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Acta Mechanica et Automatica
The Journal of Bialystok Technical University
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References 1. Arena U. (2012), Process and technological aspects of municipal solid waste gasification. A review, Waste Management, Vol. 32, 625-639. 2. Blejchař T., Čech B., Malý R., Kolat P., Dluhoš M. (2007), Plazmové systémy v energetice In: Environmental Protection into the Future, Czestochowa University of Technology, 30-42. 3. Consonni S., Vigano F. (2012), Waste gasification vs. conventional Waste-To-Energy: A comparative evaluation of two commercial Technologies, Waste Management,Vol. 32, 653

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The Change of Printouts' Quality Depending on Pressure of a Blanket Cylinder Against an Impression Cylinder and a Plate Cylinder in Offset Machine

-2284. 8. Panak J. et al. (2002), Printing processes and technology, COBRPP, Warsaw (in Polish). 9. Sharma A., Pietrzak A. (2006), Understanding color management, Ergo BTL, Warsaw (in Polish). 10. Singh S. P. et al. (1996), Surface characterization by partialcoverage printing and image analysis, Process & Product Quality Conference, 119-127. 11. Walker W. C. and Fetsko J. M. (1955), A concept of Ink transfer during printing, American Ink Maker, 33, 69-71.

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Selected Issues Concerning Degradation of Material in the Production of Injection Molded Plastic Components

REFERENCES 1. Al-Salem SM, Lettieri P, Baeyens J. (2010), Recycling and recovery routes of plastic solid waste (PSW): A review, Waste Management , 29, 2625-2643. 2. Badia J.D., Francisco V., Sigbritt K., Ribes-Greus A. (2009), Thermal analysis as a quality tool for assessing the influence of thermo-mechanical degradation on recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate), P olymer Testing , 28(2), 169–175. 3. Botos J., Murail N., Heidemeyer P., Kretschmer K., Ulmer B., Zentgraf T., Bastian M., Hochrein T. (2014), Color Measurement of Plastics

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Automatization of Contact Pressure Measurement between Trunk Orthosis and Patient's Body Using a Matrix Tactile Sensor

treatment of scoliosis, Spine, 1, 35(19), 940-7. 4. Gál, P., Toporcer, T., Vidinský, B., Hudák, R., Živčák, J., Sabo, J. (2009), Simple interrupted percutaneous suture versus intradermal running suture for wound tensile strength measurement in rats: A technical note , European Surgical Research., Vol. 43, No. 1, 61-65. 5. Hermus J., Hulsbosch M., Guldemond N., Rhijn L. V. (2009), Developing a new brace with pressure measurements, 6th International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities, Lyon, France, 1

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Optimizing Sampling Parameters of CMM Data Acquisition for Machining Error Correction of Freeform Surfaces

, in calibration of measuring equipment and in product verification. 10. ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008 , Uncertainty of measurement – Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM:1995). 11. Jakubiec W., Płowucha W., Starczak M. (2012), Analytical estimation of coordinate measurement uncertainty, Measurement , 45, 2299-2308. 12. Karaszewski R., Skrzypczyńska K. (2013), Quality management, TNOiK, Toruń (in Polish). 13. Kowalczyk J. (1995), Quality management –Taguchi Method , Bellona, Warsaw (in Polish). 14

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Intellectualization of Emergency Control of Power Systems on the Basis of Incorporated Ontologies of Knowledge-Bases

Technologies in Electricity Networks , Springer Verlag, Berlin, 396. 12. Dronova Yu.V . (2016), Risks of implementing smart grids into power complexes of the Russian Federation regions. Economy and Management: Problems, Solutions, Management Problems (in Russian), 2 (6), 77–83. 13. Gluskin I.Z., Iofev B.I.. Meklin A.A., Chekalovec L.N. (2009), Emergency automation in power systems (in Russian), Moscow: Znak, 568. 14. Hanusz Z., Tarasinska J., Zielinski W. (2016), Shapiro–Wilk test with known mean, REVSTAT Statistical Journal, 14(1), 89–100. 15

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Influence of Terfenol-D Powder Volume Fraction in Epoxy Matirx Composites on their Magnetomechanical Properies

., Li X., Jia C. (2010), A magnetoelectric energy harvester and management circuit for wireless sensor network. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical , 157, 100-106. 11. Lu X.Y., Li H. (2010), Magnetic properties of Terfenol-D film on a compliant substrate, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials , 322, 2113-2116. 12. Moss S.D., McLeod J.E., Powlesland I.G., Galea S.C. (2012), A bi-axial magnetoelectric vibration energy harvester, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical , 175, 165-168. 13. Schwartz M. (2002), Encyclopedia of Smart Materials , J

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Determination of Cutting Forces in Grinding with Crossed Axes of Tool and Workpiece

. (2006), Experimental study of micro- and nano-scale cutting of aluminum 7075-T6, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture , 46, 929-936. 5. Chen M., Li X., Yang, P. (2007), Study on surface grinding-hardening of SKD11 hardened steel, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, 12, 236-245. 6. Hecker Rogelio L. (2007), Grinding force and power modeling based on chip thickness analysis, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology , 33, 449-459. 7. Heinzel C., Bleil N. (2007), The use of the

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The Closest Incomplete Distributed Information System for Medical Query Answering System

, 25–32. 8. Laudon K., Laudon J. (2012), Management Information System: Managing the Digital Firm, Prentice Hall , New Jersey, 14–16. 9. Mizoguchi R. (2003), Tutorial on ontological engineering - Part 1: Introduction to Ontological Engineering, New Generation Computing , 21 (4), 365–384. 10. Ras Z. (1997), Collaboration control in distributed knowledge-based system, Information Sciences , 96 (3), 193–205. 11. Ras Z. (2001), Query answering based on distributed knowledge mining, Proceedings of the 2 nd Asia-Pacific Conference on

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