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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

of human resource management practice on development of safety culture,” University of Management and Economics, Vilnius Conf. proc.: Insights into the sustainable growth of business . MMRC conference, Vilnius, CD-ROM: 15 p., 2009a. [4] M. Järvis, A. Virovere and P. Tint, “Knowledge Management– a Neglected Dimension in Discourse on Safety Management and Safety Culture – Evidence from Estonia,” Safety of Technogenic Environment , vol. 5, pp. 5–17, 2014. [5] T. Reiman, P. Oedewald, C. Rollenhagen, “Characteristics

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System of Waste Management and Its Implementation in Samara Region of Russia

REFERENCES [1] U.S. Karabasov, V.M. Chizhikova. Ecology and management: Book for universities . Moscow: MISIS, 2006. 712 p. [2] S. E. Manahan. Environmental Chemistry. NY: Lewis Publishers, 1994. 789 р. [3] M.A. Nikolaeva, A.A. Pimenov, D.E. Bykov, A.V. Vasilyev. “Dolomit Powder as an Innovative Adsorbent for Oily Wastewaters Treatment.” The Bulleting of Samara Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences , Samara, 2014, vol. 16, no. 1(7), pp. 1880–1882. [4] A.V. Vasilyev. “Green politics: problems and structure,” “Pro et Contra

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Increase of Technogenic Safety of a Waste Management Company

Environmental Technology and Management, 7(5/6), 551. Chertow, M. R. (2004). Industrial Symbiosis. Encyclopedia of Energy, 407-415. Chertow, M. R. (2007). “Uncovering” Industrial Symbiosis. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 11(1), 11-30. Ellen Macarthur Foundation. (2015). Case studies: Kalundborg symbiosis. Effective industrial symbiosis. Retrieved from http

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Emergency management on the island of Ireland – Recent cross-border developments

References Bailes, A. J. K., & Sando, C. (2014). Nordic cooperation on civil security: The ‘Haga’ process, 2009–2014. Reykjavík: Centre for Small State Studies, Institute of International Affairs. CCPB. (2014). Measures to enhance civil contingencies arrangements at local level . Belfast: OFMDFM. DEHLG. (2006a). A framework for major emergency management. Dublin: DEHLG. DEHLG. (2006b). A framework for major emergency management: Appendices. Dublin: DEHLG. Department of the Environment, NI. (2006). Departmental guidance to

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Voluntary Safety Management System in the Manufacturing Industry – To What Extent does OHSAS 18001 Certification Help?

REFERENCES [1] K. Frick, P.L. Jensen, M. Quinlan, T. Wilthagen, “Systematic occupational safety and health management: an introduction to a new strategy for occupational safety, health and well-being”. in Systematic occupational safety and health management: perspectives on an international management. Eds.: K. Frick, P. L. Jensen, M. Quinlan, T. Wilthagen. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, 2000. [2] C. Gallagher, E. Underhill, “Managing work health and safety: recent developments and future directions”. Asia Pacific & Human Resource , vol

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Journal of the Institute of Public Administration of Ireland
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The potential for public value frameworks in Northern Ireland and Ireland

]. MacCarthaigh, M. (2008). Public service values [CPMR discussion paper 39]. Dublin: Institute for Public Administration. Meynhardt, T. (2009). Public value inside: What is public value creation International Journal of Public Administration, 32 (3-4), 192-219. Moore, M. H. (1995). Creating public value: Strategic management in government. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. National Office for Suicide Prevention. (2015). Donegal social prescribing for health & wellbeing: Evaluation report. Retrieved from https

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Improvement of Managers’ Safety Knowledge through Scientifically Reasonable Interviews

REFERENCES [1] Life long learning for Health and Safety Risk Management for IIG Institution Members, 2013. InterInstitutional Group on Health and Safety. [Online]. Available: . [Accessed: Apr.10, 2015]. [2] BSI (British Standard Institution), 1999. Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Specification (OHSAS 18001:1999). Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, BSI, London, UK. [3] BSI (British Standard Institution), 2007. Occupational Health and Safety Management

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Women in local government: Moving in from the margins


This article presents a descriptive overview of women’s participation in the elected and administrative structures of local government in the Republic of Ireland. Drawing on analysis of candidate data and electoral results from the 2014 local elections, it shows that women’s political representation currently stands at just under 21 per cent, a record high for women’s participation in the elected structures of county and city councils. The article evaluates the lessons learned about political parties, gender and candidate recruitment at the 2014 local elections. It argues that the impending introduction of legislative gender quotas at the next general election was the main driving force behind women’s increased participation in these elections. Turning attention to the administrative structures of local authorities, it is revealed that men continue to dominate senior management positions. While increasing numbers of women are accessing senior management roles, gendered barriers remain. The article concludes by reflecting on the future prospects for women’s participation in both the elected and administrative structures of local government in the Republic of Ireland. It recommends an extension of legal gender quotas to local elections and a more proactive gender promotional and mentoring campaign within local government administrative structures.

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