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Dynamics of the Entrepreneurial Sector in Territorial Systems with Tourist Functionality – Structural Trends and Changes

REFERENCES Briedenhann, J. & Wickens, E. 2004, Tourism routes as a tool for the economic development of rural areas: Vibrant hope or impossible dream? Tourism Management , 25 , 71-79. Chen, C.-F. & Chiou-Wei, S. 2009, Tourism expansion, tourism uncertainty and economic growth: New evidence from Taiwan and Korea, Tourism Management , 30 , 812-818. Croes, R. & Venegas, M. 2008, Cointegration and causality between tourism and poverty reduction, Journal of Travel Research , 47 , 94-103. Holzner, M. 2011, Tourism and economic development

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Creative Economies and their Role in Territorial Systems Development

, G., Draghici, C. & Cercleux, L. 2012b, Specific features of environment risk management in emerging territorial structures, Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences , 7(2) , 135-143. Pintilii, R. D., Andronache, I. C., Simion, A. G., Draghici, C. C., Peptenatu, D., Ciobotaru, A. M., Dobrea, R. C. & Papuc, R. M. 2016, Determining forest fund evolution by fractal analysis (Suceava-Romania), Urbanism Architecture Constructions , 7(1) , 31-42. Pintilii, R.D., Braghina, C., Draghici, C.C., Saghin, I. 2014, Territorial imbalances in the

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The Flooding Risk in the City of Relizane (Algeria)


The town of Relizane was built near Oued Mina, upstream of which is erected a dam of Sidi M'hamed Benaouda; while the city was protected in its time by a dike dating from the colonial period. Local authorities have recovered the land near the floodplain by building a new dike replacing the old one. However, flood risks persist on the city. Flood risk management plans for this new area should be provided for better protection of citizens and property.

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The Learning of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) Model in Rainfall-Runoff Processes at Pahang River Catchment

–141. Ghani, A.A., Chang, C.K., Leow, C.S., and Zakaria, N.A., (2012), Sungai Pahang Digital Flood Mapping: 2007 Flood, International Journal of River Basin Management , 10:2,139-148. Lall, U., and Keppenel, C., (1996), Complex singular spectrum analysis and multivariate adaptive regression splines applied to forecasting the Southern Oscillation, Retrieved Mac 05, 2011 from Lewis, P.A.W., and Ray, B.K., (1993), “Nonlinear Modeling of Multivariate and Categorical Time

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Comparison of Two RUSLE Models at the Hillslope Scale in Experimental Plots in Haiyuan, Ningxia, China

REFERENCES Dissmeyer, G. E., G. R. Foster. (1981), Estimating the cover management factor in the USLE for forest conditions, J. Soil and Water Conservation , 36 (4), 235–240. El Kateb, Hany, Haifeng Zhang, Pingcang Zhang, Reinhard Mosandl (2013), Soil erosion and surface runoff on different vegetation covers and slope gradients: A field experiment in Southern Shaanxi Province, China, Catena . 105 : 1-10. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (2014), World reference base for soil resources 2014: International soil

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Calculation Approaches of the Probable Maximum Discharge of Spring Flood at Ungauged Sites in the Southern Buh River Basin, Ukraine

.W. (Eds.) (2005), Flood Risk Management in Europe: Innovation in Policy and Practice, Springer Science & Business Media, 534 p. Blöschl, G., Sivapalan, M., Viglione, A., Wagener, T., Savenije, H. (Eds.) (2013), Runoff prediction in ungauged basins: Synthesis across processes, places and scales, Cambridge University, 490 p. Brazdil, R., Kundzewicz, Z.W. & Benito, G. (2006), Historical hydrology for studying flood risk in Europe, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Special issue: Historical Hydrology, 51 (5), 739-764,

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Provenance of the Early Cambrian Abbottabad Formation in the Hazara region, Pakistan

Cambrian Abbottabad Formation in the Sherwan area, Hazara region, N. Pakistan: Implications for Early Paleozoic stratigraphic correlation in NW Himalayas, Pakistan”, J Him Earth Sci, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 25-40, 2014. [4] G. Khan, M. Alam, J. Akhter, “Geotechnical properties of Cambrian Dolomite, Abbottabad Formation, Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis an Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering”, Management and Sciences (3rd ICETEMS 2018), 10th-11th November 2018, At Karakoram International University, Gilgit-Pakistan. [5] C

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Mountaineer’s Waste: Past, Present and Future

(4), 404–411. BKTC. 2016, Shri Badarinath – Shri Kedarnath Temples Committee, Pilgrims Statistics, Available online at: (accessed 20 April 2016). Bowman, W.D. & Steltzer H. 1998, Positive feedbacks to anthropogenic nitrogen deposition in Rocky Mountain alpine tundra. Ambio 27 , 514–517. Boyle, A.S. & Samson, F.B. 1985, Effects of nonconsumptive recreation on wildlife: a review. Wildlife Society Bulletin 13 , 110–116. Brassington, J. 1999. Wilderness management: human waste & water quality (Doctoral dissertation

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Water Supply in the Republic of Serbia – State and Perspectives

context of water management infrastruture solutions provided by Spatial Plan of Serbia and the necessity of their timely protection], pp. 45-59 in…. Reservoirs like sources for water supply in Yugoslavia, Symposium of Water Management, 13 - 15 December 1995, Leskovac Serbia, 375 p. [in Serbian] Gavrilovic, LJ. & Dukic, D. (2014). Reke Srbije [Rivers of Serbia], Belgrade: ZUNS. Hoque, B., Hallman, K., Levy, J., Bouis, H. et al. (2006), Rural drinking water at supply and household levels: Quality and management, International Journal of

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