticas culturales. In Moyssén, X. (Ed.) Artes Plásticas de Nuevo León. 100 años de historia, siglo XX. Monterrey: Museo de Monterrey. 155-196. Stallabras, J. (2004). Art Incorporated. The Story of Contemporary Art. New York: Oxford University Press. Throsby, D. (2004). Economics and

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Marketing communication analysis of benetton PR campaigns

and the Rise of Relational Capital, Strategy and Leadership, Retrieved in January 2018 from: Jobber, D., Fahy, J. (2009) Foundations of Marketing, Third Edition, MCGraw-Hill. Kellner, D. (1989) Critical theory, Marxism and modernity, Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press. Kotler, Ph. (2005) Principles of Marketing, Financial Times Prentice Hall Murray, R. (2011) "Benetton yanks smooching Pope ad from Unhate campaign after Vatican threatened

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Usage of ICT in EU Culture Sector as a Tool of Cultural Participation

:// >. Consulted: 16.5.2017 Wiesand, A. J. (2002). Comparative Cultural Policy Research in Europe: A Change of Paradigm. Canadian Journal of Communication , vol. 27, pp. 369-378. Willis, P. (2003). Foot Soldiers of Modernity: The Dialectics of Cultural Consumption and the 21st-Century School, Harvard Educational Review. vol. 73, no.:3, pp. 390-415.

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Spa and Wellness Tourism in Poland - A New Geographical Analysis

, modernity and innovation in spa treatment of our time). In J. Golba & K. Rymarczyk-Wajda (eds.), Innowacyjne kierunki rozwoju turystyki uzdrowiskowej i lecznictwa uzdrowiskowego (Innovative trends in the development of spa tourism and spa treatment) (pp. 15–22). Krynica-Zdrój, Poland: Stowarzyszenie Gmin Uzdrowiskowych RP. Rapacz, A., & Jaremen, D. (2013). Znaczenie usług spa & wellnes w budowaniu przewagi konkurencyjnej przedsiębiorstw hotelarskich – case study hoteli uzdrowiskowych w Świeradowie-Zdroju (The importance of spa & wellness services in building a

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