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Migration, Cultural Identity and Diasporas An Identity Economics Approach

modernity. In: Taylor, Charles, Dilemmas and Connections. Selected Essays. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, pp. 81-104. Taylor Charles 2011 Nationalism and modernity. In Taylor, Charles, Dilemmas and Connections. Selected Essays Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England Belknap Press of Harvard University Press pp 81 – 104 Tomasi, John (1995). Kymlicka, liberalism, and respect for cultural minorities. Ethics 105(3): 580-603. 10.1086/293728 Tomasi John 1995 Kymlicka, liberalism, and respect

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Is Russia Rationally Developing its Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises? An Analysis of Regional Production Functions

-104. Balistreri, E.J., Mcdaniel, C.A. and Wong, E.V. (2003). An estimation of US industry-level capital- labor substitution elasticities: support for Cobb-Douglas. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance; 14 (3): 343-356. Baranov, S.V. (2014). Economic models of production functions: history and modernity. Economic Sciences; 10: 53-57. Baumol, W.J. (2004). Entrepreneurial enterprises, large established firms and other components of the free-market growth machine. Small Business Economics; 23: 9-21. Belych, T.I. and

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Evaluating the Variations in Employment Relations Across Developing! Economies: A Degrees of Informalisation Approach

grabbing hand: the determinants of unofficial activity in 69 countries”, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 76 No. 3, pp. 459-93. Gallin, D. (2001), “Propositions on trade unions and informal employment in time of globalisation”, Antipode, Vol. 19 No. 4, pp. 531-49. Geertz, C. (1963), Old Societies and New States: the quest for modernity in Asia and Africa, Free Press, Glencoe, IL. Hall, P. and Soskice, D. (2001) (eds.), Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage, Oxford University Press

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Policies for Happiness in the Global Village

/ 14-item Yesterday’s Affect Balance , viewed on 2013-10-02 at: Veenhoven, R., Berg, M. (2013). Has modernisation gone too far? Modernity and happiness in 141 contemporary nations. International Journal of Happiness and Development , Volume 1, Number 2/2013: 172-195. Wang, Yi (2007). Globalization Enhances Cultural Identity. Intercultural Communication Studies , XVI / 1: 83-86. Uchida, Y., Ogihara, Y. (2012). Personal or interpersonal construal of happiness: A cultural psychological perspective

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Means Against the Rule of Nobody

Translation for the 21 Century . (B. Ramsey, Ed., E. H. O.P, Trans.). Hyde Park, N.Y: New City Press. Bauman, Z. (2009). Postmoderna etika . (D. Jagič, Trans.). Zagreb: AGM. Bauman, Z. (2013). Modernity and the Holocaust . Malden: John Wiley & Sons. Beck, U. (1992). Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity . London; Newbury Park, Calif: SAGE Publications Ltd. Cooper, D., Grey, S., Raymond, G., & Walker, P. (2004). Project Risk Management Guidelines: Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex Procurements . West Sussex, England; Hoboken, NJ: Wiley

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