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Towards Entrepreneurship: Reflections Between Theory and Practice

. Drucker, P.F. (2004). Fungující společnost. Praha: Management Press Fayolle, A.& Gailly, B..& Lassas-Clerc,N. (2006). Effect and Counter-effect of Entrepreneurship Education and Social Contect on Student´s Intensions. E Studios de Econimia Aplicada 24, (2), 509-523. Giddens, A. (2003). Důsledky modernity. Praha: SLON. Gibb, A. A.(2002) In pursuit of a new ‘enterprise’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ paradigm for learning: creative destruction, new values, new ways of doing things and new combinations of knowledg., International Journal of

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The Interplay of Religious Symbols and Cultural Values Theory in Advertising

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The Unemployment of Highly Educated People in Romania. A Panel VAR Approach

-205. 22. Goody, I., & Watt, A., (1968), The Consequences of Literacy, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. 23. Groot, W., & Van Den Brink, H.M., (2000), Overeducation in the labor market: a meta-analysis, Economics of education review, 19(2), pp. 149-158. 24. Inkeles, A., & Holsinger, D.B., (1974), Education and Individual Modernity in Developing Countries, Leiden, Brill. 25. Jaba, E., Bălan, C., Roman, M., & Roman, M., (2010), Statistical evaluation of spatial concentration of unemployment by gender, MPRA, 25161, pp. 1-17. 26. Krueger, A

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The Cultural Entrepreneur: Constitution, Organization and Ways of Operating

Review. London: Creative, Culture and Education. O’Brien, D. (2014). Cultural Policy. Management, Value and Modernity in the Creative Industries. New York: Routledge. Rubio Elosúa, E. (2000). De promotores, instituciones y políticas culturales. In Moyssén, X. (Ed.) Artes Plásticas de Nuevo León. 100 años de historia, siglo XX. Monterrey: Museo de Monterrey. 155-196. Stallabras, J. (2004). Art Incorporated. The Story of Contemporary Art. New York: Oxford University Press. Throsby, D. (2004). Economics and

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Is Russia Rationally Developing its Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises? An Analysis of Regional Production Functions

-104. Balistreri, E.J., Mcdaniel, C.A. and Wong, E.V. (2003). An estimation of US industry-level capital- labor substitution elasticities: support for Cobb-Douglas. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance; 14 (3): 343-356. Baranov, S.V. (2014). Economic models of production functions: history and modernity. Economic Sciences; 10: 53-57. Baumol, W.J. (2004). Entrepreneurial enterprises, large established firms and other components of the free-market growth machine. Small Business Economics; 23: 9-21. Belych, T.I. and

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Usage of ICT in EU Culture Sector as a Tool of Cultural Participation

:// >. Consulted: 16.5.2017 Wiesand, A. J. (2002). Comparative Cultural Policy Research in Europe: A Change of Paradigm. Canadian Journal of Communication , vol. 27, pp. 369-378. Willis, P. (2003). Foot Soldiers of Modernity: The Dialectics of Cultural Consumption and the 21st-Century School, Harvard Educational Review. vol. 73, no.:3, pp. 390-415.

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Self-Organisation Perspective to Responsible Innovation in Industry

.1108/13581981211218289. 3. Beck, U. (1992). Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity. - Sage. 4. Berkhout, F. (2014). Sustainable Innovation Management. Innovation and Sustainability // In The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management, ed. M. Dodgson, D. M. Gann, N. Phillips. - Oxford: University Press, p. 290–315. 5. Biggiero, L. (2001). Self-organizing Processes in Building Entrepreneurial Networks: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation // Human Systems Management, Vol. 20, No. 3, p. 209–222. 6. Blok, V., Hoffmans, L., Wubben, E. F. M. (2015). Stakeholder Engagement

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