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Annals of West University of Timisoara - Physics
The Journal of West University of Timisoara
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Computation and Monitoring of the Soil Moisture Index on Bulgarian Territory

. Soil Moisture for the Territory of Bulgaria, calculated by the CLM Model. Bulgarian Journal of Meteorology and Hydrology. 17 (2012), No. 5 , 34-39. [7] N itcheva , O., V. K azandjiev . Observed and Modelled Soil Moisture in Bulgaria, Satellite Soil Moisture Validation & Application Workshop (no. 2854785), Italy, 1-3 July 2013,\textunderscoredocs/7–.pdf?sfvrsn=0 . [8] N itcheva , O., B. M ilev , L. H rischev . Management of Natural Hazards. Water Affairs Journal , 1-2 (2016), 9-13. [9

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Electric Vehicles Mileage Extender Kinetic Energy Storage

of the Association of Machine Technology Faculties in Bulgaria AMTECH’2012, 19-20 Oct., Bulgaria, Sofia, 2-12, 27-41 (in Bulgarian). [5] Fu, X., H. Wang, N. Cui, C. Zhang. Energy Management Strategy Based on the Driving Cycle Model for Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Abstract and Applied Analysis, vol. 2014, article ID 341096, 2014. [6] [7] Gonder, J., T. Markel. Energy Management Strategies for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, SAE 2007-01-0290, 2007. [8

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Impact of Aerosol on the Estimation Accuracy of Solar Radiation

References [1] A.J. Biga, R. Rosa. Solar Energy 23(1979) 61-67 [2] J. Adnot, B. Bourges, D. Campana, R. Gicquel. Utilisation des courbes de frequence cumulees pour le calcul des installation solaires, In Analise Statistique des Processus Meteorologiques Appliquee a l’Energie Solaire, Lestienne R., Paris (1979) [3] M. Paulescu, Z. Schlett. Renewable Energy 29(2004) 767-777 [4] D. Calinoiu, M Paulescu, I. Ionel, N. Stefu, N. Pop, R. Bota, A. Pacurar, P. Gavrila, E. Paulescu, G. Trif – Tordai. Energy Conversion and Management 70(2013) 76

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Experimental Assessment of the Meliss Simulation Model Accuracy of the Direct Solar Irradiance in Brasov, Romania

References [1] M. Meliss, Regenerative Energiequellen, Springer, Berlin (1997) [2] A. Angstrom, Quarterly Journal of Royal Meteorological Society 50 (1924) 121-125 [3] J. A. Prescott, Transactions of the Royal Society of Australia 46 (1940) 114-118 [4] V. Badescu, Energy 24 (1999) 883–893 [5] J. Almorox, C. Hontoria and M. Benito, Applied Energy 88 (2011) 1703-1709 [6] A. H. Maghrabi, Energy Conversion and Management 50 (2009) 2754-2760 [7] P. Ineichen, Solar Energy 80 (2006) 468-478 [8] N. A. Engerer and F. P

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Modeling of Daily Global Solar Irradiation in Timisoara by Using a Fuzzy Approach

References [1] L. A. Zadeh. Inf. Control. 8 (1965) 338–353. [2] A. Mellit. Int. J. Artif. Intell. Soft Comput. vol. 1 (No.1) (2008) 52–76. [3] R. S. Boata, M. Paulescu. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 13 (12) (2014) 3045-3051. [4] R. S. Boata, P. Gravila. Atmospheric Research 112 (2012) 79-88. [5] H. J. Zimmermann. Fuzzy set theory and its application, Third ed. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston (1996). [6] T. Takagi, M. Sugeno. EEE Trans. Syst. Man Cybern 15 (1985) 116–132. [7] B. Y. Liu, R. C. Jordan

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LIDAR Measurements Comparison Of Two Volcanic Eruptions: Environmental Influences Upon The Romanian Territory

References [1] A. Timofte, M. M. Cazacu, R. Radulescu, C. Talianu., D. G. Dimitriu., S. Gurlui, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, vol. 10, No.1, 91 – 97, (2011); [2] ECMWF, (2010), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Forecasts images from 17.04.2010 - [3] Satrep Online, (2010), Satellite images database from 14.04.2010 to 18.04.2010 - [4] Met Office, (2010), UK's National Weather Service, Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre - [5

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A Computer Program for Drip Irrigation System Design for Small Plots

Areas. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 18 (2002), No. 4, 459-469. [5] Ramsey, H. Calculating Readily Available Water, Farm Note 198, Dept. of Agriculture and Food. Government of Western Australia, 2007, 1-3. [6] National Engineering Handbook, Irrigation Guide, USDA,{\%}20Irrigation{\%}20Guide.pdf [7] Irrigation Water Management: Irrigation needs, FAO paper: [8] Crop evapotranspiration

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Fluid Flow Control in Domestic Hot Water Systems During Days with Different Radiative Stability Levels

storage tanks Energy Conversion and Management 49 ( 2008) 169–184 [5] V. Badescu, S. Budea, M. Paulescu. Empirical versus optimal control of flow in solar domestic hot water systems. J Energ Eng. 2015, 142 (3) (2015), 15-38 [6] S. Budea, V. Bădescu. Improving the Performance of Systems with Solar Water Collectors Used in Domestic Hot Water Production, Energy Procedia, 112 (2017), 398-403 [7] J. A. Duffie, W.A. Beckman Solar energy thermal processes (New York: Wiley) (1991) [8] I. G. Carabogdan et al. Industrial thermal installations

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Improved Model for Forecasting Global Solar Irradiance During Sunny and Cloudy Days

., Comșiț M., Moldovan M.D., Ciobanu D., Burduhos B.G., Săulescu R.G., The Role of Mechanisms in Sustainable Energy Systems , ISBN 978-606-19-0571-3, Transilvania University Press, Brasov (2015). [8] Vișa I., Diaconescu D.V., Popa V.M., Burduhos B.G., Quantitative Estimation of the Solar Radiation Loss in the Brașov Area , Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 8(4), (2009), 843-848. [9] Vătășescu M.M., Moldovan M.D., Burduhos B.G., Linkages for solar tracking (in Romanian) , ISBN 978-973-598-946-0, Transilvania University Press, Brasov (2011).

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