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Organizational Communication and Conflict Management Systems
A Social Complexity Approach

References Amason, A.C. (1996) ‘Distinguishing the Effects of Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict on Strategic Decision making: Resolving a Paradox for Top Management Teams’, Academy of Management Journal , Vol. 39, pp. 123-148. Aula, P. (2000) Johtamisen kaaos vai kaaoksen johtaminen? [Chaos of leadership or leadership of chaos?], Juva, Finland: WSOY. Aula, P. (1999) Organisaation kaaos vai kaaoksen organisaatio? Dynaamisen organisaatioviestinnän teoria [Chaos of organization or organization of chaos? Theory of dynamic organizational

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PR and the Media
A Collaborative Relationship?

-operation/. Gothenburg: Göteborg University. Manning, Paul (2001) News and News Sources. A Critical Introduction . London: Sage. McNair, Brian (2000) Journalism and Democracy. London: Routledge. McQuail, Denis; Graber, Doris & Norris, Pippa (1998) Conclusions. Challenges for Public Policy, in Graber, McQuail & Norris (ed.) The Politics of News, The News of Politics. Washington: Congressional Quarterly. Pfetsch, Barbara (1998) Government News Management, in Graber, McQuail & Norris (ed.) The Politics of News, The News of Politics . Washington

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Crisis, What Crisis?
Three Nordic Photo Departments Fighting Back

:// . Deuze, Mark & Witschge, Tamara (2017). Beyond Journalism: Theorizing the Transformation of Journalism. Journalism [online]: 1-17. Available at < >. Ekvall, Göran (1991). The Organizational Culture of Idea-Management: A Creative Climate for the Management of Ideas, pp. 73-79 in Henry, Jane & Walker, David (eds.) Managing Innovation . Newbury park: Sage. Fink, Steven L.; Beak, Joel & Taddeo, Kenneth (1971

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Ownership Concentration in the TV Industry
A Case Study on the Limitations of Media Policy

References Ansoff, I., & E. McDonnell (1990) Implanting Strategic Management. London: Prentice-Hall. Aslama, M., H. Hellman. T. Sauri (2004) Digitalizing Diversity: Public Service Strategies and Television Program Supply in Finland in 2002, The International Journal on Media Management, volume 6, No 3 & 4, 2004. Bagdikian, B.H. (2004) The New Media Monopoly. Boston: Beacon Press. Blondel, J. (1987) Political Leadership. Beverly Hills: Sage Brunsson, N. (1989) The Organization of

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Rolling News as Disruptive Change
A Managerial Perspective on TV 2 and VG in Norway


In the present article, we compare the models that the management in two leading commercial Norwegian media organizations, one with a foothold in the written press, Verdens Gang (VG), and one in television, TV 2, have used in dealing with the disruptive change in news caused by the introduction of rolling news. Both started with an experimental internal phase but later used different models to organize their news production. By establishing a spin-off, separate from the printed newspaper, VG retreated from synergies between online and offline productions, but gained by having two organizations dedicated to the processes and values of each medium. Their online services are financed by advertisements alone. The commercially financed television channel, TV 2, used an acquisition model, but encountered problems with integrating the parts. Today, their strategy involves a proliferation of digital TV channels, financed by a combination of advertisements and payment from viewers. Not only their Internet site, but particularly their 24/7 news channel Nyhetskanalen is a central element in the production of continous news.

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What Is the Strategic Role of Online Newspapers?

/2000. Fredrikstad: Institutt for Journalistikk. Høst, S. (2004) Avisåret 2003 - Farvel til fullformatet? Revidert utgave. Rapport 2/2004. Fredrikstad: Institutt for Journalistikk. Kolo, C. and Vogt, P. (2004) Traditional Media and Their Internet Spin-Offs: An Explorative Study on Key Levers for Online Success and the Impact of Offline Reach, St. Gallen: The International Journal on Media Management, 6(2004)1&2. Miles, R. and Snow, C. (2003) Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process. Stanford business classics. Stanford

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Sweetening the Deal
To what Extent can Public Funding Attract Private Film Investors?

References Baumgarten, P.A.; Farber, D.C., & Fleischer, M. (1992) Producing, Financing and Distributing Film: A Comprehensive Legal and Business Guide . New York, NY: Limelight Editions. Blair, H.; Culkin, N., & Randle, K. (2003) ‘From London to Los Angeles: A Comparison of Local Labour Market Processes in the US and UK Film Industries’, International Journal of Human Resource Management , 14(4): 619-633. Cones, J.W. (1992) Film Finance & Distribution: A Directory of Terms . Los Angeles, CA: Silman-James Press. Cones, J.W. (1997) The

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The Civil Society Organization Media Manager as Critical Communicator

-open-source-software-platform-for-publishinglinked-data_b22962#more-22962 (Retrieved October 25, 2011). Treinen, S. (2010) VERCON: The Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network. Agricultural Information Worldwide . 3:1, 39-43. Wilkins, K. g. & Mody, B. (2001) Reshaping development communication: Developing communication and communicating development. Communication Theory . 11:4, 385-396. Wymer, W. & Mottner, S. (2009) Marketing inclusion in the curricula of U.S. nonprofit management programs. Journal of Public Affairs Education . 15:2, 185-202.

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The Social Media Experiences of Long-term Patients: Illness, Identity, and Participation

-182. Carpentier, Nico, Dahlgren, Peter & Pasquali, Francesca (2013) “The Democratic (Media) Revolution: A Parallel Genealogy of Political and Media Participation”, pp. 123-41 in Carpentier, Nico, Schrøder, Kim & Hallett, Lawrie (eds.) Audience Transformations. Shifting Audience Positions in Late Modernity. New York: Routledge. Carpentier, Nico & Dahlgren, Peter (2014) “Histories of media(ted) participation: An introduction”. CM: Communication Management Quarterly 30: 7-14. Edwards, Catherine, Thompson, Andrew, & Blair, Alan (2007) “An

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Limits to Change
A Case Study of an Attempt to Innovate in NRK’s Factual Programming during the Mid-1980s

(2013). Project management (10 th ed.). Farnham: Ashgate. Martin, J. (2002). Organisational culture. London: Sage. McQuail, Denis (2005). McQuail’s mass communication theory . London: Sage. Medie-Norge. (2013). Fakta om norske medier. [Facts about Norwegian media] Available at: . NOU (1984). Kringkastingsreklame. [Broadcasting advertisement] Oslo: Ministry of Culture and Science. Available at: . NRK (1982). Norsk rikstkringkasting

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