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A review of the bioretention system for sustainable storm water management in urban areas

References [1] The Economist Open-air Computers: Cities are Turning into Vast Data Factories. Available online: (accessed on 13 April 2014). [2] UN News Center Half of Global Population Will Live in Cities by End of This Year, Predicts UN. Available online: (accessed on 13 April 2014). [3] Fletcher, T.D., Andrieu, H., Hamel, P. (2013): Understanding, management and modelling of

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Geoscience Records
an Interdisciplinary Journal of Earth Sciences
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Hazardous radioactivity levels and heavy mineral concentrations in beach sediments of Lake Peipsi, northeastern Estonia

landscapes in north-eastern Estonia under environmental changes. Geographia Polonica 84, 117−126. Raukas, A., Koch, R., Jüriado, K. & Järvelill, J.-I., 2014. Anomalous radioactivity level and high concentrations of heavy minerals in Lemme area, South-West Estonia. Baltica 27, 2, 93–104. Raukas, A. & Rähni, E., 1982. Bottom sediments and geological history of Pskovsko-Chudskoe Lake. [In:] Late Cenozoic history of the USSR lakes . Nauka, Novosibirsk, 117–123 (in Russian). Raukas, A. & Tavast, E., 2011. Monitoring and management of the coasts of Lake

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Integrating knowledge-based multi-criteria evaluation techniques with GIS for landfill site selection: A case study using AHP

References [1] Sener, B., Suzen, M.L., Doyuran, V.(2006): Landfill site selection by using geographic information systems. Environ Geol 49, 376-388. DOI: 10.1007/s00254-005-0075-2. [2] Tchobanoglous, G., Kreith, F. (2002): Handbook of solid waste management. McGraw Hill, New York. [3] Kouznetsova, M., Hauang, X., Ma, J., Lessner, L., Carpenter, D. (2007): Increased rate of hospitalization for diabetes and residential proximity of hazardous waste sites. Environmental Health Perspectives 115, 75

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Measurement of company effectiveness using analytic network process method

References [1] Dess, G., Lumpkin, G., Eisner, A. (2007): Strategic Management: Text and Casis , McGraw-Hill Companies, 320 p. [2] Niven, P. (2006): Balanced Scorecard step by step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results , New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 339 p. [3] Silk, S. (1998): Automating the Balanced Scorecard, Management Accounting , 79 (11), pp. 38-44. [4] Kaplan, R., Norton, D. (1996): The Balanced Scorecard : Translating Strategy Into Action . Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 322 p. [5] Saaty, T., Vargas, L

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Investigation of Land Use Types on Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil in a Basement Terrain

and Organic Carbon at Dagdami River Catchment in Turkey. Journal of Environmental Biology , 30: 825–830. [4] Mengistu, C., Kibebew, K., Tarekegn, F. (2017). Influence of Different Land Use Types and Soil Depths on Selected Soil Properties Related to Soil Fertility in Warandhab Area, Horo Guduru Wallaga Zone, Oromiya, Ethiopia. International Journal of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources, 4(2): 001–011. [5] Ágota H., Eszter T., Györgyi G., Ilona K., Zsófia B., and Csilla F.(2015). Effects of Land Use and Management on Soil Hydraulic Properties

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Groundwater circulation in the Miechów Trough and the central part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Poland): a hydrogeological conceptual model

of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management]. Provided for the needs of the PhD thesis, WGGiOŚ AGH, Nov. 9, 2015. Jóźwiak, A. & Kowalczewska, G., 1984. Mapa Hydrogeologiczna Polski w skali 1:200 000, arkusz Kraków [ Hydro-geological Map of Poland 1:200 000, Krakow sheet ]. Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny, Warszawa. Jurkiewicz, H. & Woiński, J., 1977. Mapa Geologiczna Polski A 1:200 000, arkusz Tarnów [ Geological Map of Poland A 1:200 000, Tarnow sheet ]. Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny, Warszawa. Kasprzyk, A., 2005. Modele genetyczne

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Ancient Water Technologies, by Larry W. Mays (Ed.), 2010. Springer, Dordrecht/Heidelberg/London/New York. 280 pages. Hardback: price $159.99, ISBN 978-90-481-8631-0; paperback: price $149.99, ISBN 978-94-007-9336-1.

References Clark, I.G., 2002. Water in New Mexico. A history of its management and use. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 839 pp. Morrow, B.H. & Price, V.B., 1997. Anasazi architecture and American design . University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 241 pp. Viollet, P.L., 2007. Water engineering in ancient civilizations: 5,000 years of history [IAHR Monographs Series]. CRC Press, Boca Raton, 334 pp.

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Geotechnical Terrain Models and Types of Instabilities in the Durmitor Flysch Complex

). [10] Sunarić, D. (2017): Engineering geodynamics, Theory and practice , Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia and the Water Management Institute, “Jaroslav Černi“, Belgrade. [11] Janjić, M. (1962): Engineering geological characteristics of the terrain of PR Serbia , Belgrade. [12] Sunarić, D., Stojinić, N., Nedeljković, S. (2008): Seismicity of the terrain and exogenous geodynamic phenomena (landslides and rockfalls) in western Serbia . The Water Management Institute, “Jaroslav Černi“, Belgrade. [13] Jevremović, D. (2015): Methods of

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