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Development of performance management reforms in Lithuanian public sector

References 1. Bevan, Gwyn, and Christopher Hood. “What’s Measured is What Matters: Targets and Gaming in the English Public Health Care System.” Public Administration 84 (3) (2006): 517-538. 2. Buss, Terry F., Nathaniel J. Buss, and Evan Hill. “Evidence in Public Management: A Comparative perspective”: 119-153. In: Anna Shillabeer, Terry F. Buss, and Denise M. Rousseau, eds. Evidence-Based Public Management: Practices, Issues, and Prospects. New York: M. E. Sharpe, 2011. 3. Civinskas, Remigijus. “Can a Senior

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Planning and Time Management

References [1] Stephen R. Covey, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Sofia, Kibea, 2008, p.216-225; [2]; [3]

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Intangible Resource Management - an Organisational Approach

References [1] Perez J. R., Pablos P. O., Knowledge management and organizational competitiveness: A framework for human capital analysis. Journal of Knowledge Management, 7(3), pp. 82-91, 2003. [2] Hsieh H.-J., Organizational characteristics, knowledge management strategy, enablers and process capability: knowledge management performance in U.S. software companies, UMI Number: 3256804, ProQuest, 2007. [3] Apetroae M., Capitalul intelectual și economiile epistemice, Ed. Focus Opinfo, București, 2004

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Considerations Regarding the Redesign of Management System of an Organization

References [1] Arijit Sikdar Jayashree Payyazhi, (2014), “A process model of managing organizational change during business process redesign”, Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 20 Iss 6 pp. 971 - 998; [2] Doebeli, G., Fisher, R., Gapp, R. and Sanzogni, L. (2011), “Using BPM governance to align systems and practice”, Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 17 No. 2, pp. 184-202; [3] Kates A, Galbraith JR. 2010. Designing Your Organization: Using the Star Model to Solve 5 Critical Design Challenges

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Risk Management in Major Acquisition Programs

References [1] KAYUHA, R. J.R.; LECLAIRE, C.; MATTHEWS, R. H.; HENRY, L. M., Integrated Project Management Handbook. Dayton Aerospace, 4141 Colonel Glenn Highway, Suite 252, Dayton, Ohio, February 2002,, accessed at 15.01.2012. [2] LOLOIU Costel, PLEŞANU Toma, BURSUC Dumitru Cătălin, The Resistance to Change as a Specific Risk for the Organization Transformation, Journal of US-China Public Administration, August 2015, Vol. 12, No. 8, 593-602 doi: 10

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Relation Between Change Management and Crisis Management: Survey Evidence

References [1] Adizes, I., Managing Corporate Lifecycles. How organizations Grow, Age, and Die , Embassy Books, 2014. [2] Coombs, W. T., Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding , 4th ed. Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2015, as cited in Coombs, W. T., D. Laufer, Global Crisis Management – Current Research and Future Directions, Journal of International Management, 24, pp. 199–203, 2018, p. 199. [3] Dobrovic, J., M. Lambovska, P. Gallo & V. Timkova, Non-Financial Indicators and Their Importance in Small and Medium

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Knowledge Cycles and Knowledge Management

References [1] Ceptureanu, S.I., Knowledge based economy in Romania: a comparative approach, Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods , Vol. 9, No.4, 51-61, 2014 [2] Evans, M., Dalkir, K. and Bidian, C., A Holistic View of the Knowledge Life Cycle: The Knowledge Management Cycle (KMC) Model, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management Vol. 12, No. 2, 85-97, 2014 [3] Drucker, P. F., Post-capitalist society , New York: Harper Collins [4] Strassmann, P.A., Taking a measure of knowledge asset”, Computerworld , Vol. 32 No. 4, 74, 1998

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Perspectives on the Risk in Military Capabilities Management

References [1] . [2] . [3] Iulian Vișoiu and CostacheRusu, Implementarea managementului riscului la nivel organizational (Ghid aplicativ) , București, Editura Economică, 2010, p 22. [4] Dumitru Iancu, Dorel Badea, Particularities relating to the risk management into the military decision-making process , International Conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION, Vol. XXIV, No 1, 2018, p. 322.

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Criteria for Efficient Defence Product Life Cycle Management

References [1] Gubko, M., Novikov, D., Theory of Games in Organisational Systems Management, 2nd edition, revised, Moscow. 2015. [2] Dimitrova, S., Resource Management in a Dynamically Changing Security Environment. Primaks Publishing - Russe, 2014, p. 263-274. [3] Dimitrova, S., Social Activity of the Human Factor in Security and Defence, International Balkan and Near Eastern Social Sciences (IBANESS), 2016, 12-13.03.2016, Plovdiv. [4] Report on the State of the Bulgarian Armed Forces 2016

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Opportunities for Achieving Effective Management in Season Tourist Sites

References [1] Ivanov, S., Hotel Revenue Management: From Theory to Practice, Varna, Zangador, 2014, pp. 14-79. [2] Национална стратегия за устойчиво развитие на туризма в Република България 2014-2030 г., приета с Протокол № 22 на Министерския съвет от 04.06.2014 г.//Natsionalna strategiya za ustoychivo razvitie na turizma v Republika Balgariya 2014-2030 g., prieta s Protokol № 22 na Ministerskiya savet ot 04.06.2014 g. [3] [4] .

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