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Logistics and Supply Chain Management: An Overview

4. References Bowersox, D.J., Closs, D.J., Cooper, M.B., (2002), Supply chain logistics management, McGraw-Hill/Irwin Christopher, M., (2016), Logistics & supply chain management, Pearson Education, New York CSCMP, Globerson S., Wolbrum G., (2014), Logistics management and supply chain management: A critical evaluation, International Journal of Business and Economics Research

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Board independence, earnings management and the moderating effect of family ownership in Jordan

References Abbadi, S., Hijazi, F. and Al-Rahahleh, S. (2016), “Corporate Governance Quality and Earnings Management: Evidence from Jordan”, Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 54-75. Abdullatif, M., Ghanayem, H. Amin, R. Al-Shelleh, S. and Sharaiha, L. (2015), “The Performance of Audit Committees in Jordanian Public Listed Companies”, Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 1-21. Abdul Rahman, R. and Ali, H. (2006), “Board, Audit Committee, Culture and Earnings Management”, Managerial Auditing

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Beyond Budgeting – A Fair Alternative for Management Control? - Examining the Relationships between Beyond Budgeting and Organizational Justice Perceptions

8. References Ambrose, M.L. and Arnaud, A. (2005), “Are Procedural Justice and Distributive Justice Conceptually Distinct?”, in Greenberg, J. (Ed.), Handbook of organizational justice , Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ, pp. 59–84. Argyris, C. (1953), “Human Problems with Budgets”, Harvard Business Review , Vol. 31 No. 1, pp. 97–110. Ax, C. and Bjørnenak, T. (2007), “Management accounting innovations: Origins and diffusion”, in Hopper, T., Scapens, R.W. and Northcott, D. (Eds.), Issues in management accounting , 3rd ed., Financial Times

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Management educators in practice: to be critical or not to be critical, that is the question

Introduction Traditional, managerialist, and American models have been used to describe management education in more recent times. A managerialist management education is described as ‘treating management as a morally and politically neutral technical activity’ ( Grey and Mitev, 1995 : 74). These models have been criticised and alternative ones put forward. A critical approach to management education has been called for from various sources. Mintzberg (2004) in his book, ‘ Mangers not MBAs ’, questions how effective educational institutions are at

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Risk management method for small photovoltaic plants

References Velikova, P. (2012), “Tendencies in the development of the photovoltaic market in Bulgaria”, Proceedings of Ruse University, Vol. 51, No. 1-2, pp. 119-124. SEWRC. (2012), “Decision № C-28 from 29th Aug 2012 of SEWRC, available at: , (accessed Jun 21, 2013). Velikova, P. and Kirova, M. (2014), “Expert evaluation for risk management of the exploitation of photovoltaic installations”, Annals of „Eftimie Murgu” University Reşiţa, Fascicle II. Economic Studies, No XXI, pp. 383

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Human resource management practices stimulating knowledge sharing

References Alavi, M. and Leidner, D.E. (2001), “Review: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems: Conceptual Foundations and Research Issues”, MIS Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 107-136. Ardichvili, A., Page, V. and Wentling, T. (2003), “Motivation and barriers to participation in virtual knowledge‐sharing communities of practice”, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 64-77. Armstrong, M. (2003), A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, Kogan Page, London

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The influence of knowledge management “bottleneck” on company’s performance

References Al Ahmar, G.O., Rofiq, A. and Hadiwidjoyo, D. (2014). “The Impact of Knowledge Management, Learning Organization, and Educations Organization on Organization Performance: A Case in Brawijaya University”. Asia-Pacific Management and Business Application. Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 28 – 47. Bratianu, C. (2011). “Barriers in Innovation and Knowledge Management in the Roanian Emergent Economy”. Management & Marketing Challenges for Knowledge Society . Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 515-528. Chopra, S., & Meindl, P. (2004). Supply chain management

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Changing times for management educators: Rethinking engagement with participatory forms of knowledge production

References Abell, D.F. (2008) Reinventing the Management Education Industry - A Revolution in the Making, pp. 141-152, Berlin: Springer. 978-3-540-73880-0 (Print) 978-3-540-73881-7. Allen, J. and van der Velden, R. (eds) (2008) The Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society: General Results of the REFLEX Project, The Netherlands: Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market, University of Maastricht. Austin, R. and Short, J.C. (2009) iPremier (A): Denial of Service Attack (Graphic Novel Version

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Profitability and efficiency evaluation of the financial management of a socio-economic intervention

References Ammakiw, J. S. (2013), “Evaluation of extension programs and services of the Kalinga, Apayao State College, Tabuk City, Philippines”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 12. “Assessing a client's need for intervention” (2013). Retrieved from: Brigham, E. and Houston, J. (2009), Fundamentals of financial management , Mason: Cengage Learning. Brown, M.J. (2017), “How important are small businesses to local economies

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Management in the early days of the Irish Free State: Bennetts of Ballinacurra

suggests a strong management team and supporting infrastructure, which makes the case an interesting one to obtain a view of the state of management in this vital area of economic activity for Ireland. There is little extant research on Irish businesses and management practices during the time period noted earlier. Thus, this study is somewhat exploratory in nature. As suggested by Quinn (2014) , historical studies (of accounting in his case) offer interesting insights into the current-day state of organisational practices. Thus, this study explores the activities of

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