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The Role of Control in the Effective Hospital Management

REFERENCES 1. Angelov, A. Introduction in management, Trakiya-M, S., 1998, 210-222. 2. Ilieva, A. Control in healthcare, Ciela, S., 2018, p 447. 3. Lazarova, M., Zlatanova T., Zlatanova – Velikova R. Control in healthcare from regulatory point of view, 38th scientific-technological session Contact 2016, INGA, publishing house TEMTO, pages 101-105. 4. Petrova, Zl. Quality assurance and medical audit – necessary policy at national level”, part 1, magazine Health policy and management, 2012, 12, (2), 10-15. 5. Petrova, Zl., Genev Str

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The status quo and influence of self-management behaviors in convalescent stroke patients

society. 3 The rehabilitation of stroke patients is multifaceted, among which rehabilitation management is an extremely important link. 4 Self-management is the monitoring and management of disease through proactive health behaviors, which reduce the effects of disease through treatment, disease maintenance and health promotion. 5 Studies 6 , 7 , 8 have shown that the self-management ability and quality of life of stroke patients are positively related and that good self-management behavior is essential for patients in stroke recovery to maximize the recovery of

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The application of “the patient satisfaction assessment” as a method for assessing hospital management efficency

REFERENCES 1. Wrona B. Regulatory activity of the state in the sphere of financing health care. Zesz Nauk Pol Towarzystw Ekon. 2011;11:379-95. 2. Golinowska S. et al. Financial balance and efficiency in the Polish health-care system: Problems and challenges. Cracow: University Medical Publishing House Vesalius; 2012. 3. Witczak I. Hospital economics: Conditions, elements, principles. Warsaw: Wydawnictwa Fachowe Ce.De.Wu.PL; 2009. 4. Ksykiewicz-Dorota A. Management in nursing. Lublin: Czelej Publishing House; 2005. 5. Nowicki P

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Financial management within the health system

Davila 10. Mereuţă I. (1996). Sistemele sănătăţii în ţările Uniunii Europene . Chişinău. 11. Minca M. (2004). Sănătate publică şi management sanitar . Bucuresti: Editura Universitară Carol Davila 12. Opincaru, C.,Găleţescu, M. & Imbri,E. (2004). Managementul calităţii serviciilor în unităţile sanitare , Bucureşti: Editura C.N.I.Coresi 13. Şcoala Naţională de Sănătate Publică şi Management Sanitar (2006). Managementul spitalului , Bucuresti: Editura Public H Press 14. Vlădescu C

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Family functioning integrated with diabetes self-management: a concept analysis

1 Introduction Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a significant public health problem worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that 422 million people are currently living with DM. 1 Several complications are associated with DM, including diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, amputations, and premature death. 2 Diabetes self-management is relatively complex given that individuals have to attend medical appointments regularly, adhere to several different medications, control their symptoms through physical activity

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European Colorectal Cancer Management: Implemented as it is or Adapted to our National Specificity

REFERENCES 1 Neerincx M, Buffart TE, Mulder CJJ, et al - The Future of Colorectal Cancer, Gut. 2013; 62:1387-1389. 2 H. J. Schmoll, E. Van Cutsem, A. Stein, et al - ESMO Consensus Guidelines for management of patients with colon and rectal cancer. A personalized approach to clinical decision making, Annals of Oncology 2012; 23:2479–2516. 3 R. Labianca, B. Nordlinger, G. D. Beretta, et al - Early colon cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, Annals of Oncology 2013; 24 (Supplement 6): vi64–vi72. 4 B

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Characteristics of and management strategies for 54 suicidal inpatients in a general hospital

characteristics and relevant causes. Furthermore, it is not known if attempted suicidal inpatients differ from subjects who succeed in killing themselves. We also aimed to compare the suicide characteristics of these two populations and ultimately provide preventive nursing management strategies. 2 Material and methods 2.1 Study sample This retrospective study was conducted in a large general hospital with 5,000 beds that provides treatment for more than 200,000 inpatients per year. The data were based on a patient safety adverse event network reporting system in

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Risk Management in Clinical Laboratory: from Theory to Practice

References 1. Mendes ME, Persio de Almeida RE, Romano P and al. Practical aspects of the use of FMEA tool in clinical laboratory risk management. J Bras Patol Med. 2013; 49(3): 174-181. 2. The Orange BooK. Management of Risk – Principles and Concepts. Norwich. HM Treasury on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. 2004 3. Asociația de Standardizare din România (ASRO). SR Ghid ISO 73:2010. Managementul riscului – Vocabular. Acest standard este identic cu ghidul internațional ISO GUIDE 73:2009. 2010 4. International

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“I feel I am a human being again” Care and Case Management supporting the self-reliance of older people with multimorbidity living alone: Findings of an interpretive-hermeneutical analysis / „Ich bin wieder ein Mensch geworden” Care und Case Management als Unterstützung der Eigenständigkeit allein lebender, mehrfacherkrankter, älterer Menschen: Ergebnisse einer interpretativ-hermeneutischen Analyse

Einleitung In Deutschland sind derzeit 2,37 Millionen Menschen im Alter von 65 Jahren oder älter pflegebedürftig. Die meisten von ihnen erhalten Pflege in Privathaushalten (1,69 Millionen, 69%; Statistisches Bundesamt, 2017 ). Damit hilfe- und pflegebedürftige Menschen eine für sie abgestimmte Versorgung erhalten können, wurde mit dem Pflegeweiterentwicklungsgesetz (2008) ein am Care und Case Management (CCM) orientierter Anspruch auf Pflegeberatung gesetzlich festgelegt. CCM ist für Personen gedacht, die aufeinander abgestimmte Versorgungsangebote

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Dental Management of Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders

:477-486. 4. Totsika V, Hastings RP, Emerson E, Lancaster GA, Berridge DM . A population-based investigation of behavioural and emotional problems and maternal mental health: associations with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability. J Child Psychol Psychiatry , 2011; 52:91-99. 5. Barbaresi WJ, Katusic SK, Voigt RG . Autism: a review of the state of the science for pediatric primary health care clinicians. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med , 2006; 160:1167-1175. 6. Hernandez P, Ikkanda Z . Applied behavior analysis: behavior management of children with

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