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Idea Management and Web-Based Idea Management Systems Situation and Potential in Latvia

R eferences Applegate, L. M. (1986). Idea management in organization planning (brainstorming, strategy). (Doctoral dissertation, University of Arizona: Arizona). Applegate L. M. 1986 Idea management in organization planning (brainstorming, strategy) Doctoral dissertation University of Arizona Arizona Bansemir, B. & Neyer, A. K. (2009). From idea management systems to interactive innovation management systems: Designing for interaction and knowledge exchange. The 9th International Conference on Business Informatics , (pp. 860

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Understanding Management Concepts through Development of their Tool Box: The case of total quality management

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Management Modelling for Forest Landscapes

through the Programme SAPARD. Journal of Management and Sustainable Development. 3-4. 142-148. (in Bulgarian) Pillkahn, U. (2008). Using Trends and Scenarios as Tools for Strategy Development. Corporate Publishing, Erlangen Regulation on income statement and the order in which they are established and implemented and reported the National Fund “Bulgarian Forest” (1998). State Gazette. 70. (in Bulgarian). Regulations for the Implementation of the Forest Act (1998). State Gazette. 41. (in Bulgarian). Shuleva

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Knowledge Management Components and Their Impact on Work Engagement of Employees

-2017-0064 Amar, A. D. (2004). Motivating knowledge workers to innovate: a model integrating motivation dynamics and antecedents. European Journal of Innovation Management, 7 (2), 89-101. Armstrong, M. (2011). Handbook of strategic human resource management (5th ed.). London: Kogan Page. Armstrong, M. (2014). Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. Retrieved from Bakker, A. B

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Does Grade Level Matter for the Assessment of Business Process Management Maturity?

References 1. BOC. (2007). Process management life cycle (PMLC), BOC information system GmbH. Retrieved from 2. Crosby, P. B. (1979). Quality is free: The art of making quality certain. New York: McGraw-Hill. 3. Dobrzyński, M., Dziekoński, K., & Jurczuk, A. (2012). A diagnosis of process maturity in a business cluster initiative. Contemporary Management Quarterly, 3, 41-50. 4. Gibson, D. L., Goldenson, D. R., & Kost, K. (2006). Performance

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Organisational Innovations in Crisis Management of Project-Based Enterprises

References Akintoye A. S. & MacLeod M. L. (1997) Risk analysis and management in construction. International Journal of Project Management, 15(1), 31-38. Anderson, D. D. & Merna, T. (2003) Project Management Strategy - project management represented as a process based set of management domaains and the consequences for project management strategy. International Journal of Project Management, 21, 387-393. Aven T. (2012

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Resource and Internal Process Management in Third Party Logistics

References Barney, J. (1991), Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage, Journal of Management, 17(1), 99-120. Cheng, L., Hua, M., & Zheng, L. (2009). Success Factors for Third-Party Private Logistics Enterprise in the Past and Future. Paper presented at the 2009 International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government, September 16-19, Nanchang, China, 306-309. Crescitelli, E., & Figueiredo, J. B. (2009

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Determinants of marketing and logistics management in a micro-enterprise

References Al.‐Noorachi, M. (2014), Marketing- geneza i definicje oraz rodzaje orientacji, [in:] STUDIA i MONOGRAFIE No. 54, WSPÓŁCZESNE WYZWANIA MARKETINGOWE - WYBRANE ZAGADNIENIA [ed.] Muzahim Al-Noorachi, SAN, Łódź, Warszawa 2014, pp. 11-42. Brzozowski M. (2006), Ewolucja pojmowania wirtualności, KSiTZ AE Poznań, materials provided by „Management Forum 2020”, Warsaw School of Economics, Warszawa Gundlach G. T.,, Yemisi A. Bolumole, (2006) "The changing landscape of supply chain management, marketing channels

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Footnotes to organizational competitiveness

References Ansoff, H. I. (1965). Corporate strategy . New York: McGraw Hill. Barreto, I. (2010). Dynamic capabilities: A review of past research and an agenda for the future. Journal of Management , 36 , 256-280. Booth, C. (2003). Does history matter in strategy? The possibilities and problems of counterfactual analysis. Management Decision , 41 , 96-104. Burrell, G., & Morgan, G. (1979). Sociological paradigms and organisational analysis: Elements of the sociology of corporate life . London: Routledge. Chandler, A. D

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Financial Management as a Tool for Achieving Stable Firm Growth

R eferences Amoako, K. O., Marfo, E. O., Gyau, K. E. & Asamoah, F. O. (2013). Cash Budgetan Imperative Element of Effective Financial Management. Canadian Social Science , 9 (5), 188–191. Amoako K. O. Marfo E. O. Gyau K. E. Asamoah F. O. 2013 Cash Budgetan Imperative Element of Effective Financial Management Canadian Social Science 9 5 188 191 Atrill, P. (2002). Financial Management for Non-specialists . (3rd

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