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Risk Management In Perspective Of Knowledge Management A Brief Survey

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Applications of Ontologies in Knowledge Management Systems

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The Influence of Leadership in Implementing Management Systems

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Knowledge Management Platform in Advanced Product Quality Planning

References Becca-Fernandez, I., & Leidner, D. (2008). Individual, group, and organizational learn- ing: A knowledge management perspective. In I. Becca-Fernandez, & D. Leidner, Knowledge Management: An Evolutionary View (pp. 13-39). New York: M. E. Sharpe. Boomer, J. (2004). Finding out what knowledge management is-and isn’t. Accounting Today, 18(14) , 9-22. Borbek, M., & Sokovic, M. (2005). Implementation of APQP - concept design of QMS. Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 718

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Information Security Management - Part Of The Integrated Management System

References [1]. Avram S.E., The implications of implementing an integrated system of management in an organization, The Symposium the Impact of the community Acquis on the environment equipment and technologies, (2009). (available on accessed 15.01.2015) [2]. Ionescu, S.C., Industrial excellence - theory and practice of quality, pp.378, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest (1997). [3]. Ţigănoaia B., Theoretical and practical considerations regarding the information security management

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Some Consideration On Knowledge Management Implication On Organization’s Competitiveness

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Hospital Management Between The Modern Image And Aging

4. References 1. Roberts, Marc J., Background paper for the Regional Advanced Flagship Course of Efficiency, Quality and Health Systems”, April 9 – 14, 2006 Budapest, Hungary, Health Services Management Training Center Semmelweis University, World Bank Institute 2. “Economie sanitara si Management Financiar” – CPSS si INCDS, Bucuresti, 2003 3. DRG in Romania : 4. OMS 1490 / 2008 5. Haraga S., Impactul ajustarii cazurilor cu durate de spitalizare extreme, Managemnt in sanatate, nr. 3, septembrie 2005 6

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Odel of Dynamic Integration of Lean Shop Floor Management Within the Organizational Management System

field study, Elsevier, Management Accounting Research, p. 120-141. Koller, T.; Gödhart, M.; Wessels D. (2010) Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, McKinsey & Company Inc.. Liker, J.; Meier, D. (2006) The Toyota Way Fieldbook, New York, McGraw Hill. Masaaki, I. (2004) Gemba Kaizen, Finmedia. Remco, P (2009) Führen am Ort der Wertschöpfung, Stuttgart: LogX Verlag. Rose, A.M.N.; Deros, B. Md.; Rahman M. N. Ab. (2010) Development of framework for lean manufacturing

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Embending Sustainability Dynamics in the Lean Construction Supply Chain Management

management in automotive industry - the case of the Volkswagen AG. Journal of Cleaner Production 15, (2007), 1053-1062. [5] LI, S., RAGU-NATHAN, B., RAGU-NATHAN, T.S., RAO, S.S. The impact of supplychain management practices on competitive advantage and organizational performance. Omega 34 (2006), 107 - 124. [6] KRAUSE D. R., VACHON, S., KLASSEN, R. D. Special topic forum on sustainable supply chain management: Introductionand reflections on the role of purchasing management. Journal of Supply Chain Management, Volume 45 (2009), No.4, 18

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Collaborative Robots and Knowledge Management - A Short Review

References 1. Schröter, D., Jaschewski, P., Kuhrke, B., & Verl, A. (2016). Methodology to Identify Applications for Collaborative Robots in Powertrain Assembly. Procedia CIRP, 55, 12-17. 2. Alavi, M., & Leidner, D. E. (2001). Review: Knowledge management and knowledge management systems: Conceptual foundations and research issues. MIS quarterly, 107-136. 3. De Brito, M. F., Da Costa Figueiredo, R. M., Venson, E., Dias Canedo, E., Junior, M. R., & Carlos, L. (2017, January). Knowledge Transfer in a Management

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