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The Analysis of Selected Relationships Between Human Resource Management Style and the Effectiveness of Knowledge Management

REFERENCES Armstrong, M., 2003. A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice . 9th ed. Kogan Page, London, 161–162. Białasiewicz, M., 2013. Kształtowanie kapitału ludzkiego w organizacji . WNUS, Szczecin. Chen, H., Hou, J., Chen, W., 2018. Threshold Effect of Knowledge Accumulation between Innovation Path and Innovation Performance: New Evidence from China’s High-tech Industry . Science Technology and Society 23 (1), 163–184, DOI: 10.1177/0971721817744459. Cui, A.S., Wu, F., 2016. Utilizing customer knowledge in innovation

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Knowledge Management in Intelligent Organizations

REFERENCES Anttila, J., Jussila, K., 2018. Organizational learning in developing the integrated quality management . Production Engineering Archives, 18, 3-13. Ciszárik-Kocsir, Á. 2017. What Makes a Successful Project? – The Role of Project Participants According to the Opinion of the Hungarian Companies . Research Reviews of Czestochowa University of Technology, 27(1), 85-95. Dohn, K., Gaschi-Uciecha, A., Wodarski, K., 2017. Risk management of logistics processes implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises of food industry in

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Risk Management as a Process Security Tool

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Concept of Knowledge Management in Modern Enterprises

Reference Bałaszczuk, A., 2004. Korzyści z zarządzania wiedzą . Oficyna Wydawnicza Szkoły Głównej Handlowej, Warszawa, 40-41. Brdulak, J.J., 2005. Zarządzanie wiedzą a proces innowacji produktu . Budowanie przewagi konkurencyjnej firmy, Szkoła Główna Handlowa, Warszawa, 14. Bukovitz, W.R., Williams, R.L., The Knowledge Management Fieldbook . Financial Time, Prentice Hall, London, 2 Davenport, T. H., 2007. Zarządzanie pracownikami wiedzy . Wolters Kluwer Polska, Difin, Warszawa. Jarugowa, A., Fijałkowska, J, 2002. Rachunkowość i

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Product Safety Management as an Important Area of The Lean Management Concept

REFERENCES Brack, A., Gieskes, J.F.B., European legal developments in product liability and product safety and the Total Quality Management approach , International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 5(4), 1990, pp. 319-320. Dziuba S.T., Ingaldi M., System Providing Food Safety and its Perception by Polish Customers- Results of Survey , 17 International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference. Vol. 17 Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation. Iss.53. Environmental Economics, STEF 92 Technology Ltd, Sofia, 2017, 845

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Use of Expert Systems in Crisis Management

REFERENCES Alexander D., 2003. Towards the Development of Standards in Emergency Management Training and Education . Disaster Prevention and Management, 12(2), 13-123, DOI: 10.1108/09653560310474223 Henstra D., 2010. Explaining local policy choices: A Multiple Streams analysis of municipal emergency management . Canadian Public Administration, 53, 241-258, DOI: 10.1111/j.1754-7121.2010.00128.x About disaster management, Kruke B. I., Olsen O. E., 2012

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Assessment and Management of Risk in Improving the OHS Management System

REFERENCES Alvarez-Santos, J., Miguel-Dávila, J-A., Herrera, L., Nieto, M., 2018. Safety Management System in TQM environments . Safety Science, 101, 135-143. Badri, A., Gbodossou, A., Nadeau, S., 2012a. Occupational health and safety risks: Towards the integration into project management . Safety Science, 50, 190-198. Badri, A., Nadeau, S., Gbodossou, A., 2012b. Proposal of a risk-factor-based analytical approach for integrating occupational health and safety into project risk evaluation , Accident Analysis & Prevention, 48, 223

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Fuzzy Topsis in the Assessment of OHS Management System

REFERENCES Alteren, B., 1999. Implementation and evaluation of the Safety Element Method at four mining sites , Safety Science, 31(3), 231-264, DOI: 10.1016/S0925-7535(98)00069-1 Cambon, J., Guarnieri, F., Groeneweg, J., 2006. Towards a new tool for measuring safety management system performance , [In:] E. Rigaud, E. Hollnagel (Eds.) Proceeding of the Second Resilience Engineering Symposium, Less Press, Paris, France, 53-62. Chen, C.-F., Chen, S.-F., 2012. Scale development of safety management system evaluation for the airline industry

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Work Safety in CSR Standards, Norms and Management Practice

REFERENCES Basu, K., Palazzo, G., 2008. Corporate Social Responsibility: a process model of sensemaking , Academy of Management Review, 33(1), 124, DOI:10.5465/amr.2008.27745504. Bevan, S., Isles, N., Emery, P., Hoskins, T., 2004. Achieving high performance. CSR at the heart of business , The Work Foundation, The Virtuous Circle, London. BHPSustainabilityReport2017.pdf , http://BHPSustainabilityReport2017.pdf (15.11.2018). Carini, C., Rocca, L., Veneziani, M., Teodori, C., 2018. Ex-Ante Impact Assessment of Sustainability Information

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Business Risk and Project Management in Civil Construction Branch

REFERENCES Balcerzak, A. P. Multiple-criteria Evaluation of Quality of Human Capital in the European Union Countries , Economics and Sociology, Vol. 9, No 2, 2016, pp. 11-26. Field M., Keller L., Project Management , The Open University, Thomson 1998. Haberfellner R., Projektmanagement , Verlag, Handw rterbuch der Organisation, Poeschel 1992. Hudáková, M., & Dvorský, J. Assessing the risks and their sources in dependence on the rate of implementing the risk management process in the SMEs . Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics

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