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Precarity as Personhood in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

Business Media . Web. 18 May 2018. Taylor, Steven J. Child Insanity in England, 1845-1907. Ashland, OH: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. Tuke, J. B. “The Cottage System of Management of Lunatics as Practised in Scotland, with Suggestions for Its Elaboration and Improvement.” Journal of Mental Science 15.72 (1870): 524-535. Cambridge Core . Web. 3 June 2018. Wright, David. Mental Disability in Victorian England: The Earlswood Asylum, 1847-1901. Oxford: Clarendon P, 2001. Yanni, Carla. The Architecture of Madness: Insane Asylums in the United

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Person–Environment Analysis: A Framework for Participatory Holistic Research

References Alber, J. (2014). Partnerschaften nach Schlaganfall: Untersuchung zu Förderfaktoren und Barrieren im Rehabilitationsprozess . Oldenburg: BIS Verlag. Alber, J., & Schulze, G. C. (2015). Counselling of rehabilitants after stroke and their partners. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 51 (32), 32–33. Burnes, B., & Cooke, B. (2013). Kurt Lewin’s field theory: A review and re-evaluation. International Journal of Management Reviews, 15 (4), 408–425. Cronshaw, S. F., & McCulloch, A. N. (2008). Reinstating the Lewinian vision: From

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Authority in Lowth’S and Priestley’S Prefaces to Their English Grammars

- Peter Howard Fries (eds.), 275-316. Chiapello, Eve - Norman Fairclough 2002 “Understanding the new management ideology: A transdisciplinary contribution from critical discourse analysis and new sociology of capitalism”, Discourse & Society 13/2: 185-208. Davies, Martin 1996 “Theme and information until Shakespeare”, in: Margaret Berry et al. (eds.), 113-149. Discenza, Nicole Guenther 2001 “Alfred’s verse preface to the Pastoral Care and the chain of authority”, Neophilologus 85/4: 625-633. ECCO

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Middle English Medical Recipes: A Metadiscursive Approach

-113. Taavitsainen, Irma - Päivi Pahta - Matti Mäkinen 2005 Middle English medical texts. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Thompson, Geoff - Puleng Thetela 1995 "The sound of one hand clapping: The management of interaction in written discourse", Text 15/1: 103-27. Vande Kopple, William 1985 "Some exploratory discourse on metadiscourse", College Composition and Communication 36: 82-93. Vande Kopple, William 2002 "Metadiscourse, discourse and issues in composition and rhetoric", in: Ellen Barton - Gail

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Full Access to Cultural Spaces (FACS): Mapping and evaluating museum access services using mobile eye-tracking technology

2017]. Kawashima, N., 1999. “Knowing the Public: A Review of Museum Marketing Literature and Research.” In Museum Management and Curatorship, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 21-39. Komarac, T. 2014. “A New World for Museum Marketing? Facing the Old Dilemmas While Challenging New Market Opportunities.” In Market-Tržište, vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 199-214. Limesurvey GmbH. 2003. Limesurvey: An Open Source Survey Tool. Hamburg, Germany: LimeSurvey GmbH. Available at: <>. Mangiron, C., Orero, P. and O

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Stance Marking and Register in Middle English Charms

- Luisa Martín-Rojo 1999 "A dialogue with bureaucracy: Register, genre and information management as constraints on interchangeability", Journal of Pragmatics 31: 149-189.

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Between Anzac Day and Waitangi Day

-interruption (accessed 5 June 2017) Herzfeld, Michael. 2005. Cultural intimacy: Social poetics in the nation-state. (2nd edn.) New York, NY: Routledge. Hucker, Graham. 2010. A determination to remember: Helen Clark and New Zealand’s military heritage. The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society 40(2). 105-118. DOI: 10.1080/10632921.2010.485088 Hunter, Kathryn. 2007. ‘Sleep on dear Ernie, your battles are oʼerʼ: A glimpse of a mourning community, Invercargill, New Zealand, 1914-1925. War in History 14(1). 36-62. DOI: 10

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Liegt die Zukunft der Teamforschung in ihrer Vergangenheit? Auf dem Weg zu einem ganzheitlich-dynamischen Teamverständnis

(S. 13-48). (3. Aufl.). Opladen: Leske+Budrich. Busch, M.W. (2015). Management und Dynamik teambezogener Lernprozesse. München: Rainer Hampp. Busch, M.W. & Oelsnitz, D. von der (2016). Emergente Teamphänomene - Warum sich Erfolge eines Teams nicht einfach kopieren lassen. Gruppe.Interaktion.Organisation (GIO) - Zeitschrift für angewandte Organisationspsychologie 47, 345-355. Busch, M.W. & Oelsnitz, D. von der (2018). Teammanagement. Grundlagen erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeitens. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer

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Vierzig Jahre Gesellschaft für Gestalttheorie: Der wissenschaftliche Ertrag

-374. Biehl-Missal, B. (2015). Finding form: Gestalt Theory as a development of aesthetic approaches to organization and management. Dialogue and Universalism, 4, 163-172. Bonacchi, S. (2011). Anthropozentrische Kulturologie. In: F. Grucza, P. Zimniak & G. Pawloski, (Hg.). Deutsche Sprache, Kultur und Literatur in polnisch-deutscher Interaktion. (S. 33-52). Warszawa: EuroEducacja. Bonacchi, S. (2012). Bedeutung und Sprache. Gestalt Theory, 34, 31-54. Bonacchi, S. (2013). (Un)Höflichkeit. Eine kulturologische Analyse. Deutsch

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