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The influence of a goal programming approach for safety management practices on the performance of a selected Indian construction organization

Reference Beriha, G.S., Patnail., B. Mahapatra, S.S., 2011. Safety performance evaluation of Indian organizations using data envelopment analysis , Benchmarking: An International Journal, 18(2), 197-220. Cheng, E.W.L., Li, H., Fang, D.P., Xie, F., 2004. Construction safety management: An exploratory study from department of building and real estate, Construction Innovation, 4, 224–229. Devendrakumar, P., Jha, K.N. 2015., Safety Performance Assessment of a Construction Site Using Construction Safety Index: Evidence from Indian Construction

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Operation manager and its role in the enterprise

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The process approach to service quality management

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Development of an Information Database for the Integrated Airline Management System (IAMS)

R eferences [1] R. Bogdane and V. Šestakovs, and D. Dencic, “Development of the Mathematical Model of Integrated Management System for an Airline,” Transport and Aerospace Engineering , vol. 3, pp. 44–51, 2016. ISSN 2255-9876 (online). ISSN 2255-968X (print). [2] R. Bogdane and V. Šestakovs, “Development of mathematical model of integrated management system for an airline,” Proc. The 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Transport systems, logistics and engineering – 2016”, 2016, pp. 5

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Development of the Mathematical Model of Integrated Management System for an Airline

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Organizational learning in developing the integrated quality management

References A nttila , J., J ussila , K., K ajava , J. 2012. Reinforcing business integration in managing specialized disciplines in organizations , Management system standards viewpoints, The International Symposium on Quality, Solin, Croatia. A nattila , J., J ussila , K. 2018. The role of internal auditing in the development of the organization towards the excellent performance , The 19 th International Symposium on Quality, Plitvička jezera Croatia. A nttila , J., J ussila , K. 2017a. Universities and smart cities: The challenges to high

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Evaluation of Management System Effectiveness in the Preparation of the Aircraft for Flight in Faulty Conditions

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Waste Management Integration with Green Quality Function Deployment (G-QFD) for Healthcare Centre

(4), 64. Bovea, M.D., Wang, B., 2007. Redesign methodology for developing environmentally conscious products. International Journal of Production Research, 45(18-19), 4057-4072. Costa, A.I.A., Dekker, M., Jongen, 4. 7. 4. W. (2000). Quality function deployment in the food industry: a review . Trends in Food Science & Technology, 11(9-10), 306-314. Han, S.B., Chen, S.K., Ebrahimpour, M., Sodhi, M.S., 2001. A conceptual QFD planning model. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 18(8), 796-812. Jang, Y.C., Lee, C., Yoon, O

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Analysis of Assumptions of the Environment Management System Implementation for the Selected Undertaking in Waste Management

References Bral, W. (2008). Obieg i o hrona dokumentów w zarz dzaniu jako ci, rodowiskiem i bezpiecze-stwem informacj. Difin, Warszawa. ISBN 9788372518644. Christini, G., Fetsko, M., Hendrickson, C. (2004). Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 Certification for Construction Firms. Journal of Construction Engineering & Management. Vol. 130 Issue 3 , 330-336. Christini, G., Fetsko, M., Hendrickson, C. (2004). Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 Certification for Construction Firms. Journal of Construction Engineering

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A review of the bioretention system for sustainable storm water management in urban areas

References [1] The Economist Open-air Computers: Cities are Turning into Vast Data Factories. Available online: (accessed on 13 April 2014). [2] UN News Center Half of Global Population Will Live in Cities by End of This Year, Predicts UN. Available online: (accessed on 13 April 2014). [3] Fletcher, T.D., Andrieu, H., Hamel, P. (2013): Understanding, management and modelling of

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