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Knowledge Management Contributions in Project Management

REFERENCES De Brún, C. (2005). ABC of Knowledge Management. NHS National Library for Health: Knowledge Management Specialist Library. Irani, Z. (2005). Management of Knowledge in Project Environments. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Jennex, E.M. (2005). Case Studies in Knowledge Management. New Delhi: Idea Group Publishing. Levin, G. (2010). Knowledge Management Success Equals Project Management Success. PMI® Global Congress 2010. Washington. DC: Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. Mannan, B., Jameel, S. M. S

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Management Accounting–Managerial Obligation or Need

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Functions of Logistics Support Management for Military Activities During Peace

REFERENCES Beaufre, A. (1974). Introduction to Strategy . Action Strategy . Bucharest: Military Publishing House. Minculete, Ghe. (2003). Logistic Management-Concepts-Functions-Applications . Bucharest: Academy of High Military Studies. Minculete, Ghe. (2005). Logistics Support Management Elements . Bucharest: “Carol I” National Defense University Publishing House. Minculete, Ghe. (2015). Modern Approaches of Logistics Management . Bucharest: “Carol I” National Defense University Publishing House. Nicolescu, O., & Verboncu, I

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Financial Risk Management

REFERENCES Belan, Ľ., & Mišík, J. (2016). Manažérstvo bezpečnostného rizika, Žilina: Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 134. Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic. (2017). Directive of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic no. 7/2017 on risk management in the field of financial management , Bratislava: Author. Morong, S. (2012). Limity obranných zdrojov Slovenskej republiky a kolektívna bezpečnosť, Bezpečné Slovensko a Európska únia : zborník príspevkov zo 6. medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie, Košice: Vysoká škola bezpečnostného

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Agent–Principal Dilemma and the EU Chemical Management

.1080/01402380801939636 Waterman, R. W. & Meier, K. J. (1998), ‘Principal-agent models: an expansion?’ Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 173-202. White, R. E. (2010), Shall We Dance? The Role of Agents in Managing the Principal-Agent Relationship, Iowa State University, Department of Management, College of Business. Yin, R. K. (2009), Case Study Research: Design and Methods, Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Zito, A. R. (2009), ‘European agencies as agents

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Project Management in Development Aid Industry – Public vs. Private

References Andersson, K., Auer, M., 2005. Incentives for Contractors in Aid-Supported Activities. In C. Gibson et al., eds. The Samaritan’s Dilemma: The Political Economy of Development Aid. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ayittey, G. B. N., 2005. Africa Unchained: The Blueprint for Africa’s Future. London: Palgrave-MacMillan. Baarspul, H., Wilderom, C., 2011. Do Employees Behave Differently In Public- vs Private-Sector Organizations. Public Management Review, 13(7): 967-1003. Baland, J. M

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The Reflection of Specific Elements of Technical Culture in the Military Management Practice

REFERENCES Burduș, E. (2012). Tratat de management . București: Editura ProUniversitaria. Epure, I. (2014). Inteligența artificială din câmpul de luptă integrat . București: Editura Militară. Lib, W. (2010). Technical language as an indicator of technical culture. Informatologia , 43 (1). Schein, E. (1992). Organizational Culture and Leadership . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers. Virca, I., Oancea, R., & Gligorea, I. (2017). Advantages to use e-learning platform in the field of technical systems. Proceedings of

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Mitigating the Risk of Fraud in Documentary Letters of Credit

References AICPA (2009), The Basics of Fraud Risk Management, Business Brief, vo1s. 1 & 4. Retrieved from [accessed 8 Aug 2015] Banco Santander SA v Banque Paribas [2000] EWCA Civ 57, 1 All E.R. (Comm.) 776. Banco Santander S.A. v Bayfern Ltd. [1999], EWHC 284 (Comm), WL 250019, Q.B. Buckley, R. P. & Gao, X. (2002), The development of the fraud rule in letter of credit law: the

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The Challenges of Organizational Management

REFERENCES Agulles, R., & Prats, M. J. (2011). Learning in Practice: What Organizational and Management Literature Can Contribute to Professional and Occupational Development. IESE Business School Working Paper, No. 938 . Akbar, A. (2012). The Crucial Role of Leadership in Organizations: A Review of Literature. International Journal of Independent Research and Studies, 1(4), 153-161. Boundless. (2015). The Role of Management in an Organization . Boundless Management. Cania, L. (2011). The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Planning for resilience in the case of power shortage: The Swedish STYREL policy

REFERENCES Bach, C., Bouchon, S., Fekete, A., Birkmann, J., & Serre, D. (2013). Adding value to critical infrastructure research and disaster risk management: the resilience concept. SAPI EN. S. Surveys and Perspectives Integrating Environment and Society, (6.1). Boin, Arjen, Louise K. Comfort, and Chris C. Demchak. “The rise of resilience.” Designing resilience: Preparing for extreme events (2010): 1-12. Boin, A., & McConnell, A. (2007). Preparing for critical infrastructure breakdowns: the limits of crisis management and the need for

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