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Development of an Information Database for the Integrated Airline Management System (IAMS)

R eferences [1] R. Bogdane and V. Šestakovs, and D. Dencic, “Development of the Mathematical Model of Integrated Management System for an Airline,” Transport and Aerospace Engineering , vol. 3, pp. 44–51, 2016. ISSN 2255-9876 (online). ISSN 2255-968X (print). [2] R. Bogdane and V. Šestakovs, “Development of mathematical model of integrated management system for an airline,” Proc. The 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Transport systems, logistics and engineering – 2016”, 2016, pp. 5

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Development of the Mathematical Model of Integrated Management System for an Airline

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Evaluation of Management System Effectiveness in the Preparation of the Aircraft for Flight in Faulty Conditions

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The Effects of ACMI Flight Crew’s Long Term Outstation Hotel Stay on Accumulated Fatigue

References [1] ICAO PANS-ATM Doc.4444, ATM/501, 15th Edition, Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Air Traffic Management, Annex 6 - Operation of Aircraft. Canada, Montreal, Quebec: ICAO, 2010. [2] ICAO PANS ATM Doc.9666, Fatigue Risk Management for Regulators, Canada, Montreal, Quebec: ICAO, 2012. [3] A. B. Bakker and E. Demerouti, “The Job Demands-Resources Model: State of the art,” Journal of Managerial Psychology, vol.22(3), pp. 309-328, 2007.

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Fatigue Monitoring Tool for Airline Operators (FMT)

R eferences [1] International Civil Aviation Organization, Procedures for Air Navigation Services: Air Traffic Management , 15th ed., Annex 6: Operation of Aircraft. Canada, Montreal, Quebec: ICAO, 2010. Available: [Accessed: September 15, 2017]. [2] J. A. Caldwell, “Crew Schedules, Sleep Deprivation, and Aviation Performance,” Current Directions in Psychological Science , vol. 21, no. 2., pp. 85–89, Mar. 2012. [3] K. Avers and W. B. Johnson, “A Review

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Risk Assessment of the Adverse Events in Air Transportation

References [1] ICAO. Annex 19 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation. Security Management flights, 2013. [2] R. L. Helmreich, J. R. Klinect and J. A Wilhelm. “Models of threat, error, and CRM in flight operations.” In Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, The Ohio State University, 1999. [3] IOSA Standards Manual, 12th Edition, IATA, Montreal-Geneva, 2018. [4] Quality management and quality assurance, Vocabulary, British Standard ВСENISO-8402, 1992

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Glaucoma vs. Biomechanical Properties of Cornea


The paper deals with the influence of various biomechanical parameters on the intraocular pressure (IOP). The IOP is a very important factor in more accurate diagnosis and better management of glaucoma. To get a more realistic value of IOP the measurement methodology must reflect the patient’s individual biometric and biomechanical parameters, for example age, sex, race, biomechanical properties of cornea, etc. Many measuring methods are based on the applanation of cornea during its loading by the measuring device - tonometers. These tonometers apply the Imbert – Fick law [1], which determines their size. This work also addresses the current approaches to creating more realistic IOP data.

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Supply of Technical Materials for the Aviation Warehouse in Accordance with the Basic Principles of Safe Flight

R eferences IATA. Best Practices for Component Maintenance Cost Management, 2 nd edition, effective December 2015 [Online] Available: [Accessed Mar. 25, 2019] European Commission. Annual Analyses of the EU Air Transport Market 2016 [Online] Available: [Accessed Feb. 5, 2019] R. G. Brown, Material Management Systems . New York: John Wiley& Sons, 1977, pp.150

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A Pilot Study in Order to Examine the Relationship between the Degree of Visual Impairment of Patient and His Postural Stability

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