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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

of human resource management practice on development of safety culture,” University of Management and Economics, Vilnius Conf. proc.: Insights into the sustainable growth of business . MMRC conference, Vilnius, CD-ROM: 15 p., 2009a. [4] M. Järvis, A. Virovere and P. Tint, “Knowledge Management– a Neglected Dimension in Discourse on Safety Management and Safety Culture – Evidence from Estonia,” Safety of Technogenic Environment , vol. 5, pp. 5–17, 2014. [5] T. Reiman, P. Oedewald, C. Rollenhagen, “Characteristics

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System of Waste Management and Its Implementation in Samara Region of Russia

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Increase of Technogenic Safety of a Waste Management Company

Environmental Technology and Management, 7(5/6), 551. Chertow, M. R. (2004). Industrial Symbiosis. Encyclopedia of Energy, 407-415. Chertow, M. R. (2007). “Uncovering” Industrial Symbiosis. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 11(1), 11-30. Ellen Macarthur Foundation. (2015). Case studies: Kalundborg symbiosis. Effective industrial symbiosis. Retrieved from http

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Voluntary Safety Management System in the Manufacturing Industry – To What Extent does OHSAS 18001 Certification Help?

REFERENCES [1] K. Frick, P.L. Jensen, M. Quinlan, T. Wilthagen, “Systematic occupational safety and health management: an introduction to a new strategy for occupational safety, health and well-being”. in Systematic occupational safety and health management: perspectives on an international management. Eds.: K. Frick, P. L. Jensen, M. Quinlan, T. Wilthagen. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, 2000. [2] C. Gallagher, E. Underhill, “Managing work health and safety: recent developments and future directions”. Asia Pacific & Human Resource , vol

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Improvement of Managers’ Safety Knowledge through Scientifically Reasonable Interviews

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Prevention of Fire and Risk of Explosions in “Porofor” Production

REFERENCES [1] V. Jemeļanovs, J. Sulojeva, M. Ziemelis, et al., “Admissible Evacuation Time,” Scientific J. of Riga technical university, Safety of technogenic environment , vol. 2, 2012, pp. 42–46. [2] K. Hoskin, “ Fire Protection and Evacuation Procedures of Stadia Venues in New Zealand, ” Fire Engineering Research Report 04/4, 2004. [3] D. Atstāja, J. Bartušauskis, J. Ieviņš, A. Jemeļjanovs, “Management of Environmental Risk,” Safety of Technogenic Environment , vol. 2, 2012, pp. 8–16. ISSN 2255-6923. e-ISSN 2255-8705. [4] N. N

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Applying Multi-Criteria Analysis Methods for Fire Risk Assessment

, 2007. [5] J. Pushkina and K. Didenko, “Model for selecting the optimal fire insurance system,” in Proc. of the 53-th int. scientific conf ., Riga: Riga Technical University, 2012. [6] V. Jansons, J. Puškina, V. Jurenoks and K. Didenko, “Insurance premium assessment using statistical methods,” in Proc. of the XVI Int. scientific conf. on Management and sustainable development . Bulgaria: University of forestry, 2014. [7] BSi (British Standart), Application of fire safety engineering principles to the design of buildings. Probabilistic risk

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The Components of Non-Punitive Environment in Nursing

learning. Safety Science, 60, 196-202. Haggström, E., Mamhidir, A. G., & Kihlgren, A. (2010). Caregivers’ strong commitment to their relationship with older people. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 16(2), 99-105. Haight, J. M., Yokiro, P., Rost, K. M., & Willmer, D. R. (2014). Safety Management Systems Comparing Contents and Impact. Safety Management, May, 44-51. Hamdan, M. (2013) Measuring safety culture in Palestinian

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Ways of Ensuring Society’s Environmental Stability

, Nina Printhouse. Dereyko, K., & Zinko, R. (2011). Teaching of basic aspects of discipline “Ecological management” and “Systems of ecological management” on the departments of “Exploitation and repairment of automobile engineering” and “Mechanics and automatization of engineering” of National University Lviv Polytechnic. International conference. Poland, Rogow. Zinko, R., Ryden, L., Kuzio, І., & Samsin, I. (2014). Ecological aspects of logistics: academic manual. Lviv. p. 132. Zinko, R. (2014). Classification of learning

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