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Nostalgia, Commodification of Emotions and Small-town Tourism: The Case of Vintage Vila

LITERATURE ASHWORTH, GREGORY AND PAGE, STEPHEN J. (2011), “Urban tourism research: Recent progress and current paradoxes”. Tourism Management (32): 1–15 BARTOLETTI, ROBERTA (2010), “Memory Tourism and the Commodification of Nostalgia”. In: Peter Burns, Cathy Palmer, and Jo-Anne Lester (eds.), Tourism and Visual Culture (23-42, Vol. 1). Wallingford: CABI BONNETT, ALASTAIR (2016), The Geographies of Nostalgia: Global and Local Perspectives on Modernity and Loss . London and New York: Routledge BOYM, SVETLANA (2007), “Nostalgia and Its

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Social Tourism as a Social and Economic Category – Some Elements of Development

-17 NADEL, M., SCHER, S. (2009), “Summer Camps”. U: Gitterman, A., Salmon, R., Encyclopedia of Social Work With Groups , str. 25-30. New York: Routledge NILSSON, P. (2002), “Staying on Farms: An Ideological Background”. Annals of Tourism Research , 29 (1), str. 7-24 OITS (2010), “The International Organisation of Social Tourism”. Preuzeto 12. 11. 2010. iz The International Organisation of Social Tourism: PARTON, N. (1994), “Problematic of Government. (Post) Modernity and Social Work”. British Journal of Social

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Socio-Economic Implications of Female Inclusion in Organizational Structures and in Leadership Positions

-congenial environments: Perceptions of gender role congruity in leadership, Sex roles, Vol. 55, No. 1–2, pp. 51–61. Giddens, A. (1984), The constitution of society: Outline of the theory of structuration. University of California Press. Giddens, A. (1991), Modernity and self-identity: Self and society in the late modern age , Stanford University Press. Giddens, A., Duneier, M., Appelbaum, R. P., et al. (2000), Introduction to sociology , New York, WW Norton. Giddens, A. (2002). Runaway world: How globalization is reshaping our lives , Profile Books

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What can institutional analysis say about capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe? Results and limitations

social contracts, etc). The idea that the multiple routes of modernity are connected to historical regions of Europe still lives on [cf. Delanty 2012 ]. The concept of “in-betweenness” is very instructive if we examine the model of capitalism in CEE, because this warns of the risk of path dependency. The pattern of FDI-based modernization and asymmetric interdependency fit the traditional relation between Western and CEE countries. The historical legacy of the region does not support the change of this model to knowledge-based economy with more symmetrical

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Policies for Happiness in the Global Village

/ 14-item Yesterday’s Affect Balance , viewed on 2013-10-02 at: Veenhoven, R., Berg, M. (2013). Has modernisation gone too far? Modernity and happiness in 141 contemporary nations. International Journal of Happiness and Development , Volume 1, Number 2/2013: 172-195. Wang, Yi (2007). Globalization Enhances Cultural Identity. Intercultural Communication Studies , XVI / 1: 83-86. Uchida, Y., Ogihara, Y. (2012). Personal or interpersonal construal of happiness: A cultural psychological perspective

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End users’ motivations as a key for the adoption of the home energy management system

), Big data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think An Hachette UK Company Mayer-Schonberger V. Cukier K. 2013 Big data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think An Hachette UK Company Rosa, H. (2015), High-speed society. social acceleration, Power, and Modernity Rosa H. 2015 High-speed society social acceleration, Power, and Modernity Michałowski B. (2018), IoT i AI w Polsce, retrieved from Instytut Sobieskiego [May 2018], (in Polish) Michałowski

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Improving energy efficiency and building a low-emission economy based on example of Lesser Poland Voivodeship

Spatial Development Concept 2030 [ Ministry of Regional Development, 2012 ]; – Poland 2030 “Long-term National Development Strategy 2030”. Third Wave of Modernity (LTNDS); – Strategy for Responsible Development [ Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, 2017 ]. All mentioned documents indicate the requirement to create economic growth scenarios using the sustainable development concept. Accordingly, it is possible to use the entire potential of each area. On the other hand, on analyzing the practice of regional development, the aim of increasing each region

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The Need to Support Regional Entrepreneurship. The Evidence from Poland's Eastern Border Regions and the Region of Łódź

Enterprise Development] (2013), Raport o stanie sektora małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw w Polsce w latach 2011–2012 [Report on the state of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland in the years 2011–2012] , Warsaw. Raport. Polskie MSP na drodze ku nowoczesności [Report. Polish SMEs on the road to modernity], Lewiatan 2013. Saar MA (2011), Jak samorządy lokalne mogą wspierać rozwój przedsiębiorczości [How local governments can support the development of entrepreneurship], CeDeWu, Warsaw. Sokołowicz M., E. (2008) Region wobec procesów globalizacji

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