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Planning for resilience in the case of power shortage: The Swedish STYREL policy

REFERENCES Bach, C., Bouchon, S., Fekete, A., Birkmann, J., & Serre, D. (2013). Adding value to critical infrastructure research and disaster risk management: the resilience concept. SAPI EN. S. Surveys and Perspectives Integrating Environment and Society, (6.1). Boin, Arjen, Louise K. Comfort, and Chris C. Demchak. “The rise of resilience.” Designing resilience: Preparing for extreme events (2010): 1-12. Boin, A., & McConnell, A. (2007). Preparing for critical infrastructure breakdowns: the limits of crisis management and the need for

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Consequences of Fiscal Adjustment and Public Finance Management. The Costs of Limiting the Fiscal Imbalance in Eurozone Countries

REFERENCES Greene, W. H., Econometric Analysis (seventh ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, New York University 2012. Alesina A., Perotti R., Tavares J., The Political Economy of Fiscal Adjustments, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1:1998. Cangiano M., Lazare M.; Curristine T., Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture, IMF, Washington 2013. Dell’Erba, Mattina, Roitman., Pressure or Prudence? Tales of Market Pressure and Fiscal Adjustment, IMF Working Paper WP/13/170, Washington 2013. Eisenkopf G

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Shortfall of Strategic Governance and Strategic Management in the Czech Republic

., Hajnal, G. & Tõnnisson, K. (2009). Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava: NISPAcee Press. Colebatch, H. K., Hoppe, R., & Noordegraaf, M. (Eds.) (2010). Working for Policy. Amsterdam: University Press. Coombes, D. &Verheijen, T. (1997). Reforma verejnej správy: Porovnanie skúseností východu a západu [Public administration reform: comparison of West and East experience]. Bratislava: NISPAcee. De Vries, M. & Nemec, J. (2013). Public Sector reform: an overview of recent literature and research on NPM and alternative

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Policy Implementation: Lessons from the Chilean Policy on Public Management Modernization

: MIT Press. Barzelay, M, Gaetani, F, Cortázar, J.C., & Cejudo, G. (2003). Researchon Public Management Policy Change in the Latin America Region: aconceptual framework and methodological guide. International PublicManagement Review, 4 (1), 20-42. Birkland, T. A. (2009). Disasters, Catastrophes, and Policy Failures in theHomeland Security Era. Review of Policy Research, 26 (4), 423-438. Boeninger, E. (2007). Políticas Públicas en Democracia: institucionalidad yexperiencia chilena, 1990 - 2006. Santiago, Chile: Uqbar

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New Spirit and New Hero: How Hungarian Startups Redefine the Ideas of Local Capitalism


The present paper investigates how the Bridge Budapest, a CSR organization founded by leading Hungarian IT startups, attempts to shape the values of Hungarian society towards capitalism in general, and towards entrepreneurship in particular. In my paper I argue that the central aim of the organization is to facilitate Hungary’s catching up with the core capitalist countries through the transformation of the attitudes and the ideologies surrounding capitalism in the Hungarian context, i.e. the local spirit of capitalism. This consists, on the one hand, of restoring the legitimation of some of the core institutions of capitalism, such as the enterprise and the entrepreneur, and of confronting the risk-taking, innovative and ethical figure of the entrepreneur hero with the provincial figure of the ‘postcommunist cheater’. On the other hand, it also consists of propagating a new management of work that aims to produce self-controlling and self-motivating employees. In the narrative of Bridge Budapest IT companies appear as the perfect moral and economic subjects – the bearers of the new spirit of capitalism – that have the expertise to offer solutions to the problems of Hungarian society, and around which the local capitalism should be built.

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

to policy-making have also been advocated as a way to close the seemingly growing gap between government and citizens and thus to alleviate normative problems commonly besetting Western democracies in the last decades. Collaborative governance has received considerable attention from public administration scholars and is the subject of a burgeoning body of academic literature in policy studies, public management and democratic theory. However, the rapid uptake of collaborative governance and related concepts, such as coordination, cooperation, joined-up governance

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The influence of age factors on the reform of the public service of Ukraine

types of work and so on. The introduction of integrated data management information systems and development will reduce the need for workers at lower levels of the hierarchy in the medium term, and workers will be more involved under temporary contracts. The prevalence of permanent employment in the civil service reduces the flexibility of the civil service system and increases the costs of its maintenance. Therefore, it is important to analyze the gender and age components, wages, working hours, functional responsibilities, the peculiarities of career development and

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Budget transparency innovation in the Czech local government

. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 13(51), 20-37.Dener, C., & Min, S. Y. S. (2013). Financial Management Information Systems and Open Budget Data: Do Governments Report on Where the Money Goes? World Bank Publications. [online]. [cit.2017-10-29]. Fasora, O. (2012) Fiskální iluze a její klasifikace. In Managing and Modelling of Financial Risks . Ostrava: VŠB-Technical University Ostrava. [online]. [cit.2019-3-3]. https

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Decision Making in Psychiatric Reform: A Case Study of the Czech Experience

considerations have in fact been observed in a variety of studies ( Hudson, 1992 ). Efforts to improve public health programmes have historically involved a number of strategies that have been extensively reviewed elsewhere. Most notable is the review of Pallasa et al. (2012) of 181 studies that identified seven broad strategic areas of change: standards and guidelines; organizational structure and governance; human resource knowledge and skill; process re-engineering and technology development; use of incentives; organizational culture; and leadership and management

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Designing an Accountability Index: A Case Study of South America Central Governments

sector, as they are indications of the accountability level of the country in question, and apply it to the South American Central Governments. Our combined or global model facilitates stakeholders to observe, compare and analyse the information of SACGs to improve the accountability of management and access of information for citizens. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: first, a literature review about accountability and its implications is presented. Secondly, data and methodology are explained. Finally, main findings, discussion and conclusions

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