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Human Resource Management in Sports: A Critical Review of its Importance and Pertaining Issues

References Aisbett, L., & Hoye, R. (2015). Human resource management practices to support sport event volunteers. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 53(3), 351-369. DOI 10.1111/1744-7941.12062 Allison, M. (2001). Sports clubs in Scotland. Sportscotland. Retrieved November 22, 2015, from Armstrong, M. (2006). Strategic human resource management: A guide to action (3rd ed.). London: Kogan Page. Armstrong, M., & Taylor, S. (2014a). Armstrong

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The Relationship of Management Style and Job Satisfaction among PE Teachers

References Aslankhani, M. (1996). Descriptive of Management Styles and Organizational Behavioral and the Relationship of Job Satisfaction. Allagheband, A. (1993). Foundamental of theories and Priciples of Educational Management. Tehran, Iran: Besat Pub. Allagheband, A. (1996). General Management. First Edition. Tehran: Ravan Publisher, p. 4-100. Allagheband, A. (1999). Introduction of Educational Management. Tehran, Iran: Rose Publisher

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Anger Management - Evaluation of a Cognitive-Behavioral Training Program for Table Tennis Players

effective methods of controlling anger in sports ( Brunelle et al., 1999 ). Therefore, the current study analyzed the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral anger management training for table tennis players. In the following, we focused on the evaluation of training in terms of effectiveness in reducing maladaptive anger in table tennis over time. Material and Methods Participants Participants were 18 competitive table tennis players from the Luxembourg national team with no known specific anger problems. Participants were randomly assigned to conditions for

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Talent Selection and Management in View of Relative Age: the Case of Swimming

birthplace effects in national hockey league draftees 2000-2005. British Journal of Sports Medicine . 41, 515-517. Bognár, J., Géczi, G., Révész, L., Trzaskoma-Bicsérdy, G., Koltai, M., & Vincze, G. (2009). Magyarországi csapatsportok tehetségkiválasztásának összehasonlítása [Comparison of the talent selection of Hungarian sports teams]. In J. Bognár (Ed.), Tanulmányok a kiválasztás és a tehetséggondozás köréből [ Studies on Selection and Talent Management ] (pp. 237-248). Fót: Magyar Sporttudományi Társaság. Breznik, K. & Law, K.M.Y. (2016). Relative age

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Competition and Cooperation in European Professional Club Football

. Sportágak versenye. Magyar Sporttudományi Füzetek III (pp. 129-143). ISBN 978-963-87701-9-6. Kearney, A.T. (2010). Is European Football Too Popular to Fail? EU Football Sustainability Study 2010. Retrieved from Locke, K.D. (2001). Grounded Theory in Management Research. London, UK: SAGE Publications Ltd. Mehra, S.K., & Zuercher, T.J. (2006). Striking Out “Competitive Balance” in Sports, Antitrust

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Global, National, and Local Factors in the Management of University Sport: The Hungarian Case

eredményei és fejlődése az 1950-es évek derekáig. In F. Krasovecz & Sz. Gy. Földesiné (Eds.), 100 Éve az Egyetemi-Főiskolai Sportért (pp.54-76). Budapest: MEFS. Thibault, L. (2009). Globalization of Sport. Journal of Sport Management , 7(23), 1-20.

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EULAR recommendations for the management of rheumatoid arthritis: what is new in 2017 and its applicability in our local setting

in the health cost.[ 10 ] Recommendations for the management of RA from academic and administrative bodies around the world have been published for the practicing rheumatologists. One of these recommendations, the European League of Associations of Rheumatology (EULAR), has been widely adopted in many European and non-European countries. Regular update of the recommendations is being published by the EULAR RA task force. The latest version of the EULAR RA recommendations was finalized and published recently in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. [ 11 ] In

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Review of the diagnosis and pharmacological management of pulmonary arterial hypertension in connective tissue disease

agonist (PA) or combination therapy. General management of connective tissue disease-associated pulmonary arterial hypertension Treatment of CTD-PAH includes non-specific therapies including diuretics, oxygen, anticoagulation and digoxin, and specific drug therapies such as calcium channel blockers, PA, endothelin receptor antagonists (ERA) and phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors (PDE5-i) in selected patients. When compared to Group 4 PAH, the use of anticoagulant in idiopathic is associated with a higher bleeding event rate (19 vs 5.4 vs 2.4 event per 100

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Management of immune-related adverse events in patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors– Rheumatology point of view

) were reported. Lately, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has published their guideline for the management of irAE after the use of immunotherapy. 3 2 Immune checkpoint inhibitors and pathophysiology of irAE Activation of T-cells requires costimulation signals from major histocompatibility complex (MHC) to T-cell receptor (TCR) and from CD80/86 to CD28 between T-cells and antigen presenting cells (APCs). CTLA-4 is normally expressed on T-cell as a competitor of CD28 for CD80/86. It blocks the costimulation signal leading to inhibitory response to

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Models of Development and Management of Brazilian University Sports: An Interpretation according to its Relationship with the State

References Albuquerque, L.O.B.A. (2003). As manifestações do desporto universitário paranaense no período 1975-1993 /The manifestations of college sport in the period 1975-1993 in Paraná/. Curitiba, Monograph (Specialization in Sport Management): Universidade do Esporte. Albuquerque, L.O.B.A. (2005). Entrevista concedida a Fernando Augusto Starepravo /Interview of Fernando Augusto Starepravo/. Curitiba, September 28. Archives of FPDU (1982-2004). Ofícios e documentos enviados e recebidos pela

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