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Risk Management Responses to Armed Non-State Actor Risk in Afghanistan

:// (consulted 01/12/14). Campbell, S. and G. Currie (2006) ‘Against Beck: In Defence of Risk Analysis’. Philosophy of the Social Sciences , 36(2):149-172. Chandrasekaran, R. (2012) Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan. New York: Knopf. Curran, D. (2013) ‘Risk society and the distribution of bads: theorizing class in the risk society’ British Journal of Sociology , 64(1):44-62. Duffield, M. (2010) ‘Risk-Management and the Fortified Aid Compound: Everyday Life in Post-Interventionary Society’. Journal of Intervention and

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Interpretation for Odisha’s ‘Buddhist Diamond’

References Census of India 2011a (consulted February 2019) Census of India 2011b (consulted February 2019) Dikshit, PK 2017 Management of Buddhist sites in Odisha, in Pattnayak, 38-47 Jain, J 1993 Crafts Museum New Delhi: National Handicrafts & Handlooms Museum James, N 2009 Can guided tours make sense of

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A Decision-making Model for Public Management. The Existence of a Policy Framework for Performance in Romania

References Anthony, R. (1965) Planning and Control Systems: A Framework for Analysis . Division of Research, Boston: Harvard Business School. Bondar, F. and E. Răuţă (2010) `Strategic Planning and Performance Management - Best Practice Cases in Central and Local Public Administration’, Report financed by the European Social Fund for the Management Authority Increasing Administrative Capacity, (16, February, 2014). Bryson, J. M. (2004) Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit

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Institutional Logics as orchestras’ strategic dilemma

, R, Alford, R. (1991) Bringing Society Back In: Symbols, Practices, and Institutional Contradictions in Powell, W., DiMaggio, P. [Ed.] The new Institutionalism in Organizational Analysis Glynn, M.A., Lounsbury, M. (2005) From the Critics’ Corner: Logic Blending, Discursive Change and Authenticity in a Cultural Production System, Journal of Management Studies 42 (5), 1031-1055 Hamann, T. K.. (2004) Cultural Dynamics – Zur langfristigen Existenzsicherung von Kulturorchestern in Deutschland und der Schweiz. Hansen, B. (2002) Englische Ensembles

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The Opera Experience: Performing a Vibrato with the Audience
Pre-conditions, strategies and the experience

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The Work and Life of Corporate Expatriates: New Patterns and Regimes of Mobility in the Knowledge Economy

Management 47(2):199-216. Barlett, C. & S. Ghoshal (1998) Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution . London: Random House. — (2000) Transnational Management . New York: McGraw Hill. Beaverstock, J.V. (2004) ‘Managing across borders: knowledge management and expatriation in professional service legal firms’. Journal of Economic Geography, 4(2):157-179. — (2005) ‘Transnational elites in the city: British highly-skilled inter-company transferees in New York City’s financial district’. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 31

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Building Business Relationships Through the Web: How Medical Technology Companies Enroll Stakeholders in Innovation Development and Uptake

., Fabrizio, K. R., Mitchell, W. and K. A. Schulman (2008) ‘Physician-Industry Cooperation in the Medical Device Industry’, Health Affairs , 27: 1532-1543. Clarkson, M. B. E. (1995) ‘A Stakeholder Framework for Analyzing and Evaluating Corporate Social Performance. Academy of Management Review , 20: 92-117. Connolly-Ahern, C. and C. Broadway (2007) ‘The Importance of Appearing Competent: An Analysis of Corporate Impression Management Strategies on the World Wide Web. Public Relations Review , 33: 343-345. Coupland, C. (2005) ‘Social Responsibility as

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The change of organizational structure of higher education institutions in Hungary: a contingency theory analysis

Governance. Changing Conditions for Research in Four European Countries . Bonn, Lemmens. pp. 59-96. Clark, B. (1998). Creating entrepreneurial universities. Organizational pathways of transformation. London: IAU Press & Pergamon. Czinderi, G (2009). Műszaki folyamatok menedzsmentje – kiszervezés az üzemeltetésben (Management of maintenance and operation processes – outsourcing in operations). In: Hrubos, I. – Török, I. (eds.). Intézményi menedzsment a felsőoktatásban. Szemelvények kiemelt témakörökben. (Institutional management in higher education

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Making Borobudur a Buddhist Religious Tourist Destination: an Effort to Preserve Buddhist Temples in Indonesia

Facet Rasch Model (MFRM)’. Buddhist Innovation for Developing Thailand-International Conference: Buddhist and Phloshopy , pp. 290–300. Kon Khaen: Mahachulalongkorn University Kon Khaen Campus. Hughes, K., Bond, N., & Ballantyne, R. (2013). ‘Designing and Managing Interpretive Experiences at Religious Sites: Visitors’ Perceptions of Canterbury Cathedral’, Tourism Management , 36: 210–20. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2012.11.022 Ibo, A. (2015). ‘10 Destinasi Wisata Prioritas di Tahun 2016’. . Jakarta. (2015). ‘Pemerintah Tetapkan

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