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Relation Between Human System Safety Management and Environmental Management

References [1] UN: Human Development Report. New York 1994, , [2] Raven, P.H., Berg, L. R. & Johnson, G. B. (1998): Environment. ISBN 003018679X, 9780030186790. Saunders College Pub., 579 p. [3] Procházková, D. (2011): Strategic Management of Safety of Territory and Organisation (in Czech). ISBN: 978-80-01-04844-3. ÈVUT, Praha, 483p. [4] EU (2000): European Commission Adopts Communication on Precautionary Principle. Brussels. - [on-line] Available on - URL: http

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INSPIRATION for Sustainable Soil and Land Use Management in Austria

1 Introduction Sustainable land use is gaining importance because the consumption of soil and land is progressing without noticeable restrictions. As soil is a major crosscutting issue, it is challenging to manage this finite resource. The limited area has to fulfill a high variety of needs, further complicating a fair allocation. Sustainable land management implies the qualitative and quantitative preservation and restoration of both soil and land to assure the delivery of its services (i.a., European Environment Agency, 2015). Owing to increasing societal

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Description of Safety Management Systems in Transportation

References [1] PROCHÁZKOVÁ, D. Strategicke řízení bezpečnosti uzemí a organizace. ISBN:978- 80-01-04844-3. Praha: CVUT, 2011, 483p. [2] UN HUMAN SECURITY UNIT.Human Security in Theory and Practice. New York: United Nations 2009. [3] KERTIS, T. Porovnání přístupů pro řizení bezpečnosti v dopravě. In: Rizika podnikových a územních procesů a poznatky pro krizovéřizení. ISBN: 978-80-01- 06033-9. Praha: CVUT 2016, pp. 34-59. [4] ZAIRI, M. Total Quality Management for Engineers. Cambridge: Woodhead

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A review on the quantification of soil water balance components as a basis for agricultural water management with a focus on weighing lysimeters and soil water sensors / Ein Überblick über die Ermittlung von Wasserhaushaltsgrößen als Basis für die landeskulturelle Wasserwirtschaft mit Fokus auf Lysimeter und Bodenwassersensoren

plants, people enhanced agricultural management in the course of the millennia. In Europe, the development of advanced methods and techniques led to closed greenhouse systems with total control of the environment ( Opdam et al., 2005 ). However, in the EU member states, all-season greenhouses production of fruits and vegetables is only complementing the dominating open-air production of a wide range and variety of crops ( EUROSTAT, 2015 ). Consequently, most farmers have to face chancing environmental conditions, and they have to adapt their management strategies

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Demand Side Management in Pellet Production: Internal and External Factors

References 1. Information Note on the Russian Ban on Agri-food Products from the EU, European Comission, 2014. 19 p. Available: [Accessed: 25.09.2014.]. 2. Kalnins, S. N., Valtere, S., Gusca, J., Blumberga, D. Combined management response and indicator based evaluation methodology of implementation of environmental management system at a wood production industry. Agronomy Research, 2014, vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 479-490. 3. Vigants, H

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Approaches to the Organization of the Energy Efficient Activity at the Regional Level in the Context of Limited Budget Resources during the Transformation of Energy Market Paradigm

:13(8):2022-2030. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2009.01.025 [6] Asere L., Blumberga A. Government and municipality owned building energy efficiency system dynamics modelling. Energy Procedia 2015:72180-187. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2015.06.026 [7] Zvingule L., Kalnins S. N., Blumberga D., Gusca J., Bogdanova M., Muizniece I. Improved project management via advancement in evaluation methodology of regional cooperation environmental projects. Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University. Environmental and Climate Technologies 2013:11:57-67. doi:10.2478/rtuect-2013

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Management of assignment of operational tasks realized in ship power plant

References Kamiński P.: Selected problems associated with ship power plant operation (in Polish). Proceedings of the Conference on Design and Management of Realization of Production (Materiały Konferencyjne - Projektowanie i zarządzanie realizacją produkcji), Zielona Góra 2005 Kamiński P, Tarełko W., Podsiadło A.: Information sources used in the aiding system for ship power plant management (in Polish). 25 th International Symposium on Ship Power Plants (XXV Międzynarodowe Sympozjum Siłowni Okrętowych

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Remote Sensing Applications for Planning Irrigation Management. The Use of SEBAL Methodology for Estimating Crop Evapotranspiration in Cyprus

., Pruitt, W.O. Crop water requirements. Irrigation and Drainage Paper no. 24 (revised), FAO, Italy, 1977, 144pp. 5. Allen, R.G., Pereira, L. S., Raes, D., Smith, M. Crop evapotranspiration, guidelines for computing crop water requirements, FAO Irrig. and Drain. Pap. 56, Food and Agric. Organ. of the U. N. (FAO), Rome, Italy.1998, 300pp 6. Bastiaanssen, W.G.M., Noordman, E.J.M., Pelgrum, H., David, G., Thoreson, B.P., Allen, R.G. SEBAL model with remotely sensed data to improve water resources management under actual field conditions. ASCE

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Peculiarities of Human Resources Management in Sustainable and Ecological Farms

REFERENCES Beardwell I., Claydon T., 2001 - Human resources management, a contemporary approach, 6th Edition, Pearson Education Press, London. Brezuleanu S., 2009 - Management în agricultură (Agricultural management). Edit. Tehnopress, Iaşi, Romania. Brezuleanu C. O., Brezuleanu S., Iaţco C., 2013 - Development of labour market and entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas. Environ. Eng. Manag. J., 12, 693-698. Brezuleanu S., Brezuleanu C. O., Iaţco C., 2013 - Fundamentation of human resources in agricultural exploatations on the basis of

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Forest management economics based on forest typology

., Bartuněk, J., 2009: Hodnocení efektivnosti v lesním hospodářství. Lesnická práce, 130 p. Von Carlowitz, H. C., 1713: Sylvicultura Oeconomica. Leipzig. Regulation No. 3/2008 Sb. amending Act No. 151/1997 Sb. on property evaluation. Regulation No. 83/1996 Sb. on regional plans of forest development and management units. Regulation No. 84/1996 Sb. on forest management planning. Forest Act No. 289/1995 Sb. Zlatník, A., 1956: Nástin lesnické typologie na biogeocenologickém základě a rozlišení československých lesů podle skupin lesních typů

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