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Relation Between Human System Safety Management and Environmental Management

References [1] UN: Human Development Report. New York 1994, , [2] Raven, P.H., Berg, L. R. & Johnson, G. B. (1998): Environment. ISBN 003018679X, 9780030186790. Saunders College Pub., 579 p. [3] Procházková, D. (2011): Strategic Management of Safety of Territory and Organisation (in Czech). ISBN: 978-80-01-04844-3. ÈVUT, Praha, 483p. [4] EU (2000): European Commission Adopts Communication on Precautionary Principle. Brussels. - [on-line] Available on - URL: http

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Description of Safety Management Systems in Transportation

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Employee as a Subject of Sustainable Management

References CZARNECKA, A. – ZADROS, K. 2015. Społeczna odpowiedzialność jako element nowoczesnego zarządzania organizacjami gospodarczymi. In Bazan-Bulana, A. – Robak, E. –Kwiatek, A. (ed.). Udział pracowników w zarządzaniu nowoczesnymi organizacjami gospodarczymi. Wydawnictwo Wydziału Zarządzania Politechniki Częstochowskiej, 2015, pp. 122–135 CUI, J. – JO, H. – NA, H. 2018. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Information Asymmetry? In Journal Bus Ethics, 2018, no. 148, pp. 549–572. EHNERT, I. 2009. Sustainable Human Resource Management

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Study on Food Quality and Safety Management Based on Hotel Management

REFERENCES 1. Bilska A, Kowalski R. (2014). Food quality and safety management. Logforum , 10(3):351-361. 2. Carbonera N, Cappelletti B M, Santo M L P E. (2011). ISO 22000/HACCP Associated with the Presence of Microorganisms in the Processing of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fillets. Quality Assurance Journal , 14(3-4):50–60. 3. Deepananda H, Spencer H. (2010). Barriers to HACCP implementation: evidence from the food processing sector in Ontario, Canada. Agribusiness , 26(2):265–279. 4. Gomes, C.C.B., Lemos, G.F.C., Silva, M.C., Hora

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The application of forest sustainable management framework and community participation adjacent to Doi Laung wildlife sanctuary, Thailand

). The role of cultural models in local perceptions of SFM-differences and similarities of interest groups from three boreal regions, Journal of Environmental Management , 90, pp. 740–751. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2008.01.004 Kent, M. & Coker, P. (1992). Vegetation description and analysis: A practical approach, 2nd edition, in: Chapter 1 The nature of quantitative plant ecology and vegetation science , John Wiley & Sons, New York, pp. 1–22. Kusek, J.Z. & Rist, R.C. (2004). A handbook for development practitioners: ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and

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Principles of municipal waste management in Poland and selected regions of Europe

References Less waste and cleaner water in Europe by 2020? Retrieved October 27, 2008, from, and Kulczycka, J. (ed.) (2007). The rules of municipal waste management in Poland and selected European regions-best practice (Zasady zarządzania odpadami komunalnymi w Polsce i wybranych obszarach Europy - najlepsze praktyki). Kraków, Polska: Wydawnictwo IGSMiE PAN

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The impact assessment of different fee systems on the municipal waste management effectiveness

Council of 19 November 2008 on waste and repealing certain Directives. European Commission. 2013. Final Report : Support to Member States in improving waste management based on assessment of Member States’ performance. LEE, S. - PAIK, H.S. 2011. Korean household waste management and recycling behavior. In Build. Environ., vol. 46, 2011, pp. 1159-1166. PARK, S. - LAH, T.J. 2015. Analyzing the success of the volumebased waste fee system in South Korea. In Waste Management, vol. 43, 2015, pp. 533

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A model of the meat waste management

przemysłu mięsnego, Praca doktorska, Politechnika Krakowska, 2007. Steen I. Phosphorus availability in the 21st century: Management of a non-renewable resources, Phosphorus and Potassium. 217, 1998, 25-30 Poskrobko B. Zarządzanie środowiskiem, Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, Warszawa, 1998. Kowalski Z., Kulczycka J. Management of animal waste. Conference on Industrial Pollution and Sustainable Development, University of Maribor Slovenia, 14-17 December 2005

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Water Management for Sustainable Growth Strategies

. – HEINKE, J. – MACE, G.M. – PERSSON, L.M. – RAMANATHAN, V. – REYERS, B. – SÖRLIN, S. 2015. Sustainability. Planetary boundaries: guiding human development on a changing planet Science. 2015, Feb 13; 347 (6223):1259855. doi: 10.1126/science.1259855. Epub 2015 Jan 15. The EU’s 2020 Strategy. Publishad at UNEP. 2011. Decoupling and Sustainable Resource Management: Scoping the Challenges. Paris : UNEP, 2011. UNEP. 2012. UN-Water. 2012. Status Report

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Middle management’s role in strategy implementation projects: a behavioral analysis

References Ahearne, M., Lam, S.K., and Kraus, F. (2014). Performance impact of middle managers’ adaptive strategy implementation: The role of social capital. Strategic Management Journal , 35 , 68–87. Al-Ghamdi, M.S. (1998). Obstacles to successful implementation of strategic decisions: the British experience, European Business Review , 98 (6), 322-327. Alexander, L.D. (1985). Successfully implementing strategic decisions. Long Range Planning , 18 (3), 91-97. Ansoff, H. I. (1965). Corporate Strategy . New York: McGraw Hill

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